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  1. It's been awhile so I guess I'll just do a highlight list; Current Argy hatch stats; level 337: 4161 hp, 1560 stam, 1005 oxygen, 13000 food, 896 wt, 431 melee. Only the weight is mutated. I have level 325 clean argy hatches (800 wt). I did recently get a 443 melee mutation but want to get that to 500+% before I try to combine it in. Sold off Quetzal line to another Quetzal breeder. I kept some eggs if I ever want to get back into it but he's doing good work so made sense since I'm more focused on Argies. They were suffering and at 600+ hatches I was still stuck on 1744 wt. I got guarantees of an egg when he hits 1800+ weight and 400 tek walls for my 8 level 281 clean females, my 1 level 281 clean male, my level 287 main male, and my level 287 main female. That helps to convert the flyer barn to tek. Extinction highlights: Tamed Forest Titan, killed Forest, Ice, Desert Titan, got stomped by Gamma King Titan but it was an exploratory fight. I like Extinction but it's not optimized. It's super laggy, and so it zaps some of the enjoyment for me. 2 of my tribe mates (The Alliance I've been working with) have decided to use it as their main server and have a nice Snow Owl and Mana line going but I've been mostly back on Rag just working on my Argy line. I'll pop over to help them out occasionally and when we want to tame/kill Titans but I think it needs to be not as fresh so that ping isn't operating at a constant 150+ for me to spend any real time over there. Goals to complete yet; Mutate Argy hp above 5k, weight above 1000, melee above 500, decide on stamina mute. Kill all 3 levels of King Titan. after those I'll decide my ark future. it may be time for some PvP adventure, a private server, or an unofficial server, or it could be time to hang it up. that's still a few months away I am sure so we'll play it by ear. Not sure when I'll update again but still like to read your stories so keep them coming.
  2. 70% of you have been quitting for 3 years now. It's disappointing, sure. There will probably still be quite a few bugs but maybe they found a game breaking bug before release to fix. One that can be implemented on PC with no cert but requires cert on the consoles. Quit already, stop threatening and do it. Make the jump to unofficial if you want better run servers. Ark official is Ark official. Play with all the terrible support, bugs and glitches, numerous other flaws or finally deliver on your promise and quit. That's the options.
  3. You actually need to kill everything in the area but you can compartmentalize. Sorry for poor picture quality but here is an example. Each of the green squares is a potential spawn point for a Rex in the mountain section of Ragnarok. So each time that area is cleared there is, in this case, a 2.5% chance that a Rex will spawn there out of all the possible dino's that may spawn there. You'll see that percentage next to the red arrow. For comparison we'll look at a Sabertooth and see that there is a 12.5% chance that it will spawn in that area. The numbers below are the percentages of whether it will be multiple of that dino spawning and how many but are insignificant to this. Now out of that 2.5% chance that a Rex will spawn, there is a 5% chance that it will be a Tek Rex. Further degrading that number is if it will be a Tek Rex worth taming, based upon level spawn. So it is very fractional to get a Tek Rex. To farm this, this is how we compartmentalize. You see the green squares with the orange line underneath? We clear one of all dino's (megalania's, dimnorph's, kentro's, allo's, etc.) then we walk over to the other square underlined with orange and clear that area. That put's your first cleared area out of render range and when you come back, fresh new spawns. Now we were many and took shifts but it worked as we have tamed at least 20 156+ Tek Rex's to this point. Eventually though it may get boring just constant farming and you can just let the game naturally spawn one in. Setting up for a boss fight at green ob the other night, I found a 168 female. Nothing special but it adds to our clean breeding pull. To this point we have tamed 12.3k hp, 2500+ stam, 990 weight, and 425 melee (all different Rex's) and we have gotten a health mute to 12.7k. Just takes time and luck.
  4. So after a long break from the site, but not Ark, I have a lot I could discuss but I don't really have that type of time nor do you want to stare at this screen for that long so I will try to condense this to the most poignant stuff. I hatched a lot in my time off but kept very little. No Quetzal's made the cut. 1 Yuty made the cut. It was a female with the magenta crest and tail I had been hoping for. This gives me a mating pair of that but it also gives me a female to breed with the lavender coat male and try to pull that magenta onto that color scheme. I did raise several Argy's. I was able to hatch a male with everything (4088 hp, 1400 stam, 800 weight, 431 melee) so he is now my main breeder for my color line. I still have the non mutated 800 weight for my stat line. That hasn't rolled over yet. Once he was done raising I hatched my color eggs and while I still need a multi blue colored Argy I was happy with what else I hatched. Now comes the process of breeding in the stats to the color. So far none have taken fully. The last hatch was 2 days ago and while none took I did hatch a female with everything plus a stamina mutation (1440). I decided to make her my personal ride but with her heavy mutations not breed her into either of my actual lines. The game Arked me today though. I was on Aberration getting venom for the Drakes before work and when I went to go back to Rag to give he, her imprint (which was 1 hour and 15 minutes later than it should have been. What happened on that server after I got off last night?) my rag server was offline (despite it being on first thing this morning). There's no way for me to finish with 100% on her. I had resigned myself to only getting 83% due to missing an imprint during the day today but now it is looking more like 67%. I may just kill her if that's the case. I will keep her long enough to breed with the all stat male and give it another shot this weekend with hopes of getting the stam mutation and a female. As I mentioned I did finally get Aberration. It was a reward for several bouts of progress I had seen in the game by WC but it's like they knew as I have had several technical issues with both Ab and Rag since I purchased it. Well played WC. Gave me false hope. Despite that in general I really like Ab. I like the added danger (not from dying by bluescreens and disconnects though) and I since I had a tribe set up there it was a smooth transition early. I spawned in and we are located at the edge, overlooking the blue zone. I told them give me coordinates and I'd get there. They laughed and said I was going to die and I should let them pick me up but I went into my full character persona at that point. My characters name is Grog and I play him as a caveman type warrior. I spawned in with a pike and a gps and made my way to their door step. I told them Ab wasn't ready for Grog. I had uploaded a Drake I had already on Rag and begun my exploration. Some really awesome stuff but the maps load times are reminiscent of island beta and rag when they first came out. I'll be traversing an area that looks barren when bam! Plants and rocks just pop in. This often time causes me to blue screen and it really is the only time I die on Ab. It also doesn't help that people have built huge bases