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  1. 1 hour ago, Magmasaur103 said:

    why not make a varient SIMILAR (not completely, has to have unique abilities that are almost unique, and a mix of original) so that way we can have all aberration dinos in the free maps. anyone agree?

    That doesn't make them money. That would be poor business.

    SE is the prime example of that. Everything was put on Rag, people stopped paying for the map even when they tried to make the map an easier experience. 

    Drakes and Reapers still make Ab a viable purchase.

  2. 45 minutes ago, ArrangedFire90 said:

    Also if you start to complain about it they you try making a game for yourself its not that easy...

    While I'm not overly bothered by the delay, as it is expected at this point, this comment from you is pretty dumb. 

    I paid money to someone who promised me a working game. That contract entitles me to voice my concerns when they are not holding up their end of the deal. 

    That's called consumer rights. Feel free to keep your displeasures to yourself but if I want to voice mine, I've paid for that right.

  3. 11 minutes ago, Tyx2 said:

    it’s very annoying to have event end half way through a imprint cycle.. 


    Events usually end at a specific time so if the next imprint won't be before event ends, cryo it immediately after the last imprint you'll definitely get during the event. 

    Even if the event ends up running a little longer, better to not risk it.

  4. Mammoth sounds awesome but Stego seems wasteful. They already had a strong role in both PvP and PvE.

    This leaves the Megalodon as useless as ever, the Quetzal trumped as a farmer enhancement by the Argy, Karkinos, and Hovercraft, and the Bronto a distant memory in PvP and the same berry gatherer in PvE

    That's first take, however. Hopefully I am wrong and the Stego does expand its capabilities for both game modes.

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  5. Sounds like an amazing update coming. Pay no attention to the one's whining. You'll never be able to please them unless you pay them to play your game. 


    They are crying about 2 TLC but fail to realize the Dunky is getting a TLC too. Crying before they even know what the major TLC entails. Pathetic.


    Crazy on the reduced mating timers but in some ways it makes sense since those dino's output doesn't match the investment anymore since other's can do it better often. Giga's still king so makes sense there is no breeding changes.

    Looking forward to everything you covered. 

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  6. Just now, nameless said:

    that is good to hear, have they ever improved character restoration? (as far as I know, nothing other than 100 levels and imprints are returned upon character loss)

    They can give you boss engrams for Island and SE with proof on implant. They can give you full levels with proof on implant and Ascensions run again prior to appointment (so if you were 133 and ran Overseer and Rockwell again prior to meeting they could give you 133 levels). 

    They do not ascend. They claim they can't despite the command existing for single player and unofficial admins. 

  7. 12 minutes ago, nameless said:

    a topic to alert players of dangerous bugs and glitches

    If I didn't see this topic and started the ascension, then things may have ended up very badly for me:

    I don't think every player know characters can be lost. If they do, then they probably didn't expect character can be lost even if you are not transferring.

    Now that I knows I should not start genesis ascension, is there anything else that I should watch out for?

    They released a patch for that, that day. There are some bugs yet with Ascension but that particular one was fixed quickly and I know many people that have Ascended through Overseer, Rockwell, King Titan, and Master Controller since that patch with no issues but it does upload your character like a server transfer so the risk is always there.

  8. 6 minutes ago, vilvan4123 said:

    Why is the ark support so bad?

    I transferred onto a Ragnarok server to go tame some pterandons. The second I joined I was hit by 255 ping capped and extreme lag. You couldnt do anything on that server and it was unplayable . Anyways so I decided to contact support to report the server as it could have been people duping, ddosing etc. The second I create a ticket it was instantly solved which annoyed me as nothing was being done about the issue.  Anyone else feel like the support on this game dont give a crap about the players? 

    Support is not for server issues. You have to fill out an outage form, located in the platforms bug section, for server issues. 

    Support is for in game things like griefing, cheating and other exploits, etc. 

    Your point still stands though. Support just isn't up to snuff. They say because they lack the people but it's more than that.

