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  1. Was a low key weekend The server is still recovering from the 3x event though as Sunday ended I have not encountered a tame cap issue. I know one of the larger tribes (ex-tribemate) moved a bunch of his dino's to a secondary server. I'm mixed on this. While I'm glad to have the cap reduced to be able to progress, this exact thing is something we'd hate on our server. His decision so I'm analyzing something out of my control. Kind of a pointless. Into the happenings. Raises: I had cooked down something like 36 Rex eggs but was mostly interested on seeing if I could get a 12.5k hp, 449 melee male to breed with the lot. I did not but I did hatch a level 290 female giving me two 449 melee females. She got the 12.5k hp, 2226 stamina, 940 weight, and 449 melee plus it cleaned up a mutation side. I'll breed her and the original with our clean male (9900 hp, 2226 stamina, 940 weight, 385 melee). The majority of the eggs came from the 12.5k hp, 414 melee male. I hatched some of them but was only going to keep any that got a hp mutation. None did. I also popped a few of the Argy eggs looking for a hp and weight combo. One female got it so that helps both our tribe and server cap. She finished this morning so I was able to get rid of one hp female and one weight female. I'll keep the original single stat Argy's until I get about 20 stat eggs and a male and another female of the unmutated combo. I have two fridges of hatchable eggs as well as a fridge of trade eggs so I'll keep breeding to get eggs and slowly hatch looking for desired stats. Trades: I did a lot of these this weekend mostly for metal building pieces as we upgrade our main base. Adult Quetzal, hatch 8500 hp, 2320 stamina, 1648 weight. This was the last of the not full stat eggs. The tribe that really gave us our big inside into the trade market on legacy when they transferred all their stuff to us, started playing again. I happened to notice and sent a little message to them joking about how they can't escape. lol. They did so much for us that I gave them an old Wyvern we didn't use, an ugly anky we were just gonna kill, and when it was done I traded this Quetzal at half price to them. They now got one of the better hatch weights on the PvE market so I am sure they'll be up and running again in no time. We got 150 metal ceilings for it. I'm out of the saber business. I really want to focus on the "harder" raises like Yuty's, Quetzal's plus my Argy project so I noticed a guy looking for higher hp Saber's on my FB trade group. he had a decent line with 940 stamina and 380 melee. I reached out to him and offered our full stat female (2250 hp, 980 stamina, 387 melee) plus our high weight male (364 weight) for a fractional cost of 100 metal ceilings and 50 metal walls. I held on to our melee male and am giving him to an ally on our server who has a nice saber line himself (2300+ hp, 1000+ stamina). I also moved on from Ravagers. I gave them to my tribe mate and he took them back to Abberation. We now only have the two at the desert base for transporting stuff around as that build continues. Two male Yuty's. These actually sold fairly quickly after I posted them on FB. A lot of people are getting to boss fight level so looking for top Yuty's to bring into the fight. actually had a nice discussion with another Yuty raiser who was very interested in our stamina. He has 10k hp and an impressive 373 melee stat on his line. I told him I have 2 eggs saved for him so just waiting for him to reach back with walls/ceilings. The adult Yuty's went for 400 metal walls apiece. A couple of our thorny Dragon eggs for a guy who was on our server but moved on to another. Recurring theme here. Our server needs a lot of work. Too many roll backs and too much lag plus hitting the dino cap every breeding event. 100 metal walls. A cyan colored boss theri egg. It's great to have the combo guaranteed. Since I have my Argy project going strong right now I traded one egg for 200 stego kibble. A win win for me and the guy. Xmas Wyvern plus 4 boss Theri Eggs with cyan color mutation. This was with a big trader on my FB group and a guy who progressed very well, very fast, so is just acquiring the cool stuff currently. He trades in Tek mostly so after some back and forth negotiations we came to a tek generator and 3 tek troughs for the wyvern and eggs. patience paid off here on that wyvern. The tek troughs are of course awesome and it's going to make raising Yuty's and Quetzal's so much easier while I'm on my 12 hour shifts during the week. Just need to raise some Rex's to make sure we can farm element consistently. There were a few minor trades too again mostly in metal building pieces. I'm not much of a builder but luckily I am just mostly replacing, though squaring up some areas, pre-existing pieces. We are going with a Cyan and Slate color pattern. I'll post pics of that build when it is done so could be next month, lol. Tames: I only tamed one dino and it got a terrible stat roll. I went out argy hunting the last 2 days. Have knocked out about 20 of them but only one had a good pre-tame stat. 35 points in weight (680) so with an average stat roll it would put in 11 points (was a 145 tame) giving us 46 points in weight. We currently have 45 so it would of represented a small bump. I tamed it on 1x so while it starved down I had trapped and knocked out a few additional Argy's but none with good enough stats. I came back, tamed it out and it got 4 points added into weight. 712 if I remember correctly. Man I swear RNG hates me sometimes. I killed it right away and continued my hunt but with no luck. On the docket: I'll keep breeding and cooking down eggs. i have an extended break over the Easter holiday so planning on doing several Yuty's and Quetzal's. They started a bonus 2x event last night so I'm going to put building on hold and mostly tame and harvest resources duirng the rest of the week. only play about 3 hours a night during the week so it's a nice little perk. I've already farmed about 12k ings in 2 trips since last night so I plan on filling both vaults at obsidian island by Friday. This weekend I'll hatch more Rex's looking for that 449 melee male and a hp mutation. I'm also trying to organize another boss fight with that same tribe since my tribe mate lost his character and they have a member that lost his character due to extreme roll backs this past Saturday and some on Sunday. I have a few spare Rex's around (6 I think), a lot of ammo, really good AR's I can make (252 bp and my crafting character on the island) and about half the artifacts needed yet plus can bring in the Yuty. That'll get us element to keep the generator running and them the engrams back. See ya next week.
  2. Exactly what I was hoping for, for the raptor TLC. They definitely needed a pack boost. Guess this means I can't just punch them unconscious anymore and actually have to tread lightly around them. Good.
  3. The deathworm would have been tough but the Rex's would of made short work of the Wyvern and gotten them some good xp to boot. If they are good levels, give them a go. Do watch yourself out there. Giga's spawn in the desert now as well as up by green ob. It's beautifully done though. The middle section is Golem heaven and rich in resources too. The first section has some Golems as well but some just gorgeous places to build. Finally the deep desert section is where Giga's and Titan's spawn, a few deathworms, and the desert drops are located, go past the deep desert to the waters and there are some just cool rocks I think about building on if I just want to isolate myself.
  4. Was my 4 days off so did quite a bit. Got off work early on Saturday and popped/hatched one of our mutated Doedic's, a mutated Anky, the first of our new line of Rex, some Argy eggs as I continue that line, and a Lightning Wyvern. The Doedic, Anky, and Wyvern for trades and I wanted to get them done before the Valentine event to get them off the server. I did hatch and keep three other Anky's as one was a color combo I was going for, one had a yellow belly, and the other was a beautiful blue and yellow Anky. Excited to get my magenta tips and our stats on that. I also hatched a Theri and got the cyan color and stats on a female. This helps with a few things. One we now have a 97.5% cyan Theri with 9222 hp, 1290 stam, 396 melee. That's a mute boss Theri so those will sell. Two it cleaned up a mutation side so when I breed with the clean male there is a chance to get further stat mutations. The best line I have seen on PvE PS4 so far is 9.5k hp with 419 melee so I am 3 melee mutations and one hp mutation from equaling that. The Argy's were fortunate as I popped twin females with our 4015 hp and twin females that have our 760 weight. I now have 4 chances at that total combination beforeIi focus on getting the stamina plus I still want to tame better stamina if I can. The rest of the early days I knocked out a few things looking to add to my lines, conducted a few trades for existing eggs/dinos/items we had and prepped for the V-day event by cooking eggs. V-day Event: This was a huge mixture of success and mess up. I woke up early (i always wake up early) and decided to not wait for the event to start and just hatch what i wanted to. I had cleared up space by killing 8 dino's and transferring two dino's to our trade server the day before. I dropped 4 Quetzal eggs, 3 Yuty eggs, and conducted a trade for a mutated Yuty egg. I got twins out of one Quetzal egg. Nothing too new here except I did get a female (no shown color mutation) with the 10.3k hp so I have those stats guaranteed once she is done raising. If there wasn't an event I would have kept her and killed the rest but with the event I decided to raise everything to trade it. Already have two Yuty pre-orders. I am lucky i did start this early because we had a guy on our server pop 80 Wyvern's and with everybody else hatching we reached tame cap fairly quickly. I'd say about 8 hours before the scheduled event. I went to my emergency platform builds and broke 2 of them. came back and we still were at tame cap which means 38 dino's hatched in the 1 minute trip it took me to fly down to our flyer barn. I started going through our dino's and found 10 others I could comfortably get rid of, including a 303 Anky, one of of my first saber breeds but outdated, one of our first doedic breeds but outdated, a 135 kibble tamed xmas rex, a 135 kibble tamed xmas argy, a xmas jerboa, and a few more workers. The last yuty egg finally hatched and what a beauty. She had decent stats (9k hp, 2k stam, 349 melee) so I can breed her melee into the line and get that color with our blue mutated hands and feet. I really need to find that pink stripe. Server cap was an issue all day and so I felt I had hatched enough and destroyed the last built platform i was going to destroy (leaves me with 1) to help the server. That had put me at 77 slots freed up over 2 days with 10 hatches giving me a net impact of -67. I felt like I had done my part as most of the dino's I had left were integral to our current projects. i'll also most likely being moving the majority of these raises off server in trades when they are done. Another reason I didn't wait for the event was because to me the first 12 hours of raising a baby isn't too bad. I'm well prepared with fridges stocked with what I need and I have set myself up projects to do around the base. The last 6 hours of baby time is the most difficult so with a 6 PM EST start time for me it would reduce that last 6 hours to 2 and get me a chance to get these babies to adolescent before I went back to work on Thursday. As any official playes knows though, we did not get an on time start time and it was frustrating. I turned off global chat and just did meat runs and worked on more projects. Got milk for the Wyvern when needed and cooked down a Giga egg (will probably trade, not hatch since Kentro's spawn in our area but I do have some time over Easter so who knows) when it allowed me. I held all my breeds for the event to try and get a chocolate box though. To Be Continued..... The event, as is known now, got pushed back due to technical glitch and when they finally got PS4 going it was 12:15 AM. 45 minutes from the babies naturally becoming juvenile. I was irked because I was tired but I try to find the positive things and was like well now I get a lot of the extended event time in the juvenile phase and some in the adolescent phase and that'll be helpful. I finally topped troughs and got off around 2 AM excited to mate my new Rex which would be done in the morning. When I awoke the next morning around 7 AM my server was nowhere to be found. All my other servers were there but i could not find that one. I began checking the twitter feeds, ark dev tracker, the ps4 bugs and support section, and @lilpanda twitter feed. I had a couple people message me from my server because they couldn't find it. I filled out a support ticket. I kept my computer tabs open to anything relevant. I tweeted at panda, jat, jen, and the survivetheark twitter page. I kept scouring the forums looking for anything related. I was most upset that they have a known outage page yet our server, nor any server, was listed on it. It apparently went out about 3 AM after the update. I was a bit freaked but ultimately realized there was nothing I could do. I loaded up my single player game on Ragnarok and started gathering materials to build a big base somewhere as well as tamed two Dodo's and two Parasaur's. I checked in frequently and right around 12 PM the server came back up. I logged on and we were at about 30 minutes after I went to bed. The Rex and Wyvern were at 93.6% (92.3% when I went to bed) and everything else was still early Juvenile. 9 hours of down time, 9 hours of event time lost. I am happy for the events (well except the train wreck that was Halloween) and am one of the few that felt the Xmas event was done well. However I scheduled my particular Ark activities (raising the Quetzal's and Yuty's instead of killing looking for mutations) around this announced and planned event so I am not happy with how it transpired from the initial delay, to the lost server, to the lost event time. Overall it wasn't a bad weekend. Since the event took place during the week the server wasn't hit nearly as hard as a breed event on the weekend gets hit so fewer rollbacks though the lag was as consistent as ever. The tame cap is of course not ideal but between trades and people moving stuff to other server's that'll sort itself out like it did last time. If the tame cap helped one thing it helped me complete for the first time the Gamma Rag Boss fight. Since we now have better Rex stats I put out to server that I needed 4 artifacts and I had 12 Rex's and a Yuty to run the gamma boss fight if anybody wanted to join. A tribe I am friendly with got back to me and said they'd join. My idea was if we lost then the Rex's and Yuty died, 20 less dino's on the Ark. If we won, we'd get some engrams and I'd upload my Rex's into the ob for the game to take care of giving us 13 less dino's on the Ark. Win-win for us, them, and the server. I've researched so much on this fight and prepped them and my tribe mate with what we needed and how to approach. man the manticore is a pain to get down. we did lose two Rex's during the fight and they lost one to getting stuck on the Golems. I originally tried to save them but then decided to let them keep the Golem's busy while we focused on the Manticore. We completed the fight with about 15 minutes left and it felt good to do my first boss fight on the new servers successfully with our own hunted, tamed, raised, and mutated stat line. We split the element and I hope to run it with them with better Rex's again soon. I uploaded our first line into the ob and by now they are into the Ark abyss but fear not. I still have the clean male and several clean females to continue our own Rex line with. For the time being I will use them to breed with our 12.5k 414 melee male until I get a 12.5k 449 male to replace him with. I also have started looking into other interesting methods I'd like to try. The one would have to be on the island bosses of Megapithecus or Broodmother but I want to take in highly bred and statted pack animals. Ones that get a boost from the others around them. Wolves, Kentro's, Allo's, possibly Hyena's, and I need to look at what else gets a pack boost. A combo of say 3 Allo's, 4 Kentro's, 5 Wolves, whatever else I find pack wise would be great fun. That is down the road though but it ensures that I will continue to play Ark for quite awhile. Until next week.