at all the most traveled areas through blue to red. This often times causes dc's as well. So on day 1 of Ab we have a friend on a different Ab server that wanted to run gamma Rockwell. We told him we didn't have anything imprinted but he said no problem and so we went to his server. He gave us a drake and haz suits and we brought flak and shotty's. What an awesome fight but the guy was woefully unprepared. Alright drakes (I had 14k hp, 2100 stam) but primitive saddles. No mega's which I thought were standard fare for that fight. We made our way down to the arena in red and went into the fight. My one tribe mate (we are all one tribe in Ab like the Island) blue screened as soon as he got in. He died shortly after. The host died not to long after that. I hid at one point to heal up my drake and we were doing fairly well but eventually I got stuck by several reapers and nameless and the drake went down on the last tentacle of the last round. I fell, shotgunned a nameless in the face, and began to run around the back of Rockwell. My last two tribe mates were making their way to the last tentacle. I ran out of stamina so turned around to fight what was coming. Hoping against all hope that they could get Rockwell and the tentacle down. I wish I would have screen shotted what was coming at me. lol. 5 reapers and 10 nameless. I started shooting but with broken flak it didn't take long for me to go down. My tribe mates though were successful. They have now gotten the next part of ascension down. It means we know we can do when we run it ourselves with much better drake saddles (90+ armor bp and a crafter) mega's (Ours hatch 9.8k hp with 387 melee, they easily reach 25k hp and 600+ melee plus we have a 118 armor bp for them) and we are going to use Stego's as tanks. To that end I started the hunt for stego's and have came away with a decent start. 5.7k hp (will keep looking for higher but with 100% imprint these guys will get to 27k in 50 levels), 1400 stam, and 390 melee. Some other alright stats (850 weight, 23k food) but I'd only consider those if bringing them into the Rag fight as tanks and needed higher torpor to combat Manticore. Ark trolled me on one tame. We found a 4030 pre-tame stego which gave us our 5.7k hp so when I found one that had 4550 pre-tame hp I was very happy. That is 30 points but RNG rules the day and it only rolled to 5.4k hp. The biggest problem now is finding more sarco kibble to tame more. Most people on PvE don't use sarco's so it's scarce to trade for. I did get myself 2 females and a male but they take up so much space and i haven't been on rag as much that it has been slow on the eggs. I plan on being on Rag raising more this coming weekend so I think I'll get more eggs. On Ab we have each kind of found our niche. Two of my friends love to run the surface for drops and have already come out of there with great stuff. MC haz chest, mc haz boots, mc haz helmet, jm boots as well. Now we just need a higher durability glove set. They also pulled some other high ened stuff but for me the better haz suit helps as I have found myself running the drake pit for eggs. I love it and while my first drake finishes I am using a Drake I traded for awhile ago. 12k hp, I use a 67 armor saddle, and it has 2300 stamina. The better haz lets me farm the pits for several hours at a time and it has paid off as I have pulled multiple 190 eggs as well as probably 30 other eggs that are 150+. I wanted to stick with 170+ but the stats are so random that we decided to hatch and grab anything 150+ in the hopes of finding what we need/want for the Rockwell fight. I would have loved to run the scar on rag the same but it is so laggy there due to builds that I always feared glitching into the lava. There are no builds in radiation so the drake pit runs go very smooth despite the occasional overall server spike or if the drake (we renamed him stupy mcdumdum) decides to do his own thing. Finally, I didn't get near the farming done I wanted to get done due to playing as much as I did on Ab and it also limited my project tames. No Yuty hunts but I did get myself a 150 event Quetzal. Gorgeous and heartbreaking at the same time. I tracked him across the canyon and finally put him down in a safe cliff area. I put a forcefield over him and then was ecstatic when I checked his stats. 2120 stamina. 36 points! I did calculations and found that an average roll (was 2x taming) would give me 2600 stamina. I've been looking for higher stamina (at 2400) and if I got a great roll, who knows how high it could go. I starved him down. Sat on him despite him being protected by a forcefield and when the time came placed in the kibble. He tamed up and...RNG. 2480 stamina. 9 levels added to stamina which is coincidentally what was added to that Stego's hp earlier. Thanks Ark. So that, despite it's length, is a short snippet of my time in ark over the last 10 days. Upcoming: Will hunt for better stego hp, will run the drake pit more, hatch eggs I have been storing up looking for next stat upgrade, will continue prepping for beta tek cave and gamma Rockwell, and I may even go ahead and get pregnant with my own Reaper. Until next week.
  5. You didn't understand. I am not in a tribe with them on one server but am in a tribe with them on another server. So how does that situation affect us? We tribed to simplify the process of ascension. I am in another tribe with some buddies from legacy. My only task in that tribe is to feed and refresh timers when they go on vacation. I also trade them/give them dino's. Dino's I raise on my server and then stay with me when I download to their server but with a separate character even though they are now theirs. How does your fix affect that? Does my Ragnarok cap add to their cap and vice versa? That means I can't have multiple characters or multiple tribes even if they are rarely used and for ease of transfer purposes/to care for dino's? There's to many situations your proposed fix ignores so it won't work without limiting the very nature of this game. Better and more servers and higher server cap is the only fix.
  6. This rule would have too much of a drawback. I am solo on my main server (Ragnarok) but have an extensive alliance. This same alliance have banded together as one tribe on an island server to ascend and will as well on an Aberration server to ascend there. Being that this is a sandbox game with an enormous amount of different ways to play from both a PvE and PvP perspective, your rule would make it so that the only focus could be beating the game in a very linear way, really going against the very nature of Ark. While one of my primary focus' along the way is beating the bosses and ascending I also enjoy pushing the stats on Quetzal's and Yuty's. These dino's get me stuff I'd have a harder time getting on just my own. Now I keep a reasonable number of tames (never go over 250 and mostly keep it between 225 and 235) but with your rule I'd never be able to tribe up on the island to ascend and would have to create my own base (more lag) and increase my overall tame number (affecting server cap and more lag) to be able to keep my dino's fed, farm certain materials I need, etc. on that ascension server instead of sharing resources/tames as we currently do. The only true fix is better servers with a higher cap limit or a personal account tame limit across all official servers based on a unique game I.D. making it so you would need to buy multiple accounts and copies of the game to supersede that number and if you're willing to do that then you have earned those extra dino's.