    The biggest problem with support is to many arbitrary decisions based on "internal policies" that change with no notice and no documentation for us to track. 

    A friend could get one answer while you get another for the same type of issue a week apart.

    That reeks of laziness at the least and corruption at the worse.

  9. Nope.

    Myself and my tribe did not use exploits. I don't think we should be punished because of some who did.

    I want to jump to Genesis, grind out our base, tame the new dino's, start breeding them while maintaining all we grinded for on the other maps. 

    The owl glitch did not affect me. I don't care who used it. 

    The item/blueprint dupes may have affected me with server performance. Nothing can be done now.

    Most of the bp's we got we got ourselves so little chance that affects me either.


    Release the map, continue working on bug fixes after to prevent future exploits.

  10. 43 minutes ago, Koli2556 said:



    A friend of mine who was in the same alliance as my tribe invited my in his tribe. 

    So is there any way to get the dinos back ? 

    No. Alliance can't ride or unclaim your dino's. You will have to wait for your ticket to be addressed.

  11. 35 minutes ago, Koli2556 said:

    Yes as you guys said it's probably gone for always. 

    I already made a ticket. But honestly knowing all the issues the game has, and the fact that WildCard doesn't do anything about it; i doubt i'll get any help.

    I know my structures and dinos are not vanished, so i'll just remake a character, and wait for the decay to claim it back (i guess that's how it works ?).

    They are better about helping to replace character now.

    With a screenshot or an old implant they can even give some tekgrams and levels above 105.

    Make sure to keep the ticket open every 4 days if the issue is not resolved before then. It auto closes after 5 if not.

    Structures and dino's are not claimable so hopefully they get to you before decay timers expire (7 days for dinos). 

  12. 30 minutes ago, ProvokeChaos said:

    For those of you complaining about no 2x taming, re read the post. Its 2x everything.

     Increased rates to 2X Breeding (mating interval, egg hatch speed, and maturation)
        Increased rates to 2X Player XP
        Increased rates to 2X Harvesting
        Increased rated to 2X Taming

    You should read the rest of the comments. Namely the one that explains they added 2x taming to the event after they made their comments. So they may have influenced them to add it.

  13. 43 minutes ago, Anne780 said:

    I love the people at ark, they have made my favorite game ever, but these community crunches just keep getting worse and worse. I haven't learned anything new from this. I understand you're busy, but every time i check here i expect something new from you guys, but i'm just disappointed when i read these. Basically what i'm saying is i would rather have no community crunch (if you have nothing new), than a disappointment.

    I wouldn't.

    I learned Winter Wonderland is next week and they will be doing more enforcement tomorrow. 

    Awesome if you knew that already. I now know as well and can plan accordingly. 

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  14. 23 minutes ago, Labriel said:

    Server reset

    All official servers should be reset and wiped. I own a whole server and it is boring that pvp is based around people who already built big and own mega tribes. I dont go around killing new player but the old player make it impossible for new player to enjoy the game and start over and  this is the reason why the games is dying. Some people think that resetting the servers would kill the game even more, but most of the people that think this way are people with mega bases and alliances. Resetting the servers will give new players a chance at the game and pvp will skyrocket. I already own a massive base and dont need this, but I want the game to be fun again!

    Then tear down your base and open up the server again. You have that option. 

    Stop with the game is dying stuff too. Game's been dying since Legacy, apparently, yet there it is in the top 10 on steam every month. 

    Anybody who wants a wipe is free to wipe themselves and start over. Nature of the sandbox. 

    They will lose more players than they gain if they full wipe.

  15. 21 minutes ago, slejo said:

    I gave them full implant screenshot. With all Bossfights listed and TEK Cave listed. Then you re wrong.

    Besides: why do i need to proof, man? Its not my fault.. it was their fault i have lost my character! and proofs of my disappearing lies (or have to be) inside software (backups, etc).

    Not sure why you're facepalming me since I was agreeing that they should have a better restoration tactic and explaining that they have the tools to do more.