  5. So this was my short weekend and I decided to only focus on raises that could be completed in a little over 2 day time frame as I had family plans on one of my days off and would be absent for the game for the entirety of the day. Life loves to alter your plans though and this ended up being a longer than normal weekend and I could of raised that new Rex egg if I had known that. I fell sick so ended up missing some work time and canceling the family outing. Only sleeping a few hours at a shot, I definitely would of had enough time to raise. Oh well. Still got some stuff raised, tamed, and built. I finished the flyer barn. There is still some cosmetic stuff to do and I have added a landing platform in the middle section with a stairwell that connects to the natural pathway so far. This area doubles as our water pen too (located on opposite side of cliff). I am considering building a top section or even just engulfing this area and moving our main base down here. There's an oil pump here that is currently owned by an ally so we could switch a pump with him. Maybe if we can go full tek I'll consider that more. Tames: I decided to reboot the Argy line. With the TLC coming up I want the best Argy's on the market and the first step is to get a fresh set. I tamed quite a few this weekend and hit some high points in the process. Tamed a male with 38 points in hp pre-tame, finished with 50 points or 4015 HP. Very excited about that. Tamed a male with 45 points or 760 weight. This equals what we currently have but it is on a non mute now. Tamed a male with 1220 stamina. I rolled the dice on this one hoping for a bump but did not get it. This is slightly lower than our current high but is again on a non mute. It may not matter as the mute who has this only has one mutation and also has our 408 melee. she is a raise. The part I was hoping to get out is her Xmas colors. I want to try for natural mutations. Still, I'm more of a stat oriented guy so I'll use the best stats regardless. Tamed two females that had decent stats but none of the highs. They are breeders as we we try to combine these stats into a mating pair with the cleanest lineage possible. I'll keep knocking out Argy's as I see them and built a public Argy trap too. I am focused heavily on getting a monster weight stat. Lots of tranq darts will be used in this quest. I knocked out several Saber's, Thyla's, a couple of Thorny's, a Yuty and a couple of Rex's too. Nothing to add to our lines though. I did tame a 145 female Direwolf. RNG got me there as she had 31 points in melee pre-tame and finished with 36 points after, despite a perfect tame. She now has the exact same hp and stamina and has 1 point lower melee than our male dire wolf. I don't know why I am pulling my focus from sabers. I'll probably try to move them and the xmas wolf I tamed. Raises: Nothing new and exciting, low key raises for trades mostly. I cooked down several eggs though and will continue to do so. I was cooking down a 185 poison egg. Decided we needed another weight Wyvern and happened upon this when I was in the crystal cave looking for an alpha someone had spotted in there. So I was cooking it down and the timer was at 7 seconds and I was waiting for it to get to 1 because I'm not sure if or when there is a Valentines day event but I can almost guarantee we will approach tame cap when it happens. Anyway I want my eggs to be prepared and this thing hatches at 7 seconds left. So now I'm raising a Poison Wyvern. I hope it survives. If it doesn't I'm not overly concerned and can just buy an adult one unleveled. My tribe mate does not do milk runs and I wouldn't ask him too. He said he'd be on a good portion of the day today so I told him if anyone offers up free milk he can grab it and force feed the Wyvern. I'll go home at lunch and if it is still alive I'll get it some milk then. 2900 food when I logged off at 5 AM this morning. Go to lunch around 12 so as long as it doesn't take me long to find a female it should be alright. My tribe mate did do some glow pets though. We have taken to calling the new area in the desert where he raises these the shoulder mount dojo. High level bulbdogs and shinehorns. He's starting to get the breeding fever. He has another bunch going right now. We have about 6 to kill off too. We don't want to flood the market with average one's so we'll wait until we get them how we want them to trade them. Trades: I did quite a few so hard to keep track of them all but; Tamed a 150 Rex for a guy who only plays part time so can't really breed or spend time taming. I had knocked it out to check stats anyway so he gave me 2k ings for it. I also traded the 150 Argy tame I held on to from last week to him for some CP and he gave me a 175 lightning egg I'll raise for him this weekend. Good trading partner here. Traded the extra Quetzal from the new stat line for an ascendant fishing rod and a 90 armor MC Theri saddle. About equal value in my eyes and the guy considered it a deal from his perspective. He only focus' on farming and boss fights (so Rex, Theri, Megatherium's) as well as running caves. Same guy I got our Rex saddle BP from. Always a pleasure to deal with him. I'm raising him a Doedic this weekend too. Traded a Saber on our island server and set up a customer for the future. It's a fairly big tribe (12 members) so they all want a top notch Saber to run the island caves with. I'll breed them those over the next couple of weeks. It ends up being a good deal as it's our Saber stat line (2250 hp, 980 stam, 387 melee) and has a MC saber saddle from a 69 armor blueprint made with my island crafting character (currently 400% crafting but will eventually get to 800%) included. It meanwhile gets me poly, ings, and crystal to use for our Rex saddles and other BP's that I can craft with the crafting character and then take the items to Rag. I did some other smaller trades for kibbles and what not too. So it ended up being a low key weekend. I got to get out and farm the desert drops, do some mat grinding, and do my favorite thing in taming and hunting. On the docket; Add to the flyer barn, more tames, start the Argy raise program, hopefully more trades, and finally run the caves we keep getting distracted from doing. The biggest raise I see this weekend, barring a breeding event, is the new Rex egg. 12.5k hp, 449 melee. Hopefully it pops male and I can start mass breeding not only for proper boss Rex's but maybe our own stat mutations. I may also pop some Theri eggs too. If there is a breeding event, I'll probably raise some more Yuty's and Quetzal's and trade the adults since they go for more than the eggs. See ya next week.
  6. The imprint only is attributed to the raiser/imprinter. Hope you're feeling better and looking forward to your continued stories.
  7. Do you play on Ragnarok? I found the area below Wyvern cove (where i am set up) is chock full of Argie's and a lot of people don't go there since it is so close to the Wyvern cove. You can set a trap up in a couple places and kite them in and have free reign. everytime I do a meat run I spy at least a 145, often times a 150.
  8. Thanks. I got lucky with a mating pair. I hatched the green spike last week and I believe the magenta spikes the week before and mated them a few times (think I hatched 4 eggs) and two of them popped exactly how I wanted. I would love a melee mutation. I know on PS4 the current highest I have seen is 481 mutated with 469 natural. Those are PvP stats though. I don't knock out quite as many Anky's as I did but maybe should to try and find better melee (or trade for it). I did have a green leg armor mutation from awhile ago but that's been mostly phased out at this point. it was a different green so I think it would look awkward if it pops back up. I am hoping I can find the right additional color from these eggs I am getting to breed in. I'm not much of a color guy but the anky's are just for me at this point. I get plenty of metal with the ones I run so figure I can play with color's a bit.