  7. A good weekend in Ark. We were graced with a 3x breeding event in Ark this weekend. due to my work schedule I can only take part in about half of the event but that isn't of much concern. I was pleasantly surprised that the server did not get capped and I limited myself to raising a few tames only. During this event i focused more on getting xp for myself and some tames as well as harvesting to restock plus for a few specific blueprints. I also focused on hunting for additional stats for my lines. Friday and Saturday after work was mostly focused on harvesting. I mentioned I repaired our redwood base and turned it into a farming area so I went about gathering wood with the mammoth (about 100k of wood), gathering CP (only about half a vault that was almost immediately used), and fiber. With 3x i also did my first hatching of Argy's and got a female with the combined stats of 4088 hp, 1400 stam, 800 weight. this would allow me to raise it and then breed it with the male that has 431 un-mutated melee and try to get all the stats together. I woke up Sunday and hatched 38 Quetzal, 16 Yuty, 2 Megalosaurus', and bred 6 female deer. I kept 2 Quetzal's, 1 Yuty, 2 Megalosaurus', and 3 Deer. I got twin male and female Quetzal's and was fortunate to receive my next weight mute; I checked back on when I got the 1680 and it looks like just shy of 3 months. If that rate stays consistent it'll take me a little over 2 years to reach 2k hatch weight. I hope it bumps up. Lol. I kept a Yuty that finally pulled the blue limbs on the blue body, yellow crested breed with the stats. I love the look. It is female so now I just need to get a breeding pair. The Megalosaurus' hatch with 9.8k hp and 378 melee. They will be for the Rockwell fight so it seemed like the perfect time to raise them. They are so powerful at night. i was running around the preserve to start getting some levels on them (looks like they should go to 25k hp rest melee) and they were decimating everything I came across. We have a 108 armored saddle bp for them too so these things should wreck shop. The deer kept were all females so they will be added to the breeding pool. 2 were born with the 2640 hp and the third was born with 2640 hp and 378 melee. I did get a male as well and it had an awesome red mute (only food) Antler but it didn't get the good stats so it had to go. I need a male with the hp and melee so I can guarantee that at least. I'll breed the melee male with all the hp females and keep breeding the hp male with the tamed females. I passed on hatching Theri's and Rex's and Tek Rex's but did take the opportunity of the reduced cool down to build up an egg cache. This weekend coming up is my 4 day plus the company is shutting down operations from July 2nd to July 8th so I have an extended break so I'll focus on Theri's, Quetzal's, Yuty's, and Argy's as well as the Deer again. If we can get some more Megalosaurus' eggs I'll do 2 more of them as well. I considered doing a Giga since I have 10 days off but nah. lol. I also got out and took advantage of the 3x taming to try and add to my stats lines though I failed to go after a Quetzal. I always seem to forget on that and I want higher stamina for my line. I'll remember one of these taming events. 2x taming this weekend so maybe i'll set aside some time to farm Quetz for a bit. i did knock out and tame several Yuty's and argy's though. I built a 3rd Yuty trap but after the event. it is in this cave area by a Yuty spawn in murder snow. 3 points of entrance so I placed dino gates on 2 of them as well as door frames to shoot through and just completely blocked the other entrance. I should have done it during the event but kept forgetting to make the pieces and take them with me when hunting. None of the Yuty's tamed had any stats to add to my lines but I did keep one that was a 150 Arkeology event color scheme. it had decent pre-tame stamina but without kibble and since i found it after the event it tamed out with horrific stats. I'll go outside my norm and breed my stats into it. i really want to pull the white crest and tail and combine it with my blue body there more then anything. I also knocked out a gang of Argy's but only kept 2. One was a 140 that had 36 points pre-tame in weight. It ended with 784 but is a female so I'll add her to the breeding pool. The other was a 150 last night. She had 28 points in hp and 31 in melee but again it did not add anything. I will add her to the breeding pool as well. We also took advantage of the 3x for leveling. We took over 16 Theri's to the island server and grinded and slaughtered low level Wyvern's to get them all to 21k hp, 700+ melee. We are currently building up our veggie cake supply and finishing up a few more Theri's and then we will give beta Dragon another go. In that end most of the harvesting I did went to making Theri saddles. I made something like 38 of them using my buddies crafting character and we got some nice rolls. It's a 90 armor MC BP and we got several that are 110 armor plus. I also ran the Carno I finished last week through the swamp cave to get him leveled and what a beast. I already had him at 8k hp with a 112 armor saddle so I dumped everything else into melee (he hatches with 1620 stamina which makes a huge difference) and he is just shy of 800 melee now. I am 3 shotting the level 250 spiders with him. With the 700+ melee Vulture on my shoulder to help combat as well, the swamp cave is getting a lot easier with that set up. With all of this that I did I also ended up getting to level 106. Now I need that beta tek cave to get the next levels. It seems like my last tribe mate has officially quit as he hasn't been on for over a week and I see he is playing other games. I think the crazy hatching weekend on Ab where he ended up being mostly by himself was too much for him. As with my first tribe mate, he is in the tribe and welcomed back whenever he wants if he wants. I will be culling some of his excess dino's though. Luckily I have teleporter's and spawn points at the bases so keeping the areas I actually use will be easy. I do see pillars despawn in the tribe log that he must of placed but no worries to me because it means I have no use for that area. Each of the area's I need I visit almost daily so refresh timers are never a problem. He normally runs the Yuty but I have no problem doing that and controlling my dino's in the fight so that looks to be the new way going forward. It does give me confidence that I may be able to run a solo fight since i don't seem to have too many issues with whistle commands and arena movement. As an alliance we often finish with plenty of time so while it may be cut close in time I think my dino's can get the job done. Happy arking. Thanks for reading. Until next week (10 days off probably 2 weeks).
  8. Another productive and fun weekend in ark. Was off this particular Saturday so got to hatching right off the bat. I popped several but not all Quetz and Yuty eggs but nothing with what I was seeking. The main crux was replacing parts of the Theri Army and I had tons of good luck. 10 babies with the full 9.2k hp, 419.8 melee we are working with and an 11th baby that missed on the melee but gave us a new hp at 9.5k. They were at 99% this morning before work so will finish up while I am here. I also hatched 2 Rex's to replace the 14k 461's loss a few fights ago. These are only 13.6k hp but do have 472 melee. I also bred them with my clean females and pulled the 2226 stamina (main male only has 1800) and the 940 weight. I did some small side hatches as well during the weekend. I finally hatched a male Carno with the 4200 hp, 1620 stamina, and 384 melee. I raised him with 100% imprint and then bred him with the 3 females I had. Out of those eggs one popped with triplets. 2 males and a female, all stats. I will give the extra male to my one ally so he can breed with his females for his own mating pair as well as give him and the rest of my allies 100% eggs. I'll hold the other pair as back ups to a potential disaster cave run. I also was able to combine my 800 weight female Argy with the 1400 stamina male Argy. Once that was finished I bred that male with my top hp of 4088 which is on a female and that Argy is a male and raising right now. The next part will be a bit trickier since the high melee is also on a male so I need to transfer one of these stats over to a female. Once that is done and combined I will hatch the variety of mutes I have been accruing and breed the stats in, get mating pairs, and put them on the market all the while I still got my completely clean sets including the clean 800 weight male to mutate and add in the weight to the mutant line. To make stat transfer easier I may breed a clean male with all the stats. My flier barn is going to get filled up fast with that route and so I took the next step towards turning that barn tek and added two tek generators, 4 tek troughs and 4 tek lights. I also replaced several of the behemoth's with tek behemoth's. I will tear down the other normal behemoth's and just make them solid walls as I discovered I don't use them and putting tek behemoth's there would be a waste of resources. We also had the start of the Arkeology event and my alliance all agreed that for tek rex's we will be acting as one tribe. Sharing stats, helping tame, breeding amongst each other, and finally raising as a group. We want to get the top tek rex's if we can and while fortune has been favorable in some aspects it hasn't blown us away yet. We have farmed rex spawns quite well and produced a lot of tek rex's including several high level. We are taming them all, retamed scorpions to be sure we will have kibble, if they are 150 or higher. However even with good pre-tame stats and extra levels we aren't seeing anything that has blown us away. As a group I believe our top stats currently sit at 9680 hp, 2268 stamina, 990 weight, and 384 melee. We've seen 11k on a tek rex and a 387 melee. We've heard of 13.6k but no pictures and another guy tried to fake everybody with a 525 melee tame but it was on an unleveled 270 tek rex (max level of a 180 would be 268) so that must of been an unofficial server. Still we have tamed many and some people have seen none. I believe our current count is 8 156+ tek rex's tamed. No 180's yet but several 174's. I also broke off to keep from farming the area's too hum drum and tamed up a few Yuty's. Nothing new to add in though so they got the lightning. My tribe mate has either lost interest or has some personal stuff going on so he's been off for a bit. So we ran a double fight and I introduced the new Yuty and rode it and whistle commanded my Theri's and Rex's. Both fights went actually real smooth too. The new meta is to leave one tank Rex at our spawn in point on passive and we all just drag the Golem's back to it. Think it lost 18k hp at most. I drug around 3 Theri's and a Rex (to keep dimorph's off of me) and we had much success. We also ran back to back monkey fights on the island. I noticed that our tek gen's were quite low so checked artifacts and trophies. We farmed up a few spino sails and those fights went well too. I brought over the old Yuty from rag to replace the one loss in dragon. 