    Maybe try comprehending before commenting?

  16. 6 minutes ago, caleb68 said:

    They will not restore any ones character past 105, they can not add the ascension or full implant which grant the ability for additional levels after 105. They also do not restore engrams in normal cases, and especially without validation of earned engrams, I'm guessing your referring to the tek engrams there.  Inventory items can not be restored but can be replaced if you have proof of what was in your inventory prior to the character being lost, why its a good idea to take a screenshot of your character and its inventory before transferring servers.  Likewise they won't restore any fertile eggs that were in your inventory, as spawned fertile eggs you will most likely end up with a level 1 baby.  dino restorations from lost dinos either from transfer or cryo'ed dinos in your character inventory are limited by the following restrictions for restoration currently:

    • They are unable to control the stats, mutation, or gender of the tames.
    • They are unable to restore any lost items that were on the dinosaur.
    • They will not restore any dinosaurs with levels over 150 without visual evidence (201 max).
    • They do not raise tame nor give imprint.
    • They cannot restore/hatch any eggs.
    • Wyverns (Fire, Lightning, Poison, Ice) and Rock Drake cannot be spawned over level 190
    • They will not restore Reaper, Phoenix, Unicorn, Any Titans, Forest Wyvern, Mek, Enforcer, or Scout
    • Retries on tames are prohibited due to time constraints.
    • They cannot spawn more than 10 dinos

    They do restore ownership of any structures you had, and dinos and give the existing baby imprints back to the restored character, but can not do anything about the imprints on adult dino's you had. 

    All this is generally outlined to the player prior to them placing a appointment for the character restoration, and they require visual proof of things before restoring them.  Honestly if they just ran around giving everyone a level 135 with full ascension, all the tek gear they wanted, full engrams, and dinos they say they lost, a bunch of beach bobs would be filing support tickets yelling that they lost their character, dinos, gear and wanted it back.  Without proof its really guess work.

    I lost my main character and had to file a support ticket to get it back, provided as much visual proof as i could for the restoration process, and honestly, I'm glad I got back what I did, else it would of been a real grind trying to get the babies redone, and leveling back to where i was.  Honestly, it could be alot worse, they could just not provide any form of character restoration and just go "well, guess your out of luck".

    You are both correct and incorrect.

    They can and have given ascension and tekgrams before. They just often don't without any reasonable reason. If you have proof that you have achieved those milestones, there should be none.

    They can and have raised and fully imprinted dino's before. It's absurd that they now sometimes don't even if you have proof of a high level tame lost. Like a level 201 dino can possibly replace a level 380 or greater 4 day raise that you took the resources and time to 100% imprint.

    The problem is they have the ability to do many things they don't. If you have screenshot or video proof with necessary id's and sample numbers there is 0 reason you shouldn't be compensated in game fairly if they have the admin commands to do so. 

    Their replacement restrictions are an insult.

  17. 1 hour ago, Graf1cs said:


    PS_Messages_20190923_121241 (1).jpg

    Yep you can bring a shotgun.

    Not sure if you're trying to take a shot at @Aushegun here but in case you are...

    You killed Gamma with a Asc pump, probably max damage. 

    He had never experienced that bug before and had crazy OP Rex's so maybe he didn't bring a shotgun because he has never needed one before. 

    Where's the element you just invested your time in achieving? I mean you killed the boss, but the reward is skins. Woo.

    The landing logic does not have this issue on the SE Manticore, why does it on the Rag and Val Manticore.

    As a person who was aware of the bug and came equipped in case of it with my Theri's, it still happened to me as well despite a 275 dmg shotgun with 500 shells and a 298 assault rifle with 1000 ammo. I burnt all 1000 ammo and most of the shells plus got some hits with the Theri's when it landed but probably started shooting later than I should of since it wasn't obvious it was bugging early on.  

    Ark happens. 

    Jumping off the Yuty or Theri earlier and starting to shoot is the only thing that may have saved that one but the likelyhood you recognize the issue and take action is 50/50 at best.

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