  9. Big breeding weekend, trades of course, and some hunting for tames. Tames; I built a new trap up near our worker barn on Dead Goon Preserve. With the Argy buff coming I started looking for a higher base weight than what we have though was unsuccessful. I did tame a 150 that had a good chance for higher hp, though it fell short. It's a solid all around bird. Our current high's are 3.5k hp, 1280 stam, 760 weight, 408 melee but those all came from different birds. This one bird had 3.2k hp, 1220 stam, 736 weight though the melee was only 346. Just a solid bird and I'll hold him because he'll sell once the Argy buff comes. So my trap is fairly simple (crude drawing included) and can double as a Saber trap. 2 dino gates on either end, stone door frames are the walls, reinforced doors on the lower door frames to protect your tame, and a metal ramp to drop down the back and exit a side door with the Saber trapped nowhere to go and the Argy gets turned around and stuck as well. It's designed for a mount too with the back entrance but at 500 hp and 190 stam I can tank most damage to get these things in the trap on foot. I knocked out quite a few Sabers but nothing worth taming and I knocked out a few decent Argy's in other stats but am conserving my Stego kibble for the higher weight chances. I may tame 2 more Stego's to up that egg increase. I did knock out a few Rex's as well but my main focus was breeding, so outside of the one Argy nothing else got tamed this weekend. Trades; There were a bunch and some are in the work. I traded mostly for mats as I stayed on the preserve for a big chunk of the weekend and didn't really get out to farm. My tribe mate needed vaults for the new desert palace, which is coming along nicely; , so I moved one of my original female Yuty's with the high stam but lower hp for 8 of them with a guy I had previously traded with. It was perfect timing since he messaged me about Yuty's right after my tribe mate asked about vaults. I moved a few of the weight Quetz eggs, some Wyvern's (shortly after they finished and on my server too which surprised me), studded out my one male Rex, a Thorny Dragon egg, a couple of the guranteed Yuty eggs, and a couple of the xmas Argy's. A guy paid 4k cp for the one 150 tamed but lost it about 3 hours later to some Wyvern's. He asked if I had another so I moved the high melee one who also had good weight (he was looking for weight). He originally asked if I'd raise him one but I was booked with my raises so I told him I'd move that second one for 4k more cp. I hope he keeps that one alive. If not I have the 135 xmas and the 150 I tamed yesterday to move. I have a few trades on the dockets yet. I have a nice blue shell anky egg coming, a yellow shell egg, a red bary egg, and a purple/pink/blue argy. For those I am raising our new magenta tipped green spike anky's and one each of our red and purple spike doedic's. The bary is OP and hatches with 4.5k hp and 434 melee so I'm willing to trade grown for eggs with those stats. I have some people grinding out some building pieces for the 150 kibble tamed xmas beaver and the 234 beaver raise mating pair I've had. I realized they were just sitting there and our Thorny's are so good, it doesn't make sense to hold onto them. The building pieces will go towards our new flyer barn which I placed some behemoth gates on this weekend. Raises; I was pretty fortunate with my raises this weekend. I hatched two Quetzal's, both male. A level 220 and a level 233, both with all the stats (9996 hp, 2400 stam, 1648 weight). They were just shy of adolescent this morning. I'll move the 220, and have already had several people just on my server inquire about it, and make the 233 my breeder with the two females. I don't think I'll be able to hatch 10 at a time like on legacy anymore and I'm not sure what their utility is going to be after the Argy buff but I'll raise a few here and there as there seems to be interest. I finally got the the new Ravager hp (3100) with the melee (240) albeit on two females. Everybody wants Drakes and Reaper's though so the Ravager program is more of a personal thing for the time being. I did take out a pack of 5 of them and 4 vultures this weekend for fun and we destroyed the peninsula. I will probably breed a few every weekend but only keep stat mutations going forward. I hatched a mating pair of 262 Anky's this weekend and am so happy. Magenta tipped abberant green spikes (not from Abberation but a color that seems to fit that motif) and all of our high stats (7140 hp, 945 stam, 460 weight, 387 melee). Seems to be a lot of interest in that color, one guy is giving me a 230 melee pink Giga egg for a male raised, so a few of my trades were centered around getting colors to add in. I got a yellow belly Anky, a blue shell Anky, and a yellow and blue shell Anky (eggs) through separate trades plus the trades still in the work mentioned above. It'll be fun trying to combine all those color's. I cleaned up a Rex side when I hatched a male with the 12.5k hp and 414 melee I acquired in a different trade and combined it with our 2226 stamina, though I missed the weight. Still it gives me guaranteed hp and melee stats if I choose but also the ability to breed for stat mutes since I have 6 females with 0 mutations and 6 with only 3. This is kind of old though now as over the weekend I did trade for a 12.5k hp and 449 melee egg. I'll hatch it this upcoming weekend and see what we get. My highlight raise this weekend though was a Yuty. I hatched a few eggs seeing if I could get a stat bump and I got a stat bump and a color mutation. Hp bumped from 9900 to 10.3k with the 2184 stam and the 331 melee. A lot of interest in this. I have already set up a trade for a yellow fur Yuty, in different regions of the face and body, and have decided to look for a pink stripe so I can make a lemonade Yuty. Very happy with this one and like the Quetzal's, was just shy of adolescent this morning. I also grinded out some ammo this weekend and will the rest of this week as we prepare to hit the caves for artifacts this upcoming weekend. We're hitting them all too. I have 4 vultures with 2k hp and 500+ melee for the ice cave, am working on rockets for the lava golem, and we decided to go with compound bows over sniper rifles for the puzzle labryinth so getting more metal arrows. I plan on addiitional harvesting and light breeding this upcoming weekend plus I am sure many more trades. Until then...
  10. I started off the weekend as normal with some planned hatches but quickly changed course after popping a few eggs. We have secured a nice spot in the farthest right corner of the rag desert. It has several high rock formations (I snapped a screenshot but forgot to transfer it around so I could include it), is right near the ocean, metal, obsidian, crystal. Really a good area. I put our newest tribe mate in charge of this area from the building perspective and said I want a palatial Persian feel to it. We are going to build out of adobe (which looks so good) besides for our outer perimeter which is metal to keep Giga's and Rock Golem's that may be kited at bay. This same tribe mate is also our Abberation guy so along with the bridges he brought over some zip lines to connect these areas. We spent a lot of time grinding out clay so yesterday was more of a play around with the ravager's and zip lines. It's definitely a lengthy project. Just building some behemoths and the bridges we probably used about 4 or 5 vaults of clay. Luckily i have a weight wyvern (2300 weight) so gathering thatch/cactus sap is easy) though I am trying to figure out a better way to harvest sand. We have a real good doedic but even over burdening to about 1700 weight with sand still takes a fair amount of time and grind. I think it's going to be worth it though. My other tribe mate has been fairly busy but did start to work on our new flyer barn on the cliff side above our water pen (see previous post for location) and it is coming along great. I traded a couple of yuty's for tek doors and tek dino gate sets and they are awesome. We decided we need tek behemoth sets to really make this flyer barn optimal. I'll see if I can scrounge up a couple of trades until we get our new rex line set up to make our own. Raises; So after getting the magenta Anky's last week I bred the male with our female with the stamina a few times. I kept 2 of the eggs. One was a male that got the stam, weight, melee but the old hp and not the color but now with a male with that stam I can breed with the magenta female. The other one was a female that got the stam, weight, melee but got a hp mutation on the old hp and introduced a new color into the line. I am calling it abberant green. My abberation tribe mate invited some of his buddies over to look around and they all said they could see that thing walking around over there. The great part is the magenta and abberant green are on different sections of the spikes so there is a chance we'll get that combo as well as the whole collection of stats. Popped a few more vultures and kept 3. All have over 925 hatch hp and 325 melee with the best being 975 hatch hp. I also hatched a gift egg with some nice blue feathers but it doesn't have the greatest stats. Easy raises so I am going to raise it and try to get our current hp and melee with that color. I also started trying to find some head colors to add into these. PS4 PvE so if you know anyone who has yellow or green heads on their vultures, drop me a line. i probably didn't cover previously but i have been looking for a male thyla with decent melee and 0 mutations since we tamed the female with 6440 hp. people want exorbitant amounts for Thyla's and most have littered mutation lines. I get the kibble is fairly expensive ( i was willing to pay 200 ing an egg from one guy but we have a friendly relationship so he did it for 150 ing an egg) but knocking out and taming a Thyla is not hard at all. After they opened the desert I was flying back to base one night and spotted a 145 male Thyla. I had time until I got off the game so I knocked it out and was rewarded with 240% melee pre-tame. Tamed it up and it came out with 338% melee. Not a great stat roll but since I was only looking for 350% as a starting spot i was satisfied. I bred them this weekend but the baby pulled the worse hp and melee from both parents. I'll try again next week. I did get some luck with our saber line as we birthed a level 240 female. She got our hp (2250) stamina (980) and melee (387). I am glad she is female too since our weight we want to breed in is on a male (364). I have seen better hp and stamina out there (stamina I have seen is mutated) and weight (seen 404) but I haven't seen better natural melee yet. I have a few people inquiring on doing some breeding but the melee jump for them would far surpass the hp or stamina jump for me and I live in a saber rich area so I'll just keep knocking them out trying to get it ourselves. None of the Argy's popped with all stats so we'll try more of that next weekend. I did hatch a few Thorny dragon's looking for either a stat mutation or trying to pull our green spike mutation onto our weight and melee stat. I didn't get either of those but did hatch another level 249 Thorny with all the stats (including 2k hp and 1540 stamina) so I kept him. He's juvenile right now and should get to adolescent by lunch time today. I mostly just cooked eggs down and plan on doing more breeding this next weekend since it is my 4 day's off however I made a mistake last night. I was cooking down a Rex egg and my tribe mate called me over to an area so I went, ended up messing around a bit and when I got back, sure enough the rex had hatched. Le sigh. Popped 280, got the 12.5k hp, pulled our 2226 stamina and 940 weight, got the 414 melee and got the Cyan coloring. It also would have cleared up the paternal side for additional mutations. If it was male i probably would have taken the day off of work, lol. It was female and it was too late since I start my 4 day work week so it got the shotgun. I'm sure we'll get it back. We have an egg cooked down in there so maybe that one has the same results but as a male too. Trades; I moved a few things this week. Completed the boss yuty mating pair trade for the tek doors and tek dino gates. 10 sets of each. They are excellent. I did have to rebuild a few small sections of the base to place them in but it was totally worth it. I love just flying the tape right through without stopping and how we have the one area set up for meat runs, it made transferring meat to the fridges so much easier. Love them and kick myself for not building them and using them on legacy, lol. Guy on my rag server was selling a decent Quetzal for cheap (4k ings) as he was just trying to lighten his excess. I snatched that up despite not needing it, moved it to my island server and resold it for 3.5k poly (roughly 7k ings by our value). I need to find more deals like that. I moved another mating pair of red belly ravager's to a previous buyer. I cut him a previous buyer deal (same guy I got the mute vultures off of as well) for 200 metal walls. Ravager's are not as big of seller's as I was hoping so while I will try to breed that 3.1k hp with the 240 melee I am mostly content with what we have and probably will revert those to breed to order for future sales. The 200 metal walls is going to help us as we build a new Golem taming trap in the new desert. We already got the metal gates up but someone else tamed the 150 we spotted but we were able to set them up right near a Golem spawn. I moved a couple of basil's and a boss yuty egg for some wyvern eggs and a mc yuty saddle bp I can make in our 2k weight thorny. It's nice with 84 armor and our tribe mate is a crafter so should get that up higher. The wyvern eggs were two 185 ice and a 185 lightning. Guy got decent basil's in return. A 150 mutton tame female with 18k hp and a 145 kibble tamed male with 19k hp. Good starting points for breeding. We still have our 145 kibble tamed female with 20k hp and our 135 mutton tamed male with 320 melee for our own breeding. Moved some additional eggs. A quetzal egg and two thorny eggs for 4k poly. That was a great deal. One that had been in the works since last weekend but the guy had to postpone. he got a hold of me and it turns out while he is based mostly out of an island server he had set up a base on our rag server and I had even invited him over to our base to check out our sabers, as he is also a saber breeder, previously. He also gifted us the blue feather vulture I am currently raising. That made for an easy transaction. I moved a full grown Thorny with our weight and melee stats too for 2k poly. We're pretty set on poly for the time being now and I may be making more ammo, crystal, and metal deals for the future. On the docket; This will be a more raise centered weekend. Will pop the wyvern's, rex's, probably quetzal's to get a male with all the stats, theri's looking for a stat mutation, maybe a few more yuty's since I am doing quetzal's, try the thyla again, try to get the weight on the saber line, pop the anky's and the argy's trying to get full stats, and anything I may make a deal on during the week. I have two possible trades but don't plan on adding more unless a great offer comes across. I'll try to help with more mat farming too so that my tribe mates don't get the whole builds put on their backs. I may postpone the desert build and have my tribe mate focus on his Abberation base. I don't want him to feel obligated to work on our stuff and neglect his. I'll add some pics into this dissertation as well so it's not all hum drum. Thanks for reading, catch you all next week.