220 element should keep our gens fed for a bit now. I expect with most of us finishing up the Theri raises we will be attempting beta dragon again soon. The Theri's will have a great deal more veggie cakes in them this time as I think that was the biggest difference. That and the Yuty. I plan on riding the Yuty in this next fight. There will also be a more even split of Theri's as I am leaving at least 3 additional on Rag instead of supplying 11 like last time. I do believe we will have success this next time with ground shooters, one Rex protector, one Theri rider controlling all, and the Yuty buff. Also on the taming front I spied a 135 event wolf while in the desert. My one alliance member has a nice wolf line going so I knocked out the wolf and showed him the colors and stats and asked if he wanted it tamed. He said yea. The color is gorgeous in my opinion and it actually tamed out well in the hp department with 3102 (he has slightly higher though). I asked him to get me a wolf with that color and his stats and I can use it in a few cave runs on the island. Finally yesterday my last day in between clearing the Rex spawns I started to rebuild the redwood base.I placed a teleporter pad over there as flying the laggy distance is the biggest reason it gets neglected and I have turned it into my farming base. This base was my tribe mates when he merged and it's a very nice build. With the update to greenhouse, a big part of the design, going to a 15 day timer I recrafted and placed the window's. This base is also very close to the beaver dams in redwoods so I took over the utility dino's I will need there, mostly. I placed an elevated portion inside to open up the ground floor from dino's clogging it up. I took a bear, my go to animal to raid beaver dams as you stand on his back when dismounted and can take all then just ride a bit and drop the wood, a mammoth, a weight Argy, a tape, a delicate and power Theri, a vulture for microraptor's and Purlovia dismounts and over there already is a doedic, a mantis, a beaver, an anky, a couple Thyla's for quick meat gathering and taming. I will need to build a small add on to the roof to get up there easier or build a different area to house a weight Wyvern for easy charcoal gathering that close to the trees. I did keep a few farmers at the main base and the desert base as well but the redwoods has a lot of resources so it makes sense to use it as such. This upcoming week I believe we will push hard to do beta dragon and tek cave. I hope to see a few more improvements so I can finally feel secure to buy Aberration and continue the story line there. The rest of my allies have it so they have been building up our mega army and trying to get some good level drakes for the Rockwell fight. I'd love to join them in the quest but I'm a stubborn cuss when it comes to my word. We'll also keep farming for tek rex's to try and start an amazing line of those. We figure with the amount of people we have we can easily hatch 300 eggs a week amongst all of us to try and get the stat mutes we will be looking for but we want a higher base hp at the least and preferably melee before we start that endeavor. Until next week. .
  9. I get same thing. Figured that was just the way it happens.
  10. It was a trying weekend in Ark. I was super excited to do some light raising and some good taming this weekend. I actually had a lot of success in some aspects but sometimes Ark bites back. I did my normal Saturday prep for Sunday hatching. I only had some Carno and Argy and was thinking about doing a few Tapes too (a guy gave me a great gift tape with 800 hatch stamina) Since I have 3500 hatch hp, 525 hatch weight, and 434 hatch melee I need to work on that a little. Plans changed though when I hatched an Argy with a new weight mutation. 800 weight. I was very excited about that and she ended up being the only thing I raised this weekend since none of the Carno's got the combined stats. I will now get my best stats together (4088 hp, 1400 stamina, 800 weight, 424 melee), get a breeding pair and hatch the mute eggs I've been sitting on and get the stats onto them then open up my line to the market. Jumping forward a bit, i tamed a 150 male argy the next day and it tamed out with 800 weight. Looks like I can reset my mutation count (even though it is only 3). Also on the taming front I went out to tame some Yuty's and see if I can find some higher stamina or hp. It was Monday when I finally got out to tame so I was short on time (2x taming) but I was able to put down a 135 and 140. Last week we tamed up a few sheep since Kentro kibble is still the dumbest kibble in the game and yes it is dumber than Quetzal kibble for a Dime. I decided to just tame up the Yuty's since we don't use mutton for anything else and they spawn often enough on Rag. The 135 tamed up but had nothing. it was actually kind of bad. The 140 tamed up and it tamed out with 2184 stamina. I currently have 2184 stamina. I kept it to have that stamina clean but will continue hunting for higher stamina which i know is out there. A lot of Ark was spent running caves for drops. I pulled a lot of nice stuff but not what I am looking for. Think one of my favorite pulls was a MC Flak Helmet BP with 340 armor and 547 durability. The alliance decided that we wanted to run Beta Tek Cave so we needed to run Beta Monkey and Dragon. Loaded up the Rex's for the Monkey fight and chewed him down fairly fast. That helps too since we needed to top off some tek gens. Next up we prepped for Beta Dragon. Our set up was 1 Rex (to fight off dimorph's and ptera's), 1 Yuty, and 18 Theri's. Theri's were statted with 21k hp, 700+ melee, 95+ saddles with a few max saddles. We placed 2 stacks of veggie cakes in each Theri and ported into the fight. I did whistle commands and moved the Theri's up. We don't cross the lava stream and make the Dragon come to us. The Dragon was flying around and unlerashed a fireball when boom, our Yuty driver gets hit by the fireball and dies. Wait the fireball can hit you off the back of your dino? (we've taken direct shots on rag so this was news to us) While we were still processing that another fireball and my Rag tribe mate gets hit off the back of his Theri. The Dragon lands and instead of moving the Theri's back and mounting the Yuty i whistled attack and the Yuty went on in too. Dragon was burning but I figured on his first take off I'd move the group back and mount the Yuty but the Dragon stayed down longer and the Yuty went down. The Theri's put up quite a fight but in the end we needed more veggie cakes and the Yuty buff would have helped. They started dropping one by one. My personal ridden actually had 100% hp until the third land and we were down to 6 Theri's. I felt alright enough the entire time until my Theri started getting hit and thyen ran out of veggie cakes. We were down to 2 ridden Theri's, 2 guys on the ground using shotguns. My Theri finally went down but I did not bring a weapon so I ran to the back looking for one of the dead bodies to grab their weapon. it was down to me and one guy when i got the first fire breath. i somehow rode that out but then decided to capitalize on the opportunity. i ran up and punched the Dragon. add it to the list. he toasted me right after. We got the Dragon down to 10% and no doubt the Yuty buff would have put us over the top. we've already formulated a couple different plans on how to approach the next run. people did feel deflated. Most of my alliance first started playing upon official release. They've died in caves, they've lost dino's to glitches but up to this point they had always been successful in boss fights no matter how dicey it got. To see so much time wiped was a big shocker for them. I've loss stuff in Brood on legacy a few times but otherwise have been successful too. So it still shocked me as well. I will build up the Theri eggs over the week and hatch a bunch of them this weekend to replenish the fallen. Lack of veggie cakes definitely seemed like the biggest downfall. I also think splitting groups to give time to heal may work, I'm also going to breed up some deer. i tamed 4 bees on the island (have 4 on rag already) and a Phiomia. We'll tame another couple of dung beetles and veggie cakes will not be a problem next run. Rest of the week was swamp cave, easy water cave, and ice cave runs. Alright stuff, nothing epic but we are starting to build up a nice stock of bp's. figure we'll do a massive bp sale soon. This weekend I'll hatch Quetz eggs to see if I get the next weight mute, I'll hatch some Yuty's looking for specific color schemes, hatch the Argy looking for weight mutation and stat combination, hatch the Theri's and breed up the Deer. We'll recover in short order i believe and take the next step of progression in Ark. Until next week.
  11. Dragon can not get stuck, nor Manticore. They fixed that ages ago. They go transparent through your dino's now. In this particular case our Rex's ranged from 25k to 35k hp, 600+ melee on all though a lot of them were 700+ melee. Old breeds from 12.5k hp, 414 melee hatches to a few 13.6k, 449 melee hatches. Saddles are also a mix bag on this group. 80+ armor on all, many 90+ a few 100+ though saddles don't mean jack against fire. Dragon is a different beast. Sometimes we can hammer it down and sometimes it gets the better of us if it is taking off more. Last night we ran an Alpha Rag fight and the Dragon toasted a large portion of our Rex's. All 35k+/700+ melee with 100+ saddles. He took off 4 times (which is a rarity). We still beat it but it proved to be a a heavy loss fight. We ran a second one afterwards (replaced Rex's, healed others) and my tribe mate got dimorphed off the Yuty. I had to jump off my Rex since the Yuty was right under the Dragon and mount him and everybody else in the fight was an ally and couldn't mount him. He was down to about 6k hp (from 40k) but once i got on him the Dragon went down and the rest of the fight went according to plan. Sometimes Ark happens. We've run the Alpha Rag fight where we finished with 28 minutes left and we've run it where we finished with 6 minutes left. Different fights every time.
  12. It's harder than any of the other regular Gamma fight's but not overbearingly hard. I guess it scales accordingly. I think we'll tackle beta in fairly short order, raising dino's as we speak, so I'll be sure to update when we do.
  13. I had a fantastic weekend in Ark; I took Saturday off to maximize the breeding event. I was happy with it, the server performed quite well, and i think it went exactly how it should of. Thanks for that Wildcard. I hatched probably close to 100 eggs on Saturday morning but per usual, only the strong survived. No Quetzal raises. I am done raising non-mute females so all future breeds will be for weight mutations. I had about 36 eggs saved up but none made the jump. I did hatch 14 Yuty eggs of which I kept 11. 2 had stat/colors I was looking for, for 100% eggs and the other 9 I figured I could sell and boy was I right. I posted them to my Facebook trade group listing as only artifacts I'd be selling them for and all 9 were put on reserve quickly. People love the combo of stats and colors. They were at 91% this morning so they'll finish up overnight and I can start moving them out Friday after work. I sometimes forget they get big and of course most of them decided that they wanted walks for their imprints. I love Yuty's. I also raised 4 more Theri's as I continue to expand my Theri army. I also worked on trades to acquire some top notch Carno stats (we had the 4.2k hp, acquired 1620 stamina and 384 melee). I was able to get the hp and melee together on a male but have not been able to transfer the 1620 stamina over yet. I feel that stamina will be of great use in the swamp cave which is where these Carno's will go. I held off on any Rex hatches. With it being 2x taming I also decided to go and see if i could add to my Yuty line. I know there is higher clean stamina out there and would like to find that. My allies tamed me a few sheep as I decided I would just tame any 140+ I knocked out and just kill it if it didn't get a good roll. I didn't end up hunting near as much as I wanted to though and only tamed up one Yuty. She tamed out with 7.5k hp and 2054 stamina. Solid Yuty but nothing there to add to my line. My allies said lets bring it over to the island to use in a run through of the tek cave so if we lose it it doesn't matter. I also raised a beast Thyla in the ice cave. I had gotten a good Thyla BP out of the swamp cave (92 mc) so we used a crafting character and got 4 saddles over 100 armor including a 122. Thyla's shred in the drop runs and I pulled several top of the line BP's over these last couple of days including a 104 Allo BP and a couple mc and asc desert pieces. I spent a fair amount of time on the island once the raises were juvenile and we brought some additional dino's over to help us acquire good drops and artifacts. We built up a nice water pen to store some squids and basil's (we are right above the easy water cave) and I ran the swamp cave several times though haven't pulled anything amazing lately. Decent bp's/premade stuff though. Finally after talking it over with my allies/island tribe mates we placed a teleporter up at the volcano and one down by red ob (where we store our rex's) so we could move things easily up to try the tek cave. We proceeded to do gamma Dragon to get the head and even that killed a few Rex's. I was lucky on my Rex (only lost about 6k hp) and we were able to put him down. Then we did it. Gamma tek cave. The first run was a bit of a cluster but we brought 6 people. They really need to change the entering a cave graphic until further down the tunnel. We had several instances of blue screens (hence dino's getting stucked in the doorway preventing other dino's being moved in) and with only 4 min and 33 seconds to get stuff moved (when I looked at timer anyway) it was quite a hassle. One person got left outside and we had to wait for 2 people to log back in before proceeding. I think we were able to get 22 or 23 tames in and 5 people. I rode an old breed Theri with a primitive saddle (9.2k hp, 396 melee) and we also had several Rex's, a Yuty, we missed out on the Daedon but it's ok because we had a Bulbdog. lol. We made our way down the cave killing everything as opposed to doing an aggro to the lava thing. We loss some Rex's to the lava but ended up with about 15 dino's for the final boss fight, including the Bulbdog which traversed the cave on foot. What a fantastic final fight the overseer is. Great energy. We lost some Rex's to the Dragon and it was a close fight but were able to triumph and ascend. The Bulbdog also didn't make it through the fight. RIP Tek Boss. We had one issue after ascension. My tribe mate ascended and was a yellow name survivor 1 male character afterwards. His character is a tiny female level 98 named Candy. It was weird because he could still access all of our stuff including the tek transmitter and we were still able to knock him out but he had no implant or engrams/tekgrams. No data at all really. I had him log out of our server and load into a server he didn't have a character then when given the option to download his character to that server. It worked and his character downloaded with the new implant. Then I told him to jump back to our server and download and it should give him the option to overwrite the survivor 1 character but it didn't. It just loaded him in as his character and survivor 1 just laid in our building. He beat survivor 1 until it died. Very weird but it lets us know what to do for future tek cave ascensions. 1 guy died in the final boss fight so the next day we brought the ally who got locked out, another ally, and him and we ran the cave again. With an idea of how it works things went better. We brought 2 Theri's, better saddles, and veggie cakes, many Rex's, 2 sabers, a Bulbdog, a Yuty and ended up with about 33 tames able to get in. I brought the unriddens down this time, as opposed to clearing the way, and while a few went errant I think we got to the bottom with 28 tames left. The Bulbdog fell into the lava this time but both Sabers made it down. On this run I rode a Saber as well as my ally and we shotgunned the overseer. It made a big difference and we lost nothing in the second fight. Everybody got to ascend. It was such a fun weekend from that alone and it has rejuvenated many people who were losing interest. They have renewed focus and have started looking earnestly into what we need for beta, alpha, and eventually the Rockwell fights. What a great weekend in Ark playing with friends and achieving a big part of the game. Until next week.