  11. So since I am still hoping to hold to this statement let me get the bad out of the way before my weekend. The last PS4 console update turned half of my protect dino's passive at my base so imagine my surprise when across my screen comes level 242 Rock Elemental killed by level 55 Allosaurus. I went running out my door to see 3 allo's working on my top non mutated Rex next and was able to hop on my Wyvern and dispose of them. I have declined to use overbearing behemoth, dino, and base walls because of Wildcards choice of server's, hardware, whatever that causes such massive lag when trying to load in even a normal size plain and boring square building which is what my base is. This should not be a problem because I had a 242 Rock Elemental (140 kibble tame)with 14k hp and 282 melee, a level 301 Rex with 25k hp and 700+ melee, and a 135+ kibble tamed Xmas Rex that I currently have at 540% melee with 12k hp set to neutral. On my roof I park a few Quetzal's and Wyvern's and have some of our 25k hp 650-700% melee as well as a few auto turrets to take out Argy's and if someone kites any Wyvern's to us. These guys are set to ignore group whistle so it wasn't errant whistling. Now to clarify when I say half I am going to show you a crude drawing. I can't prove what my dino's settings were so there is no way to file a support ticket that will get me results. I can only know what I know and that is before the last update my Rock Elemental had killed a kentro, some allo's, and a saber that was attacking me at various times after the previous patch. I know this thing has soloed (without a rider just set to neutral) a 135 Alpha Rex that was around my area when I logged in one day. I don't know if it is related but I do know that side of my base is affected by the rag desert heat wave. I do not know how far down the peninsula that weather affect extends but I do know my Water Pen at the end of the peninsula the Basil's were still set to neutral (right side of photo, also same side as passive dino's at main base) as well as the Rex's up at the Rex/Breeding/Wyvern trap barn(left side of photo). Hey Wildcard, While I want the difficulty of the game to be increased from the wild dino perspective, changing half of my dino's settings is not what I had in mind. Can you stop finding ways to kill my crap by breaking your code and running insufficient servers? Thanks, Yek
  12. It was quite busy and frustrating at points this weekend. The trade market is back in full swing. lol. The thing I wanted to avoid, as we did it so much in legacy, but my server is very hard to trade on. It's a mixture of vets already set, noobs without the resources needed, or people who play essentially single as they never talk in chat. I don't see a lot of mid-tier players which comprises the biggest buyers in the trade market so I started looking outside and we have had very good success. I do enjoy the trading aspect of PvE (I could never trust someone on PvP though I see successful PvP trades all the time) but I am trying hard not to go overboard like I did on legacy where it was at a point that 70-80% of my play time was jumping to different server's or picking people up for trades on my server. Still I acquired some nice items this week; Trades were very numerous so it's hard to remember everything. I know I moved a breeding pair of Xmas belly Ravs and received two magenta colored vulture eggs with 925 hp and 325 melee as well as 1k crystal and 3500 cp. Pleasant fella and look forward to more trades with him. I moved a couple of our mutated Doedic's in different trades for various items. One got me a Cyan 12.5k hp, 414 melee Rex egg. I'm going to breed a line with these just so we can unlock some tek engrams but my main Rex focus is still going to be our very own line from Rex's we tame. Still knocking out every Rex 135+ I come across. Banner week for our Yuty line. More people are now starting to get to the boss fight point so they are looking for Daedon's and Yuty's. Our Yuty's hatch at 9900 hp, 2184 stamina, and 331 melee. 4 levels gets you to 3k stamina (my preference) and then you can dump everything else into HP. Our top male currently sits at 36k hp and he's only 35 or 40 levels in. I have gotten orders for eggs and have even pre-sold a mating pair for 10 tek dino gate sets and 10 tek door frames. It is sometimes difficult explaining what goes into raising a Yuty as buyers fail to realize it has the same baby/raise time as a Quetzal. So here's where I use a segue. I popped some Quetzal's Saturday morning early to great success. A 233 male hatch and a 220 female hatch with our HP, Stam, and Weight stats (9996 hp, 2400 stam, 1648 weight). The male finally gave us our guaranteed breeding pair as I had raised a female prior. The 2x of course helped speed everything up (though while it helped with some imprints it caused disappointing results on other imprints as being even 5 minutes behind cost you but I digress) but with the 2x maturation it brought additional people to the server as well as introduced 100's maybe even thousand's of new dino's thus millions of additional calculations and the server's started to experience crashes and roll backs. I believe it was Sunday evening/Monday morning and the Quetzal's were at 35 to 40 percent done. I had hit every imprint on them and the Yuty's and the next imprint was in 2 hours and 30 minutes. I was raising quite a bit at that time. 3 Yuty's, 5 ravager's, 1 Vulture, 1 Rex, 1 Sabertooth, and the 2 Quetzal's. I had moved 2 Rav's and 2 Yuty's to a different section and gave them their own troughs to feed from because Ravager's are ravenous. I set my alarm for the 2 hours and 30 minutes and just wanted to catch a quick nap but i put my alarm to close to me I suppose so i turned it off and kept sleeping, still I was only offline for roughly 5 hours maybe 5 and half hours. I was ok though as I left the troughs topped (3 with Raw meat/a row of spoiled for the vulture in one, a 4th with cooked meat/jerky on the Quetzal side) as well as my normal inventory buffer on raises of 1 1/2 rows of cooked meat with 2 jerky's and a stack of preserving salts. I logged on to not even bags from the Quetzal's. Spoiled meat in all the troughs (only like 3 or 4 stacks in each and the cooked/jerky trough down to one row of jerky. I immediately filled all the troughs and then went to make see if the Quetzal's had glitched under the floors. Finally I pulled up the tribe log and it was confirmed they had starved to death. How? How did they starve to death after only being away for 5 hours? I am away during the week, when I work, for 8 and 6 hour time spots and it is never even that low on food when I check on them at lunch and again after work. So I started looking at the tribe log harder and that is when I seen the day stamps. My tribe mate got off the game around 9:45 PM but shortly before he got off the game we tamed a Sabertooth that was close on melee stat. It didn't get the roll we wanted so we killed it right away and the tribe log dictates all of that. i exited the game around 12:30 AM and got back on around 5:45 or 6 AM. An Ark game day is 48 to 52 minutes. The Quetzal's starved to death/I logged back in on day 3104, we tamed the Sabertooth on day 3098. At the 52 minute day interval that encompasses 5.22 hours of time but in real life the time frame passed was closer to 8 hours. if take into account server lag which costs us an hour a day roughly that still leaves 2 hours unaccounted for. The game rolled back to before I topped the troughs and it cost us dearly. I was furious. I logged off and considered deleting the game. I went to the store and did some food shopping, came back and made a nice breakfast, watched a couple episodes of HIMYM but I am an Ark addict and despite my anger I still had babies to raise, trades to complete (being dependable is a big deal to me), and in my sick nature I popped another Quetzal egg to hopefully get it through the majority of the baby phase before 2x ended. She hatched level 233 with all the stats. She was at 41% complete when I came to work this morning. While I am glad i got another Quetz with all the stats, it still denies me the guaranteed stats i am seeking to be able to market the eggs as well as sell the full grown's knowing they will pop guaranteed. I have an egg cooking now that I will most likely hatch Sunday morning to get it through the baby phase by midnight. I can only hope it is a male with all the stats and we don't have a 2x maturation event as the server's can't handle that. I have more to cover so we will not end on a down note. To Be Continued... Part 2; Outside of the Quetzal fiasco, I enjoyed my time in Ark this week. Raises; 3 Yuty's with our top stats of 9900 hp, 2184 stamina, 331.6% melee. Here is a weird thing. So two of the Yuty's are twins that hatched at level 230. The other is a female that hatched at level 237. the only difference in stats between them is 30 points in oxygen and there are no stat mutations. Anybody know how 30 points in oxygen equates to 7 extra levels as using ark wiki it did not calculate to that. is oxygen an important stat for Yuty's since they use their lungs? I finally decided to try and breed in our new Anky hp of 6580 and was immediately rewarded with a HP and color mutation on the Anky's. I got a dark magenta/purple shell tip plus face color with an increase to 71(40?) HP, the Anky kept our 460 weight and 387 melee as well though it did drop the stamina. Once it was done raising I popped another one and got a male of the same variation so I now have it semi-guaranteed (still many mutations can be had). The male is big as the female is the one we had with the stamina so now it's time to do some breeding to get either females with all the stats until we get the color or just the whole shebang. With Anky's I'm not as worried about stacking mutations though I will keep the 5 mutation male in case we ever decide to really expand that breed. I bred and killed a few saber's before I finally got a male with our top HP and melee though it dropped the stamina. Luckily I have 2 females with the stamina so when he is done I can start working on that. He popped at 243 so I was happy about that. (2250 hp, 980 stam, 364 weight, 387 melee is our top stats, once I get the stamina bred in I can start focusing on the weight). I went a little Ravager crazy and popped and raised/am raising 10 Ravager's this weekend. People want them though despite less than overwhelming stats (1920 hp, 240 melee, either 708 or 840 weight) because they are new plus ours have the red xmas belly. Our abberation tribe mate also traded for a significant HP upgrade (3100 hp) so I can breed that in this upcoming weekend or whenever. I like to take out the pack and play with them. I am getting them to about 4k hp and 340 melee in short order. Magenta/purple colored vulture hatches with 925 hp and 325 melee, level 249 hatch. Not the greatest stats but I enjoyed using it this weekend and it soloed two Argy's level 60 and level 100 when they attacked the Ravager pack. I had him at about 1400 hp and 380 melee at the time. I just got him to 405 melee and 1500 hp in about 20 levels. I plan on getting him to 2k hp and then putting the rest in melee. I will try to tame or trade for some better stats and then raise 5 or 6 and take them into the ice cave with me. A few Doedics and a Thorny dragon specifically for trade. I am currently working on getting our mutated green spikes on the Thorny bred into our stat line. That'll take a few tries I am sure. The Doedics have been bred enough at this point to guarantee the stats and colors. I don't even put them down anymore in the wild. 100% imprint will get them to 461% melee and the high 500 weight category which in turn will get them to 1600 weight. Cyan Rex with 12.5k hp and 414 melee. these will be enough for medium bosses and Alpha Manticore if we decide to jump to SE for a fight at any point. It's littered with mutations so I will probably breed it with our clean line at some point to isolate that and see if we can get a few more mutations. I hatched but didn't keep any of the Theri's, hatched a slew of rex's (probably 50) but didn't keep any of those either. We did raise a 185 ice, 185 lightning, and 180 lightning Wyvern too. Got 100% imprint on all of them. I tried to sell the 185's on server at a discounted price of 8k and 7k ings but had no takers. I jumped them next to the island server and sold the 185's in 5 minutes. Ice 9k, light 8k. The next day I sold the 180 for a discount of 2k electronics (roughly 5k ings based upon our mat values). Map plays a huge factor in pricing and need/want. We tamed a few things that were close this weekend but only kept a few eggers we needed. tamed two trikes and 3 stego's. I was tired of trying to trade for the kibble/eggs and people asking for what I deemed too much for the ease of the tames (I had a guy ask for mantis eggs for stego eggs)/ The only reason i didn't have them was to try to ease the dino cap burden but I'm not missing imprints because you want to overcharge. This weekend I will be hatching and raising some Iguanadon's for eggers as I again am not going to be held to the fire when I want to tame a 150 Daedon. If we reach server cap again, I'm not offing my eggers again either. I tried to do my part but if no one else is going to cooperate, I'm not going to be that sucker left holding the bag. This weekend I plan on breeding the Cyan Rex and just furthering the certain breed projects we have going on but I was cooped up pretty long doing these raises this week so I am definitely going to get out to explore the desert which just released on consoles and I may start my center map base for water tames. I made a trade with some old legacy pals who have set up on a lower populated center map so since I already have a character over there now and I killed an 140 Alpha Carno while there giving me 52 levels, lol, I decided it was a good map to set up on. See ya next week with some hopefully positive news across the board.