  14. Came out of the swamp cave with a 104.5 ASC Rex BP!!! This week in Ark; I had a blast this weekend. I did indeed live in the swamp cave with no less than 50 trips through. I pulled several high end items. My carno puts in great work and she currently sits at 10k hp with 670 melee wearing a 112 armor saddle. My vulture also puts in work as he sits on my shoulder. He's currently at 2400 hp and 614 melee. It's a formidable combination and great fun. Playing on the island has reinvigorated the game for me. Say what you will about the beauty of Ragnarok but The Island is a great map and it helps that it is known to me. It also performs better when it comes to lag. So i hatched a few Rex's, a Carno, and some Theri's as well as Vultures and Argy's this weekend. I kept 2 of the Rex's. The new stud male that hatched with 13.6k hp, 472 melee and a new fighter with 14k hp and 461 melee. I'll get that hp on the 472 once I start breeding more. 3 of the Theri's got the 9.2k hp and 419.8 melee. I'll keep hatching those and build up a 19 Theri army. None of tbhe argy's got a weight mutation. 2 of the vultures, a male and female, hatched with the 1125 hp and 378 melee. I gave the male to my allies as well as a guaranteed egg. One Carno got the 4200 hp and 1530 stamina. Another female though, 336 melee is on a female, so more breeding to do. We helped some people with their Beta Rag fight and myself and my ally used Theri's and they were magnificent again. 21k hp, 700+ melee, 124 armor saddle. I was deep under the Dragon and he did knock a lot of hp off me with his fire attack. Down from 21k hp to about 2k as I took 3 shots but with the veggie cakes, I finished the fight down only 800 hp. It really is the way to go. I used a new Theri so it will get 800+ melee. The other part of that fight was my tribe mate's antics. lol. We ran back to back fights. He came in on foot with some flame arrows, a 240 damage crossbow, a rocket launcher, and missiles. We of course expected him to die but he put in work on the Golem's. I stayed out of his way and when the Golem's popped he fired rockets until the launcher broke. The Manticore stayed in the air quite long on this fight so eventually we all got irritated and with the Golem's so damaged we went and killed all of them. My tribe mate survived too. The next fight we loaded him up with more rockets and launchers. He came in on foot again and the Golem's didn't stand a chance. When they popped we grouped them together and I got out of the way as he just kept firing. We didn't even get irritated and just made it a priority to kill the Golem's. That may be a new strategy we fine tune for the alpha fight. I ran a buddies alt character through the alpha fight as well with the normal alliance. Just a single fight this week. One guy brought in his Reaper which was funny to watch him jump through the air and bite the Manticore while it was flying. It went to sleep though. limited hatch level will keep the torpor fairly low, believe his torpor was 10,000. Dragon took a little longer but we didn't lose any dino's despite them being very beat up. The same buddy I merged with on his island server which was my trade/crafting server. With the move to the other island server, with my rag alliance, I decided I didn't want to maintain that base. He got a nice crafting/trade base near an ob plus a few extra dino's and materials I had. I took my Golem, Argy, Mantis and 190 lightning to the new island base. He kept my character in his tribe so I can pop over and help him out from time to time. He's just getting into boss fights but is a solo tribe so I can help him when he wants to run. I did hunt some more Carno's but didn't find higher stats however my ally did put down 342 melee. Last night I took to Facebook and turns out some of my old trade partners have some better stats. I'll be getting a 1620 stamina egg and am in discussions to get 361 melee. That'll be an insane Carno, combined with our 4200 hp, for the cave. One guy has already asked for a future egg for his Abberation server. I planned on stepping back from the trade market but took inventory of the Yuty's and put two on the market that sold very quickly. Full set of rag artifacts for each. It also netted me 3 orders so looks like I'll be raising Yuty's this weekend. I touched on it above but the swamp cave runs were quite successful. In addition to the 104.5 Rex bp, I pulled a MC 92.1 Thyla bp, an asc 91.8 Tapejera bp, a 56.4 ramshackle Rex bp, and a bunch of other pretty good bp's. I also pulled a lot of pre-mades including a 83 jm Rex saddle, a 93 asc Megatherium saddle, a 92 asc Megalania saddle, and a slew of other items. We also got an insane amount of gps, advanced bullet, and advanced rifle ammo bp's. lol. Oh and electric cable bp's! Come on loot table! One of my allies created a new character on that server and spent 3 hours just living as a noob. His commentary was funny. "Oh, narcoberries. I can eat these for food." He stayed hidden and eventually when he was ready I came and picked him up. I wish I would have taken a screen shot but this guy built this beautiful log cabin on the water in that 3 hours. I picked him up, brought him into the tribe, and took him back to main base. He got there and the base was not complete and his reaction was priceless being as he is such a good builder. "No. no. I can't even...give me an Argy. I can't stay here. No." I'm laughing so hard. He starts looking at the build. "Why the...he did not put 2 foundations on each other! Why did he do this? What is the ceiling's purpose?" Lol. I was dying. He spent the entire next day rebuilding the base. We farmed him the structures and it's a great build. Fully enclosed and secured now. My tribe mate, also a great builder, is going to build our water pen. So the entire alliance is in a tribe over there now. We called ourselves noob island and we are having a blast working together. We are keeping the tames to essentials. Rex's, and eventually Theri's, for boss fights, personal flyers, a little base defense, and farming dino's. Rag is still our main server but I see us spending a lot of time on the island running caves and prepping for Ascension. It seems the focus is back and I am very pleased with that. Upcoming; I will be raising Yuty's and of course hatching Argy's and Quetzal's looking for the next stats. I'll raise some more Rex's with the new stats as well as Theri's. I may do some more Vultures too. I'll work on the Carno's to get everything together and it'll be determined how I feel if I do anymore deer. Until next week.
  15. @d1nk @Jabnlab 3k stam is pretty good for Ape and Brood. Less movement and less need to defend yourself in those fights. You want between 4k and 5k for Dragon, Manticore, and Rag fights as they are more open arena's and have a lot more moving waiting for the bosses to land and may want to consider a little melee for Dragon and Rag fights as you will be fighting off dimorph's, ptera's, and griffin's. Manticore in particular likes to go after the Yuty so have stimulant on him because while he reduces the fighter's torpor with courage there's nothing to reduce his.
  16. 1) you consider that lavender? I thought this was lavender and that was magenta. Either way, if it doesn't sell I will look to try and get those together and see what it looks like but it does work pretty well itself. Thanks. 2) No problem. Bary's are another good method. They have higher base hp and higher melee but you can't force heal them unless you fill them with fish prior and their aoe isn't as big as a Carno. The vulture though just works wonders. 3) Surprisingly no. It was weird because once they were in they went and tried to hide behind the one wall and then they logged out. We actually would have finished the fight in our best time, manticore was one chomp away at 34 minutes left, but we searched for the player to kill them. Now we're not sure if since they were still in there and we completed the fight if they get the Dragon engrams or not. Pretty sure since they died before we put down manticore they don't get them but the dragon engrams are the most valuable in the game with transmitter and teleporter. I don't know it's a petty thing since it was no detriment to us but it's scummy too on their part.