  13. Kind of a blasé week. Didn't really progress towards a boss fight too much which was a bit disappointing. I have felt that even when it was a down week we always made some progress towards a boss fight and right now we are so far behind everybody else. I think the crazy Wyv hatching week we had may have set us back but I'm not sure my tribe mate is as interested in doing the boss fights as I am. I want to keep our Rex line going but I may trade for some better eggs to tide us over and get us to the boss fights a bit sooner while we continue to work on our own breed. Was able to finally breed in the new wild/clean hp into our clean line. Now I need to get a male and a few females with these stats. This one needs to finish raising first I suppose, lol. RNG is a son of a gun. I put down two 150 Rex's and both had the same exact HP and melee. 5280 hp, 200% melee. I didn't tame either as the bounce would have to be super favorable in either to top our current highs. I'm considering breeding the color mutated Rex's we have a bunch and then offing them. They are just clutter right now and I think if I get like 6 eggs from each I should be able to get that mute back. I may move them over to the island server and use one as a mount and try to sell the rest. Speaking of that got most of our new island outpost set up. Found a nice piece of land near Green ob that won't kill many spawns (some trees). I am going to keep it small. I may still find a water area. It's a decent market since a lot of the fresh faces start out on the Island. I chose this server because I have done several trades with one of bigger tribes on the server and ended up conducting a few more trades over the weekend with other resident's including two Wyvern's and a Golem. Added bonus was I have 3 tribes on there, the new guy and two from my Legacy server, that were able to vouch for me off the bat. That helped ease transition and I've already have other Golem order's as well as Ravager orders. Since I mentioned Ravager's I did get some babies from them this weekend. Triplets popped out. I sold off one of the babies right away but kept a male and female that got the red xmas belly from their mom. I can now breed them up but I want to level them and take the pack out once and see how they fare. Not the greatest stats out there but I'll keep my eye out and in the mean time breed for some stat mutations. As can be seen in the picture I also got the high stam and melee from our saber line onto a male xmas saber. That works out as a female has our high HP. I also raised another Thorny for the Island server. Having a 2k weight thorny over there will definitely help with the plan there. So here's the full plan for the island character. Crafting character. I think between 800 and 900% once I reach level 100. Offer up services to craft BP's for people as well as custom consumables. The low spoilage time is fantastic on these (especially when trying to stay fed while waiting a transfer upload timer) plus they just give you more food, hp, water, stamina, whatever. A familiar place that is more compact for cross server trades. some people don't want to come to Ragnarok to do trades and I don't blame them. It's a gorgeous map but it's very big and so spawning in right, finding, picking up and taking to the ob is a headache on both ends. Also with no real water drops (outside of the extremely random loot crates), water dino trades are frustrating. You have to make sure you hit the pirate ship just right really to have a chance. The center is probably best for that to be honest and if we ever get going on Basil's and Angler's I may set up shop there just for water trades. I'm not really there to tame. I'll be vocal in chat because it's what I do but I don't plan on adding to their tame cap outside of trade animal's and a few farming and transport animal's (I have two Golem's one for trade one for base defense, 1 Wyvern, 1 Argy for weight carry, 1 Tape for passenger transport, 1 Theri and Doedic for farming needs, 1 Bulbdog to show off my Bulbdog. I may bring over one of the mutated Rex's just to have that land mount that can handle anything outside of a Giga or Titan. I may opt for a Bear but I can get knocked unconscious from a Theri on a Bear. I don't plan on raising anything over there and if i do I'll use one of my allies breeding rooms. It may be nice to have something imprinted specifically to that character. That's down the road though. The base set up is simple and I am currently statting myself more as a builder than crafter. I'll mindwipe once I got what's needed built. So right now, I have a metal platform, ran wires and generator underneath, traded for a chem bench and industrial forge (so I can accept raw metal as a payment form), have 4 smithy's so I can craft multiple items at once, a greenhouse with the 4 veggies, old school compost bins (I'll trade for fertilizer if needed), 1 fabricator though I plan on adding 3 more, 1 vault though I plan on adding 10 more at least, and it is all open no enclosure. Ramps all around to conceal underneath but also so people can fly/walk up their delivery method to the vaults. I definitely need to grab a picture. I built a small two wall high square stone house to put my character and off of one of the dino gate entrances I built a small enclosure to keep the Theri and Doedic. I may still build off on of the behemoth's as a place to store the bird's but I haven't decided or scouted that yet. I placed a sign that details our raw material conversion rates. I also plan on distributing our coordinates in all trade markets so people can come by at any point and check our wares which will have signs with their prices listed. I kind of wanted to go away from the trade market this second time around but running a store of sorts, appeals to me. I like knowing I have stuff other people want and are willing to trade their hard work/best stuff for. So just a quick recap of this weeks dino's then i'll let you rest your eyes a little. Lol. Tamed a 150 Argy that had 32 points in HP and 30 points in melee pre-tame. Neither rolled to a higher stat than we had so after being unable to trade him, I offed it. Tamed a 130 Golem. Technique was flawless, every hit counted, still not sure why it's not taming to perfection according to Dododex. Guess they are off as our last 130 tamed out to the exact same level. Have a buyer for one of the Golem's and then the other will become our island server defense. Tamed a 145 female Basil. Right after the Golem tame we found her by her lonesome kind of stuck in the water below our trap. I ran back to base grabbed all the Theri kibble and then swam with her for a bit. She tamed out with 20k hp which bests our current of 18k. Tamed a 145 male Basil. Swimming the female back to the water pen I spied this guy in the open ocean. I had our new tribe mate with so i gave him the female basil and then grabbed another one from the pen and went to show him how the tame goes in the open ocean with manta's and sharks to deal with. He got a little overzealous trying to fight off a shark and almost hit the 145 male but luckily missed. It didn't have anything that tops what we currently have so I will try to trade it. Raises: Real basic. People like our mutated Doedic's so I have been raising them. Did a purple spike and a red spike this weekend. I did the Sabertooth and the Ravagers pictured as well the Thorny I mentioned and am in the process of raising the clean stat female Rex. Coming up: I have some trades on the Horizion as well as a best offer for a 170 Xmas Lightning Wyvern. So far I've been offered a 50/50 blue Giga egg and 2 grown mutated Spino's. Another guy offered me a full grown mutated green Giga and three 270 melee hatch Giga eggs. I don't even think those exist on PvE yet so I am cautious about that. The offer runs until Sunday at 5 PM EST so I will be fielding offers for several days. He's definitely top so far but that is just the Facebook page. I will probably raise the Yuty's and Quetzal's this weekend, more Rex's, some Anky's (get the new HP on the line), Ravager's, Sabertooth's (get the HP and weight hopefully together), Thorny's, Doedic's if requested (have one order outstanding so far). I'll also clean up and add a little to the Island server, more vaults as I prepare further to open for business. See ya next week.
  14. If on official, don't do this. It keeps the server cap even if unclaimed. Just harvest them for meat and hide. Feed the old to the new.
  15. I took a break from the forum over the holiday break but not Ark so a decent amount to cover but I'll try not to right a novel. More of a novella. The last of the bases went down on our peninsula so the Dead Goon Game Preserve is now officially secured. We have placed 3 public Rex traps as well as made the oil pump public. We have started to spread out our dino's to try and create less lag in the entire area. So many wild dino's spawn there. Useful stuff too (from a PvE perspectiove). Rex, Allo, Saber's, Argy's, Hyena's. With the way lagreen and bluescreen ob are built up on our server it really is the last good Rex spawn on the map. We got into the Wyvern raising business and it's a blast. my tribe mate started running the scar and we had some great luck nabbing 190's, 185's, 170's, and even a few decent 165's. People are always seeking out Wyvern's so it expanded our trade market. We have raised and tailored a few specifically for scar running (we like a Lightning. It is immune to lightning, we feed it wyvern milk to reduce fire damage, and poison shots are easily avoided) by pum[ping it to 25k hp and 2000 stamina with a natural 350 melee after imprint. We tamed a level 150 Christmas Daedon that we keep at the scar base and just change them out and let it do the healing. Did quite a bit of raising and taming over the break. We also invited in an ally to our tribe. He has a key redwood base as well as some other nice builds. He primarily plays abberation so he actually created a new character for our server that he is making a crafting character. We will now be able to open up our market even further by breeding and trading abberation dino's on the regular Ark maps. Taming: A slew of Christmas dino's to breed into our stat line; 150 beaver that actually has better base weight than our 234 born one and is a male (we have a female). 145 male argy that tamed out with 408 melee, Our new high 150 male argy that tamed out with 850 oxygen. New high and it will make the hatching higher just for show. 170 Lightning that hatched with 11.2k hp. Christmas Wyv and a beast? Yes please. 145 female wolf that tamed out with 2.9k hp which isn't bad and beats our current high of 2.5k. 150 male daedon. He tamed out with 12.6k food so not bad. We also tamed a few dino's to either change out if an egg layer or just to breed in the Christmas color. 135 Anky, 135 f Argy so I could trade guaranteed Christmas eggs, 145 f scorpion, 45 f scorpion, 50 female raptor, 145 m saber, an acid trip jerboa. We tried to keep our tames to high levels 9killed the only Christmas Thyla I seen because it was a level 50 and also killed two Christmas Thorny's 135 and 140 because we only have enough Morellatop kibble for one more tame so we want a higher stat over the color. Overall we were pretty reserved compared to people on our server taming anything with Christmas colors but it was an event and server's been pretty good with tame cap even with new people playing because of lots of people leaving for Abberation or to other server's during tame cap. Raises: 237 hatched Yuty. I believe we hatched 12 eggs and this was the only one we kept. It is male and had all the stats. 