  17. Not sure how I want to continue my log. It's become less story and more list which is boring. Part of that is work has been picking up so i haven't had as much time to really formulate my thoughts. The other part is some of the things I enjoy doing in Ark have been tedious and/or frustrating lately. I put in a lot of effort to my dino's but the people (not all, there are some real good traders) want to get them from me for next to nothing. I don't know. It has to be the player population of console (PS4 specifically) vs PC because I see stats I have go for more in egg price on PC then I sell my full grown's for, or attempt to sell my full grown's for. Lol. Right now the trade market is not working for me so it's back into the shadow's and hand outs to my friends/allies. I did do several raises this past weekend and walked away with a lot of cool stuff. I think my favorite is my first Argy weight mutation. I've hatched well over 500 eggs looking for a weight mutation and was fortunate to get twin males. 784 hatch weight, up from 768. This gives me only 2 mutations on my line so there is a lot of room for growth there. I'll use the 2 males to alternate breeding with the females which will reduce cool down timer too. I acquired a grown female Theri, or did I raise it?...I can't remember, from an ally that had 419.8 melee. I had better hp with 9.2k so I gave her that in return. I hatched a few eggs this week and got triplets in the purple body color and another with a green stripe all with the 9.2k hp, 419.8 melee. The new line. I also hatched about 32 Quetz eggs. Kept 3 females that were clean to add to the breeding pool. I got another weight mutation on the 1648 and it popped with pretty cool neon green wing colors but I decided it wasn't want I was looking for and let that one pass. I hatched a few vultures and got one with the 1125 hp and 378 melee. I named him Vulturex. I'm looking for a female next so I can get my allies some eggs. He's already put in work to help me out from a few dc's and when I get knocked off by raptor's on my next raise. A Carno. Ms. Swamp Thang. I got a couple eggs from an ally so I could raise my own swamp cave runner. It hatched 206 with 4200 hp, the other did not, and 319 melee. I like that health. I raised her and have pranced her around the preserve to gain some levels before taking her over to the island server. I can't seem to trade for a 100+ armor Theri or Rex bp so I plan on living in that cave this next weekend. This did give me a new breeding direction as I have started to knock out Carno's looking for higher melee and higher stam (she only had 1050). The first Carno I knocked out tamed out with 1530 stamina so I'll get around to breeding that in. When I'm not running the cave this weekend, I'll be hunting for higher melee. Finally mated some deer. This is gonna be a chore. 6 hour gestation and then 7 hour baby timer. I know I raise Quetzal's and Yuty's, and Theri's and Rex's. lol. My preconceived notion was that of an Anky though. I kept 2 females that pulled the high hp to add to my breeding pool. I bred and raised some new Abberant anky's. 439.8 hatch melee. Got a mating pair. This let me move some of my clean females and an guaranteed egg to my anky buddy so he can work on the next melee and the stud male to my trieb mate for breeding on his Abb server. The guy I got the stud male from just got 451 melee over the weekend too. I told my buddy I expect that and more by end of next week. lol. Finally I got some color combo's I had been looking for on my Yuty's and one I did not but found great. The magenta came from a weight mutation (up to 790 now)and it pulled the 10.3k hp, 2184 stamina, 331 melee. So I put it on the market, even though it's the only one and still raising, if it can net me a Theri or Rex BP but no hits. That's fine though because I'd like to try and breed that magenta crest/tail onto my lavender body. The other color combo's; Finally got the pink crest/tail on the bright yellow. I desperately need another stripe color though because it really messes with the pink. Kind of obscuring it. I also finally got the yellow crown on the blue body. Now I just need to pull in the dark blue limbs to that. I may throw some feelers out for the regular bright yellow and dark blue eggs. A couple people reached out to me about them. So breeding wise it was a very successful weekend. Other than the breeding I didn't do too much. I helped my tribe mate farm metal strcutures as he was rebuidling his abb base from essentially the ground up. I jumped to my anky buddy's server (I am in their tribe) and helped them raise their Giga's, Mammoth's, and run the swamp cave. Using that Carno made me realize I needed higher stamina on the Carno. They had 1350 and it still went down fairly fast. For anyone wondering about that cave. You want a good saddle on your Carno. If you can, 10k hp, 500+ melee. Wear only a gas mask and put a high melee (don't need to worry about hp) neutral vulture on your shoulder. The Vulture takes on the mosquito's while you can focus on the spiders, centipedes, leeches, megalania, and boa's with the Carno. An imprinted Carno is even better but really it depends on how many times you are running it. If it's a mad quick dash, well I haven't lost more than 2k hp from one loop so stamina and melee will probably be more important. If you are gonna spend some time, higher hp is needed as well. I rebuilt an area of my base with some metal structures I had been holding onto and redid my greenhouse too. Tamed a Phiomia, finally again months after the first one was killed, and increased veggie crops. If we're going to be raising Theri's we'll want access to mass veggie cakes for the fights. Overall there was some tedious times but i really liked when my tribe mate was over and we worked together, even just farming metal, crab/anky combo for the win. I enjoyed running the swamp cave a few times. We did run another Alpha Brood and Alpha Monkey to get our rag buddies some additional engrams unlocked. Last night we ran back to back Alpha Rag. Someone snuck into the second fight with us so I brought some Golem's to them. I did lose another Rex under my allies control's. So weird. Maybe I need to bump their hp up to 35k. I run with all 100+ saddles so they must be getting toasted by the Dragon early. My tank Rex's are fine. Last night after run 1 they were only down 2k and 3k. The one I was riding also got the Manticore in the 2nd fight. Tried to tell him, the Manticore, that it ain't no chump. lol So this weekend is a normal 2x event. A lot of people are going to be raising. I'll raise a little but am focusing on easier raises. Carno, if i can find good melee, Argy, Vulture, probably some Rex's with the new 14k, 461 melee line. I also have a friend throwing me a 472 egg which is very nice. I'll bypass Quetzal's and Yuty's this week. I will run the swamp cave in between feeding and imprints, and will come out of there with one of my saddle bp's. Until next week.
  18. On official servers we had one with just a primitive platform saddle, 15k hp (maybe 18k can't remember) and like 350 melee and when it was time for it to go I walked it down to the Wyvern cove while my tribe mate kited Wyvern's my way. I believe it lasted through like 8 or 9 Wyv's until it finally succumbed. Including a couple 190's, 180's and 170's. Yours will beast even though you have max higher level dino's to deal with. We leveled that thing to about 3k weight since it was a berry collector and that would black box it while allowing it to still move and so we pumped speed and stamina. Black box berries in 5 minutes, no lie. lol.