9.9k hp, 2184 stamina, 331 melee. I got 96 percent imprint on him and he finished out with 11.4k hp, 2184 stamina, 394 melee. I only take Yuty stam up to 3k so I can dump the rest into health and I think it'll reach 35k or 40k hp. I may need to restat for rag fight as i have heard the manticore seems to target the Yuty making him run around more. I'm happy that i can guarantee the stamina on this line now but need to pop a female so I can guarantee the entire line. 233 hatched Quetzal. This one is a female. Grabbed the 9996 hp, 2400 stamina, 1648 weight. We hatched 4 eggs and kept this one only. i can now guarantee the weight but need to get a male so i can guarantee the line. After imprint this girl was at 11k hp, 2400 stam, and 1968 weight (96 percent imprint as well). She's going to be a beast. After some grinder leveling and killing crap Wyvern hatches she is already at 6760 weight. We also raised 2 Rex's. One got a health mutation to 11.2k hp with the 2226 stamina, 940 weight, and 396 melee. He has 4 mutations so we'll breed him with our clean females and look for the next stat mutation. the other got a stamina mutation so sits at 10.7k hp, 2320 stamina, 940 weight but only 385 melee. he has 4 muattions as well. he'll sit on the back burner for now as we are targeting hp and melee mutations. We did tame a Rex that has given us a new 0 mutation hp starting point of 10.12k hp. It's female so it'll take a while to breed that into our clean line with cool down timer. Additional Tames; Tamed a 150 Thyla that tamed out with 6.4k hp. Nice starting base. Been looking for a high melee male but haven't found yet. I was pleading in chat for Titanoboa kibble and finally (first few days of Christmas event) offered up a 140 Christmas Argy we had tamed. Someone snatched that up so good deal for us. Tamed a 140 rock Golem. We have our technique down and Golem's always sell. 308% melee on this tame so it was a nice one. Trades; Traded a 130 rock golem on an island server for 5k poly. i set up a small trading outpost on this server as some alliance member's from my legacy day's are set up here plus I have started a great trade relationship with a guy here. He runs the swamp cave constantly and pulls out high level BP's. I obtained first an 80 armor Rex saddle from him and now a 91 armor Rex saddle plus he gifted a few BP's. He made out too getting a breeding pair of our Yuty's 99.2k hp female, 2184 stamina male) and a male Boss Theri with cyan coloring (9.2k hp, 396 melee). Very cool dude. Traded a 140 rock golem on my home server for 4k poly. I let the guy use our trap to try and tame his own but it ended up dying. So I offered him up this one for trade. Since they are available on rag the price is of course reduced. Traded a 150 rock golem for a breeding pair of ravagers one having a red underbelly coloring from his 135 lamb chop tamed Christmas father. These will sell like hot cakes on the island just cause they are new. I took them out and went after some stego's. Eh. Maybe once imprinted but right now I prefer our sabers and especially Thyla's. Easy raises so will probably start that project this weekend. Breeding pair of our Orange shell, green body, purple spike doedics. Got some 300+ armor flak bp's. Happy with that. Unleveled 185 fire wyvern. Got 1500 tranq darts. Guy said he has a buddy also interested on his server. We'll raise more this weekend so I told him our price in shotgun shells. 175 Ice Egg. Got a made pair of 434 armor riot leggings, 367 armor riot chest, 277 durability gas mask, 234 durability gas mask, and 197 durability gas mask. Great for our scar runs/milk grabs. Two 534 weight, 300 melee thorny eggs. Received an 83 armor basil saddle BP for these. This was my island buddy. Those eggs will give him 2k weight thorny's which is great for his 105 armor rex saddle as he gears up to take on some bosses. I may ride with him and bring one of our Yuty's over just to get some Tek engrams unlocked. 80 armor Rex saddle bp. Received 6k crystal for that. Since our closest crystal spawn is blocked off (until they open the desert on console) this trade worked well for us since we had gotten the new Rex saddle bp. Trade in the work: I'm raising one of the doedic's right now to complete a trade. Trading our orange shell purple spike line, 2 thorny eggs, and a 165 lightning wyvern that ended up with 366 melee after imprint for a 251 long neck, 252 pump, and 250 AR BP. i'm very happy with that trade and I believe the guy is too. Doedic will be done by Saturday so we'll complete that trade Sunday. Overall I was happy with the Christmas event, especially the 2x and 3x taming as we were able to take a few more shots on dino's at a decreased cost. Never would have gotten the 10.12k hp clean Rex stat if 1x because it had the same wild hp stats as one that tamed out with only 8.5k hp so probably would have passed on taming it. RNG man, lol. I probably would have never put down that argy we got if it wasn't Christmas color and now end up with a new high melee. People were able to grab additional and better BP's which is something I like to trade for or were able to grind out the poly/crystal/ing I ask for the trades when materials are involved. On the docket: I will finish setting up our island trading outpost and leveling my character over there. He is going to be a crafting character so I will offer my crafting services on blueprints and custom consumables plus continue offering our wares from the Rag server. We'll also do some more Wyvern raising, Golem taming, will continue to try and improve our Rex line, and I am sure conduct more trades. I may try to get a male Quetz and a female Yuty with the stats to get our guaranteed breeds. I've been seeing a lot of requests for Quetzal's and I think we may have the most complete stat line on the PS4 PvE market from what I've seen offered out there, finally we will start our Ravager program. Man I love Ark.
  16. Busy weekend. Raised four Rex's. Three for boss fights and one for our clean 0 mutation line with all the stats (9.9k hp, 2226 stamina, 940 weight, 385 melee). Tamed a 140 golem. We built a nice metal building and placed the cannon face level with the Golem. First attempt we had the cannon sticking out and the Golem destroyed it. We lured the Golem away then constructed so the cannon is more protected. Brought the Golem back to the trap but it actually came around the trap while we were distracted, lol. It hit the Wyvern's so we jumped on and took off. Aggroed it back around and into the trap then I sat below the trap with a 10k durability riot shield to keep it's head steady. We better farm more crystal if we are going to keep taming Golem's. lol. We also tamed two Mantis'. A 135 female and a 150 male. The male was just a tame of opportunity. My tribe mate built a Mantis trap and while he tamed the 135 female I flew around looking for another female. Found the 150 male and well, 150. I tamed him the old fashion way. Ghillie and bug repellant, following him around. I only aggroed him once and still got perfect tame. We now have 2 females and 2 males. We keep the one male at a side base then keep the others in with our egg layers. We are going to need more if we want to keep taming Golem's though. Seen a 150 female basil. Traded for Theri kibble to tame it up. My tribe mate was at dinner so I wanted to wait for him but he was away longer than expected. I'm sure it is still out there somewhere so I have to try and get it before Saturday which is when I plan on doing some breeding in preparation for the long time off of work coming up. Trapped a 145 griffin. Didn't have anything on me to knock it out so I went back to base to grab a rifle and darts. Gone 1 minute. Despawned in trap. Lesson learned. We tamed up a new high weight Thorny so I bred her up with our male and we got every stat. Level 249 hatch. 2k hp, 1500 stam, 534 weight, 300 melee. We even got the high oxygen and food stat. We also knocked out a 150 saber. He was good but didn't surpass any of our high stats but we needed a male breeder so since it was 2x we tamed him up. Bred him with both females and got a nice born saber. Grabbed father's HP (2100) but mother's stam (980) and melee (387) so perfect for what we were looking for. Now I can breed him with the other female who has high HP (2250) and same melee. Started doing cross server trades again and came away with some good items. Traded a mating pair of Yuty's (9.2k hp, 1728 stam stamina female/ 2128 stamina male) for a 80 armor Rex saddle BP. Delightful guy. Very accommodating. He is on an island server and has 5 other Rex bp's including his personal 101 but also a 95, 78, 66, and after the trade we were still chatting he pulled a 91 armor bp. He'll be able to make some great trades with those. I also acquired some cyan mutated boss Theri's. The girl I traded with was equally delightful. Her base is just full of mutated Theri's, Tape's, Thyla's, Argy's. She also has some red spike doedics. I traded her one of our Orange shell doedics with green spikes for two eggs. I felt like she overpaid but she was very happy with the doedic. I'm going to raise her a male with orange shell, purple spike, and green body as a gift though. Her Theri's are Cyan with 9.2k hp and 396 melee at hatch. Monster's. I hatched one egg and got twin males. Mutation count is high but we got two clean females we can breed with to clean up a side. We'll hatch the other egg this upcoming week. We did some building too. Trying to reduce lag in area and two bases went down this week so we expanded to spread out dino's in a render range. Built a worker barn at top of hill. We are keeping our weight Wyvern and our extra Fire up there. Also keep our power Theri and delicate Theri, our Mammoth, a few Anky's, a few Doedics, our 1500 weight Beaver, and an Argy. We acquired an oil pump as well. I unlocked it for community but placed a building around it. The plan is to keep it open for the community but if we happen to lapse on replacing it and someone decides to place their own I will shut the doors and it will never be opened again. I let them know it too. We also built a few traps in area for Rex's, Allo's, and Saber's. My tribe mate usually uses his Wyvern to tank Rex's but we had some dicey moments and it feels like they hit harder which is fine by me personally. I like the added danger. I'll use the traps occasionally but I prefer positioning or firing off the back of a saber and running away. We had too many Rex's die by fleeing to the water though so it's actually a good idea. We are leaving these traps public as well since our area is one of the last Un-built Rex spawns. We probably dropped 20 to 30 Rex's over these last 4 days. All 135+ but none of them had anything to add to our current line. I did tame another scorpion because some were close enough if we had more kibble I'd probably give them a shot and hope for a favorable roll. I may tame one more scorpion. I got decimated by the ice Queen twice this week. I guess I can't solo her anymore. I may breed up some vultures or dimorph's if I do decide to solo her. I also am trying to trade for some ravager's to run the basic section with. I can raise them in the tunnel's. Either that or I may do a Bear. Everybody else is doing Thyla's but that's boring. Lol. Plus bears add insulation which will be great as I prefer flak/riot armor over fur (though the Fria curry has helped). I have off from the 24th to the 4th so a lot on the docket but the biggest thing is big raises. Quetzal's, Yuty's, Basil's, and if we can get our hands on some in the next few days, Giga's. I will say I hate these 8 hour imprint timers. I'm getting worse imprints now then I did with the 3 to 4 hour timers. 83-85% on the two Doedic's, Thorny, and Saber I just raised. Rex's are looking like they may be the same. Two weeks ago with similar set up I got 100% on two Rex's, a Doedic, and a Saber, and 99% on the other two Rex's. Maybe it'll help out with the longer raises like the Yuty's, Basil's, Quetzal's, and Giga's. Guess we'll find out. I did not get Abberation as my single protest to Wildcard leaving so many issues on their official server's but my one ally did. he brought us some bulbdogs and climbing picks as gifts though i wonder how well a climbing pick will work on ragnarok. He is also bringing us over some wing suits. The bulbdog is awesome. First shoulder mount I am continuously carrying. it alerted me to 3 150 argy's, 2 150 anky's, a 150 doedic, and 2 150 saber's last night. I dropped all of them and they didn't add to our line but what a great tool to have. he also alerted me to a 150 megalania, scorpion, allo, hyena, ptera, pelagornis, paracer, and dimorph. The light helps too at night. Pretty cool dino and yes that is a bulbdog skin on a mask placed on a bulbdog. I'll add a few pics in a bit. Sorry for the dissertation.
  17. Another good weekend. Finally got all the Anky stats together (6160 hp, 945 stam, 460 weight, 387 melee) and that beauty hatched at level 261. I'm happy with that and we'll keep looking to add. I can not find an upgraded male saber right now. means the female has to just sit there for the time being. I ran the ice cave solo. I made a bunch of recipes (lazarus chowder, fria curry, enduro stew, health brew, and shadow steak saute) threw on my best flak, took an extra set, took 2 assault rifles (199.1 % and 193.2 %) and 1000 rounds. I had one flak set break on me but was able to farm about 13 deathworm horns before finally realizing my last set was at about 80& and i wanted to fight the Queen. Entered the arena but stayed back while I ran to the bathroom. Came back ready to fight and no queen. Seems like it despawned. Farmed the red drops (MC Plesi Platform BP best item but that nabbed me 1k crystal) and grabbed the artifact. Gonna need to see if I can build a small spawn spot at bottom of waterfall exit with storage because getting out of the Canyon on my server is impossible with how they have it built and blocked. Had an ally scoop me up. It was still fun. Definitely gonna run that again, maybe tonight. Tamed my first two rock elemental's this weekend. A 140 and a 130. 2x helped with mantis kibble which we traded for. I sold the 130 for 3 BP's and 31 mantis eggs. Definitely gonna find a 145 to tame and probably use that to get a 80+ armor Rex BP. I also tamed up a level 140 Roo for a guy who wants to mute them and he traded me a male Mantis for it. Need to get me a couple more female mantis' if we are gonna start taming Golem's. Got me interested in my to tame list yet; Arthropluera, Baryonyx, Beezlebufo, Chalicotherium, Compy, Diplocaulus, Diplodocus, Dung Beetle, Electrophorus, Equus, Giganotosaurus, Gigantopithecus, Hesperonis, Kairuku, Kaprosuchus, Liopleurodon, Manta, Megalania, Megalosaurus, Moschops, Onyc, Paracer, Pegomastax, Purlovia, Thylacoleo, Titanoboa, Titanosaur, Troodon, and Tusoteuthis. Underlying theme, swamp animals and passive tames. Some of those I've knocked out (paracer, thyla off top of my head) but didn't have the stats I was looking for so haven't tamed them up yet. Others have little use in PVE which is probably why I have decided not to waste resources. They are on the list. Hatched two female Yuty's with our high stam (2128) so when they finish up I can mate them with our high health male (9.9k hp) and hopefully get 100% eggs and start trading them. I put down another 145 yuty this weekend too. Had great pre-tame stam (1700+) so I was excited about that but alas RNG was not favorable and it only tamed out with 1900 stam. I am fairly certain the 2128 came off a pre-tame 1600+ stam so what you gonna do? Just trying to find the highest base line before mutations in everything we have at this point. For the rest of the week we'll mate the Rex's, Yuty's, and anything else that drops eggs to cook them down, I decided to trade for a female Quetzal since I can't find a good mate for the male so I'll pick that up tomorrow. We'll farm more and trade for materials and bp's and maybe run around and grab the easy artifacts as we get closer to running our first boss fight on the new official server's. We'll also set ourselves up for a few more rock elemntal tames and maybe go kill the low levels i seen yesterday to try and get high levels to spawns (Our Rex's with prim saddles can handle at least up to a 95 we found so far). Until next week. Below is our highest Rex hatch so far. Melee is mutated, everything else is natural.
  18. It was a fairly decent weekend on official. Popped a bunch more Rex's and kept 4. 10.7k hp, 2226 stam, 396 melee on 3 and the 940 weight bred in with those stats on the 4th. They finished up this morning. Two with 100% imprint the other two with 99%. I picked back up the breeds i had put on hold mostly. Popped a Doedic that got our green mute body and orange shell and our 445 weight and 387 melee. I 100% imprinted that too so mine. lol (pic below) I finally got the high stamina on the Anky but it's missing the melee. Popped 240 with 6160 hp, 945 stam (think I wrote this wrong last time), and the 460 weight. It was male so I kept it because I can breed with a couple 387 melee females we have increasing our chances of getting it all. Without the stam we were popping 250+ so I am excited to see what level it'll be when we get it all. I sold a few Argy eggs and hatched two myself but they didn't get all the stats so they had to go. Finally I got the HP and weight on our Thorny's together (2.3k hp, 516 weight). That and the Anky are at 89% but I returned to work today so will only get about 85% imprint. Still it had over 600 weight which means it should be able to get up to 2k weight. I was out hunting for a weight bump or a melee bump but didn't find anything worth it. I'll keep looking. I did drop a lot of different animals this weekend but only tamed two and they didn't get a good roll so I killed them right away (1 rex, 1 saber). ran the ice cave and got destroyed again. Worm popped up behind me, I turned to bring up shield and the lag stopped me from bringing up shield before it got two hits in. i was so close to dying then and it killed my ally and tribe mate so i just started hacking at it until it killed me. I traded for a good MC BP for a riot shield with 10k durability and we decided to just use fria curries and go in with high armor flak instead of snow armor. We'll run it and complete it next time. No doubt. 3 more Rex's needed for 19 for the boss fight. We'll pop those this weekend. We'll run caves and get the artifacts and probably in 2 weeks be ready to run at least 1 boss fight, possibly more. This weekend we are going to attempt our first golem tame with an ally. He has a good Paracer and we have a block of land on the scorch island to set up a trap. We have been careful not to aggro a 130 we seen. It's still there but now last night I spotted a 145 also close to our area. We may switch focus or if we can somehow purchase enough kibble, do two of them. We don't even want/need a golem but it'd be an experience to tame one ourselves. We could probably trade it for something we do want/need like a Rex saddle BP. rest of this week will be finishing raises and acquiring more eggs as cool down timers finish so we can be prepared to hatch and raise anything we want. i have 3 shots at 9.2k hp/2128 stam Yuty's and can breed them again tonight for a fourth egg. Depending on if we get any evo event and what kind will determine a lot of how we progress. Excited for the weekend.
  19. It's been awhile. could write forever so i'll just detail some stuff. Current top stat Rex line; 10.7k hp, 2226 stam, 396 melee.It has 3 mutations. I know one is melee not sure about the rest. Current clean (no mutation) Rex line; 9900 hp, 2226 stam, 940 weight, 385 melee. the 2226 was the last wild stats we found. It's been a lot of dropped Rex's with no improvements. our server is in a constant flux with tame limit so some projects have been placed on the back burner including Argy, anky, doedic, saber. Still have some really nice stats. Current Anky line; 6160 hp, 460 weight, 387 dmg only a color mutation. Stats are all natural. Plan on breeding in 980 stamina at some point. Saber; 2250 hp, 383 melee. Have 980 stamina to breed in here too. Doedic, HP is not great but we have green body mutations (one on a blue shell and one on a white shell) plus I got a mutated orange shell to try and get that green body on but we currently have 445 weight and 387 melee. I can't remember Argy stats exactly but using smart breeder I know we have 44 points in HP, 1280 stamina, 760 weight, 52 points in food (makes babies hatch nice anyway) and 372 melee. we also got some green and blue mutations here. We got a few different Rex mutes as well. Full Red's, Red body with blue belly, Blue belly with red stripe, lavender belly, green stripe, and green stripe with lavender belly. Only the full red's are full mating pair. We'll hold them and get into color raises at some point. Have my Yuty project. tamed a female with 9.2k hp and 1700 stam, tamed a male with 9900 hp, and tamed another male with 2124 stamina. Had a female baby that got the 9200 hp and 2124 stamina but my tribe mate didn't log on this morning to top troughs like he normally does (I top them before I go to work around 4:45 AM, he tops them around 8:30 AM, I top them again around 12:15 PM and then most things are good until one of us gets on around 6:30 PM) I hope he is alright but I'm disappointed too. I raised a 100 percent imprinted 185 lightning Wyvern. My go to flight mechanic though I do get great fun out of our Griffin's on occasion. We did some Basil's too. Tamed a 150 f that had 18k hp and a 135 m that had 320 melee. Pretty good Basil's. I hatched one that popped out at 225, got both stats. I got her up to 39.8k hp, 1400 stamina, and 505 melee at only about 39 levels. Went all out and got 100 percent imprint on her too. I don't typically go that far anymore but it was my first basil hatch and I had the time so i really wanted that 100% imprint. My tribe mate also popped two. One popped out at 227, a female, so got a mutation somewhere not sure where but had the hp and melee. The other one popped out at 198, a male. Got the lower HP but the melee. Got 86 percent imprint on them. We sold the original tamed male and put the original tamed female on the market. Discussed starting a Basil breeding "business" like we did Quetzal's on Legacy. Unfortunately I was overconfident and overzealous. I took the Basil out and grabbed the Devourer artifact on Ragnarok as we are about ready to start attempting the gamma boss fight. While down there I noticed a level 85 Alpha Tuso and decided to test my Basil's mettle knowing I could just surface if it became overwhelming. It was a good early battle and even when a second Tuso joined the fray I wasn't worried. I was handling business not taking much HP loss (70 armor saddle), 30 percent damage resistance, 30 percent damage buff. A third Tuso joined from behind, one I hadn't seen and I became stuck. I tried and tried to escape and maneuver but to no avail. I just started chomping as best I could. Hoping to damage one enough to get it to break off and get unstuck. I look back at some of the other things i could have done (jumped off and swam with it following me may have worked or putting less points into HP and more into melee) but ultimately not engaging the Alpha with another Tuso in the area would have been smartest. I lost her in the end. I somehow escaped with the artifact and swam to shore, died twice by piranha's but ultimately recovered my stuff. I'll raise another one, stat it differently, get that 100 percent imprint again, maybe even find a different wild to add into the mix but it is still a bitter pill to swallow. You can see the picture I snapped once I resigned myself to her fate in the accompanying link. Not pictured is two more Tuso's that came in at the end to finish her off. One of the worse moments, as I swam away looking back, was seeing her dead and mangled body as the Tuso's just swam away. Not even the decency to eat her. Just killed her for fun apparently. I declined to take that picture.
  20. A lot happened and it's been and is still crazy at work so just some fine points. Me and one Tribe mate (from legacy) split from our other tribe mate (Legacy Ally) since our directions were different and so the resources weren't going to where we wanted them to go. It was a hostile flare up between them so I played middle man. It turned out to be fairly congenial in the end without any type of deceitfulness. We spent last weekend building our new base and just have been adding a little bit during the week. I'm in the dimetrodon business. Bred the ones we had before we left, raised those eggs got a m and f, raised another one, another f, Now are raising two more, a male and female. We'll keep the female and sell the male then breed all 3 and keep 1 more female then start selling them. Always one of the hardest kibbles to get for people and the torpor timer being :47 seconds turns a lot of people off of taming them so there' s a market there definitely. With our base just needing cosmetics at this point plus small expansion's (will do water pen this week on my 4 days off) we started hatching again. Finally got all our current high stats on one Anky (8th generation). 6160 HP, 840 stam, 460 weight, 375 melee. It's male so that helps too. 254 level hatch. Then we hatched a female with same stats though lower level due to lower food (232 I believe). So we can guarantee the most important stats but we'll breed that male with all our females. We'll keep looking for higher stats as well plus maybe get some stat mutations. Hatched a Rex (well kept one hatched Rex is more accurate), she got the HP (9900) and the stamina (2058) but not the melee (382 is high she got 355) or weight (920 is high she got 900). Still we have found it hardest to transfer the stamina so we'll keep her. We'll hatch the Quetzal and two more turtles today. The dimetrodon's will finish up so I'll breed them all and probably hatch those eggs as well. I'll harvest more stone and thatch (took mammoth out for wood last night) plus our daily trips to mine metal and obsidian. I need to tame two female Raptor's to finish our kibble farm and other than that drop every high level Anky, Rex, and Doedic that we see to try and improve those lines. Plan on doing first mammals tomorrow. Bears and Sabertooths. I'm excited for that. I started using Ark Smart Breeder and I can not recommend it enough. Tremendous program for your breeding. Hopefully works calms a little and I have some good tales for next week.
  21. you can upload them in any sky loot crate beacons that land in water and download them from the same place. check the Ragnarok and island maps on Ark wiki. You may even be able to force a drop in single player. I know for certain there is a drop on the island map at Draco Cove and another at the mouth of the green ob river. A squid can't be brought out of Draco Cove but it would be able to be downloaded at the green ob river mouth drop. I also believe there are some beacon drops on the other side of red ob if going towards blue.
  22. I pre-wrote this to edit parts of my anger, lol. It is long so sorry about that. feel free to skip on by. The resource grinding weekend did not go to plan. I did get some work done but not nearly as much as I could have without server issues. Saturday night I harvested a vault full of fiber and crushed down some more obsidian and metal. The 2x event was a nice boost and since it did not include breeding I was able to get on my server with no issue. Staying on the server was a different story. 5 rollbacks in about 6 hours of game play.I harvested probably close to 9k obsidian but actually only came away with 2.5k because of the rollbacks. It’s so frustrating to put in the work and not get the reward. One of the the players on the server had tweeted at Jat and Jat said the issue could be related to our server being on temporary hardware. The new stuff was ordered and should be delivered sometime next week (this week in real time). Around midnight I was frustrated and called it a night with the hope to get on earlier in the morning and make up loss time on Sunday. Sunday I got on around 7:30 AM. There were some dino’s to take care of (A Bronto, 2 Anky’s, 4 Rex’s) but we didn’t go overboard on the breeding. I went to work back over on obsidian island and changed over the 2.5k I harvested Saturday night to poly. I filled the fabricator and two storage chests with obsidian in two trips to the island. It’s a great place and as of right now it looks like only 4 tribes know about it. One tribe pillared the areas that spawn obsidian but it’s a network of islands so there is still places to build when other tribes discover it. I did a Rex loop, found a couple 135+ and dropped them but no stats to add to the line. I did the same with Anky’s but again no improvements on stats. I also put down a 145 female Bronto. We love the bronto’s berry harvesting but lack of stamina and speed makes it a chore. We found that if you get to about 2.5k worth of berries you reach the 300 slot limit so we are going to breed and raise Bronto’s that get to about 3.5k weight, 18k HP, and 340% melee after imprint then we can put all level’s into speed and stamina and have the ultimate berry harvester. We are currently at 16.5k hp, 3k weight, and 305% melee so we are close. That is a male we are raising so looking for a female that has a boost on one of the stats to breed with. This 145 female did not qualify so she became meat. I did harvest 3 fridges worth of mejo’s and a fridge worth of narcoberries too and we made some narcotics. I harvested more metal and did egg collection. I took the doedic out and harvested a lot of stone. I filled the stone vault twice but turned everything into stone walls and ceilings. There is a new area of land coming up for grabs when a base expires Monday morning so we want to be right on top of it. It’s on the hill next to us so we will build up there and spread the dino’s out which should hopefully cut down lag in the whole area. We’ll put our flyers and harvester’s up there and keep our current base the hatchery and egg farm. Around noon the rollbacks started again (I am actually unclear on the time frame but Wildcard definitely knows because they got a lot of server outage reports from myself). I can’t even go into details how much work was lost but I can definitely say we had at least 25 rollbacks over an 8 hour period. I submitted 12 reports myself before leaving the server. I went to our secondary server but was very unmotivated to do anything. I watched a movie and some shows. Got some house work done and then jumped on a single player Ragnarok server and explored a little. Finally I jumped back on the Ragnarok server and did a little work before calling it an early night again because I was so frustrated. I am convinced this is not just a hardware issue. How for 5 hours was there no issues but suddenly your hardware acts up? We never reached server capacity. There was maybe 43 survivors on when the rollbacks started. Standard big base lag was present but no disconnects nor any rollbacks but suddenly we go into a 25 rollback rampage? Dupers have most definitely infested these new server’s and it is costing WC’s new fan base to leave the game because they don’t understand what is happening and they can’t get any answers. I even seriously considered moving to a private dedicated server but I just don’t think I can start over for a third time. We gave up a lot on legacy, trusting Wildcard yet again when they said they had new servers that were free from dupers and the lag issues and full customer support but all i see from them is about their new DLC. I considered quitting altogether. Very much thought about deleting the game and going back to Battlefield 1 or looking to see what else is out there but I’m hooked. I love the concept of this game so much and therefore I am one of the problems. Myself and players like me will continue to take this lackadaisical attitude from Wildcard and so they have zero motivation to actually improve this current Ark. I love the community feel and the competition that comes with being in a community of breeders and tamers and sellers so single player on a regular basis is also not an option. I have already resolved not to get Abberation or the season pass so when my time in this Ark is finished I am officially done but that could be months or even years from now. Monday I was up fairly early and started the day by checking on the raises. We’ve had some inter tribe troubles lately which I won’t detail but it does relate to the lack of resource grinding I was able to get done. Brief synopsis is one of the tribe members and the owner of the tribe has been hatching stuff despite not being able to adequately raise it in a separate base. This is not an issue until he leaves the game for hours putting the workload on us. Since in this tribe it is a partnership we need to discuss these raises beforehand as crappy imprinted dino’s, crappt hatch stats, and long raises are going to cost us time and resources and will give our market a bad name if we try to sell. Death toll from neglected raises this weekend at side hatchery includes 3 doedics including one that got a 410 weight stat mutation which was our current highest, 4 yuty’s (triplets in one egg) including one with a yellow stripe mutation and a Rex (crappy stats so not a huge deal). This morning you can add a 5th yuty to the list though that one was an accidental hatch. While two of us are breeding for stats he is currently breeding for color mutations. The communication is an issue so this is something that will brought up in the next few days. I continued my harvesting run with wood and metal but did take a few hours of family time this day after about 4 hours. I got back on around 2 PM and decided to take a trip down to the swamp and get some clay. I was down there checking out dimetrodon’s, considering taming another female because I can’t trade anything for one when the rollbacks started again. It was about 4 over a 4 hour period this time and it says something when we consider that not to bad. The rest of Monday and all of Tuesday was a combination of more harvesting, building, raising babies with no real stories. I was able to trade a rex (150 kibble tame) and an Anky (hatch 420 wt, 355 melee) for about 3k CP which was helpful as despite having 7 snails, there’s just not enough CP. Tuesday we got 2 roll backs after 4 PM so I guess the dupers had an early night. Wednesday I focused mostly on the raises and breeding to get eggs for the upcoming weekend. I harvested a little but was kind of burnt out and wanted to enjoy the map and explore a little as well as get some additional things done around the house including shopping. We get a server shutdown notice for hardware update a little after 5 PM and everybody is excited. I log about 15 minutes prior, make some dinner, watch a movie then log back in around 9 PM. I had taking about 5k Cp over to obsidian island and began to change everything over to Poly prior to the server update so I decided since the chests were mostly empty, i might as well fill them up. 45 minutes and we get a roll back. This especially sucked because my tribe mate had just found a level 140 male Doedic with 390 base weight and knocked it out. I got back to base, grabbed some spike walls and narcotics and met him, he was in the middle of meat run, and was going to sit on it for rest of my night. It rolled us back the full 45 minutes so I parked the Anky and went right back for the doedic. I knocked it out this time and put spike walls around it. I decided to help with the meat run plus clear any dangers. We got a 3rd roll back and it was too late. I told my tribe mate i had to log for the night and he also was just going to try and get the wyvern back to base. I shut down for the night just dismayed at the incompetence and general denier attitude of wildcard. Your new servers are infested Wildcard. You want to stop duping? Stop the rollbacks. Just crash the system and if people and animals die then so be it but as long as there are roll backs people will continue to dupe. Stop the roll backs then you can just focus on the DDOS issue. My tribe mate did get the wyvern back to base safely (1 or 2 more roll backs from what I understand). I logged on this morning and topped all the troughs at both bases but then had to go to work. I did get some work done but can only imagine what I could have achieved if not for the broken servers Wildcard is currently touting as new and improved and fixed and dupe free. I need to evaluate some things and decide if i want to continue pursuing my Ark conquest at this point.
  23. Quick line update over last few days; I already started my harvesting rampage. Have managed to gather a vault full of hide and about 3/4 of a vault full of chitin. Also have gathered half a vault full of poly. Surprisingly we are super low on Fiber. I may grab the bear and go get that done tonight as well as more obsidian/poly. The island on rag we found is so peaceful and really clutter free. It's rag's version of herbivore island plus rich in obsidian. I may take over a better Anky tonight. One I am imprinted too and leave him there. We have knocked out a few rex's and had gotten enough eggs for one 150 tame which we used last night. 260 pre tame melee, so an average stat roll should have gotten us to 390 melee. it looks as if we got a below average stat roll as it ended with 382 melee but is still our current high. I had to get off before it finished taming so my tribe mate finished it up. We also down a 140 female that probably would have given us a stamina bump up but not exactly sure by how much. (This was also pre-150). We decided that HP and Melee are the most important stats right now since we have 2k stamina but if we had more eggs I may have considered taming it. Luckily we didn't since shortly after we found the 150 and the new melee. The 150 F tame from the other day may go over to the island server we have a small base on this weekend. People are interested but don't want to tame a F Dimetrodon because of the 47 second torpor timer. well we have pretty much everything we need outside of a second one of those so i will see if I can trade her on the island server and if I can't she'll be my mount over there (only have a trike so far as it is a distant secondary base to gather mats to build a boss fight staging point only). Then I'll tame a F dimetrodon. It is so much easier on Rag because there are a lot more of them plus the swamp area is so clear that you can see anything coming to attack and have time to prepare. I may tame a few (plenty of narcotics and access to mutton) and start trading them or their eggs. The doedic is glitched. i have found if you try to knock out a doedic after it has been attacked it takes a ridiculous amount of darts and sometimes that still doesn't work or it even dies. i saved a 150 doedic yesterday from a Scorpion swarm. After I cleared the area i hit it with at least 86 darts from a 193 dmg long neck rifle and it did not go down. This isn't the first time this has happened either. On legacy i stopped a carno and two terror birds from killing a doedic. i put over 100 darts and 40 tranq arrows into that thing before it went unconscious, another time on legacy i stopped a doedic from getting killed by a scorpion, level 100. i shot it with 120 darts and it died. early into the rag server we killed some allo's attacking a doedic then started tranquing it with 132 crossbows. after 50 arrows we stopped, came back like 45 minutes later and after 20 arrows it dropped. something in the game makes them impossible to tame after being attacked for awhile. i'm going to need to send something into WC. 1 1/2 more days of work then i can get some good harvesting and breeding on this weekend.
  24. Nice. Though from my experience, while wild babies give more polymer I believe tamed adults are supposed to give more polymer. I am not sure how true this is since I really only used my Kairuku for kibble for Angler's. Also from perusing posts here one of the best ways to harvest organic polymer using the born and die approach is with a Moschop who's harvesting specialty is organic polymer. The post's I read said to just leave the adults on wandering so they will constantly breed, babies hatch, babies die, Moschop harvest's and with specialty as organic poly you will constantly have some.
  25. While my time on Ark single player has been limited I've never come close to lag or blue screening. I am actually surprised you get that on single player at all. Perhaps it is the Ragnarok map as I am not sure about the center, island or SE on the new server's but rendering dinosaurs is a lot more atrocious on Ragnarok in my official server experience so other underlying problems could exist as well even in single player mode. While I have dc'd plenty the only blue screens I have encountered was once around blue ob which is massively built up on our server and once when trying to load back in after a disconnect from host. On dinosaur rendering, when I am flying with my Wyvern 80 feet off the ground, I can pick out a lystro no problem but I have to get with in 50 feet of a Bronto, Rex, or Wyvern for it to appear on my screen? What's that?
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