  19. It's a bug and they fixed it in the latest PC patch notes so next console update should fix it too.
  20. Had a fun weekend in Ark Officials got 1.5x breeding so i wasn't sure how much of it I would get with Mother's day on Sunday but my mother was going away on Sunday so we made plans for Monday instead and I got me some quality hatching. I popped a lot of eggs I had stored up but as usual only a few made the cut. First with the 1.5 event my current crop of Quetz and Yuty finished a bit sooner. Which was good to make room. I traded several of them away too which I'll cover next. While hatching looking for my complete Quetz mute color i got triplets. They pulled the green beak, the orange head, but they also received an oxygen mutation and it changed the wing color to a color like this. It was a very cool color but looked terrible with the head and beak. I decided i didn't want to try and breed that color out as color's aren't my focus anyway and so i killed the triplets and kept on hatching. I ended up with 4 Quetz keepers. A new 0 mutation female and a male and two females of; The full color set. This allowed me to move all the mutes that got me to this point. I'm very happy with this and may even go outside of my line to find a nice body and a nice neck color. I also received a gift from a friend. 419.8 melee Theri egg. I hatched and got a female. she has a green stripe down her back so I am going to combine her with my purple male and maybe a cyan male (too see what it looks like) and pull in the 9.2k hp and 1710 stamina I have. She only has 20 total mutations so if i can get a male I may be able to even build on that melee/hp. I hatched a few abberant anky eggs looking to get a female with the 439.8 melee I had acquired in a trade, discussed last week, but was disappointed when a 424 melee female popped. I immediately contacted the guy. It seems like he grabbed the wrong anky and it is getting sorted. I should be able to pick up my male tonight/tomorrow. Here's a story of stupidity and a reason for hatching. I contracted swamp fever. I know you can use a lesser antidote to heal but mistakenly thought you could die to. since i was further from the base that houses most of our stuff i went to a side base. Put away all my valuables and went to die. I was in the highlands so i was running to the scar when i heard a Giga stuck in an enclosed area. perfect. i ducked under the gate ran up to the Giga and punched it. "You were killed by a level 140 Gigantosaurus." What happened next shocked me and saddened me a little but also gave me a reason for my next hatching. "Your level 303 vulture was killed by a level 140 Gigantosaurus." RIP. Totally forgot he was on my shoulder. Purple body. 2k hp, 598 melee. Has saved me so many times when I DC. Worst of all, was it was in vain as I still had swamp fever. I had my tribe mate make me a lesser antidote. I teleported over to a different location, and healed myself. I went back to base and dropped a few vulture eggs as I know I had 1125 hatch hp in the fridge. I also reacquired my vulture from allies who had 378 hatch melee. one of the eggs popped with the 1125 but it was female. So i also hatched an egg looking for a male. a purple male hatched. i raised both of them up on 1.5x and when finished I bred the male with the 378 female and got a blue male (378 is on a blue body, blue head bird) and raised him up. he just finished this morning so I will breed him with the 1125 hp female and get a few eggs from them to hatch for Sunday. I didn't hatch any Yuty eggs. I wanted the last ones to finish up so i could take stock and sell off and figure out breeding patterns. i got that sorted and resumed breeding to gather eggs for Sunday. I hatched more Argy eggs but no keepers. So it ended up not being any more of a normal breeding time from me besides for the reduced maturation timers. Trades; I had several trades and inquiries about trades this weekend. Traded a male Yuty that hatched 9900 hp, 2184 stamina, 355 melee for 4k poly and 2 artifacts. Traded a female Yuty already leveled up to 38k hp, 4100 stam for a full set of Rag artifacts Traded another Yuty for a 140 tamed Basilisk. I just kind of wanted one. I asked my tribe mate if he wanted it for farming on Aberration but he did not so I am going to turn it into a killer instead. It started with 9k hp and 276 melee. I traded a full grown adult Theri 9.2k hp with 408 melee but leveled to 21k hp, 715 melee for 28 glowtail eggs. This was again for my tribe mate. He hatched all of those and we picked through and kept 7. They are raised so he'll move them over to Ab to start combining the stats. Could end up with a line that has 874 hp, 944 regen, 430 capacity, and 353 range. I assume that's good. lol. I moved a breeding pair of mute Quetzal's for two Tek behemoth sets. I also moved another mute Quetzal for a Tek behemoth set. This will go to my flyer barn as I start to turn that over to full tek. I believe i moved another Yuty as well. The rest of the Theri's didn't sell so I gave a few to my allies and killed off most of the rest. I did have a trade set up to get 8k poly for another mute Quetz but that player turned out to be on legacy. 2x taming, xp, harvesting. Last night they gave a special 24 hour event for 2x and I made sure to take advantage. I stocked my fridges for the week (long work week) and to help finish off the Quetzal's. I also started to tame my breeder females for the Megaloceros program. I expect to start that this Sunday as well as I have had several people inquire about it since they know I am going to work on it. i haven't found better base hp so will just need to start it and get it through mutes. The taming yesterday added 3 females for a total of 4 to the breeding pool. Three 135's and a 140. Rest of weekend; No boss fights as my allies attended to outside Ark stuff. I added a third floor for the Quetzal's in their section of the flyer barn and I added a second floor for two Wyvern's in the Argy breeding section of the flyer barn. I also began to replace the pillars and the ceilings with tek. We'll do some fights during the week. I also jumped over to the island server we plan on ascending from and moved the Rex's off of red ob. One other crew stores their's up there and it's rude and a cluster. A small area had opened up on the beach below red so I brought over some gates and turned that into the Rex storage area for fights. It also makes it easier to feed them since i can place troughs there. I also took a Theri over there and sorted out some of the stuff. One of my allies allies are moving permanently to PvP so he is in a tribe with them on their island server and is going to merge with them on our rag server. We're not incredibly established on our current island server so we may just go over to his server where they are very well established. The tribe moving on is incredible builders so I can only imagine what their base looks like. lot of options to discuss there. I also bought and watched Black panther. What a great movie. Chadwick Boseman does a good job but Michael B Jordan's Killmonger was done great adding the right amount of humanity to the villian. Marvel rarely disappoints me. Coming up; Start the Deer program. Get my shoulder Rex hatched, continue with the Yuty, Argy, and Quetz programs. Boss fights. Fun. Until next week.
  21. Fairly busy and entertaining week in Ark A big part of my week consisted of more trades than normal. Actually my last two sessions have. Trading always draws me back in. Trades; Traded 20k ingots and 8.4k crystal for a raised 265 hatch melee Giga that came with a 123.3 armor saddle. I've been against going for a Giga but the price was too good coming from a buddy of mine. I am getting the itch to raise one of my own. I'll probably wait until summer as I want to do it right so want the time and I think there is a chance 300 melee will be on the market for PS4 PvE by then. If not, I'll raise a 295 hatch melee. Already discussed terms of a deal on that. I store the Giga out in our desert base away from the main base and kentro spawns. With a teleporter out there I can get it wherever I need it across the map in seconds. I've been trading several excess blueprints for poly and artifacts last couple of days. That helps me tremendously since I have noticed despite my relative success in cave's I don't really enjoy running them all that much. Acquired a 439 hatch melee Abberant anky. love that trade. used some excess BP's for a male. I traded two of my 10.3k hp, 2184 stamina, 331 melee Yuty eggs for a tek behemoth set. I'll add that to the flyer barn as i continue turning that into an all tek build. Got a good offer the green beak mute Quetz and it'll net me 20 artifacts. Happy with that. Also got some artifacts for some pre-made Rex saddles. I was running low and still need to acquire a few others to make sure I have complete sets but it lessens needing to farm caves/rely on my allies farming caves and so i can contribute properly in boss fights while taming and breeding the things I really like to do. Probably some other trades plus trades on the docket. Taming; I tamed a nice pre-tame hp Direwolf. It got a bad roll in hp though so I killed it. I also have been hunting hard for a hp bump on the Megaloceros' but 0 luck there. Raises; I hatched 93 eggs this weekend. As per usual I only kept a select few. Currently raising a new clean female Quetz. i'll add her to my breeding pool. I got a hp mutation on a male Quetz. (9996 to 10.3k hp). I am going to hold him for future breeding especially since my footprint is offset with the green beak mute being moved and I am taking the original orange wing female over to my buddy on his island server, orange is his favorite color. I also hatched and raised a new male breeder Argy. he pulled in the new clean hp (4015 to 4088) as well as the 1300 stamina and 768 weight. No weight mutations though yet on the Argy line. I raised a new higher melee Anky (prior to acquiring the 439 melee) that I got from a buddy. 408 hatch melee. I'll use him as my primary farmer for the time being and start selling/killing off my old breed. I also raised 2 female Abberant anky's off eggs I got from my tribe mate. They are strictly breeders to get the 439 melee guaranteed so I can hand out eggs to my allies. They'll go to my buddy who does nothing but anky's once I get the 439 guaranteed since he keeps hatching Abberant males. I am currently raising 5 yuty's. when they are done i'll need to Reevaluate my Yuty stock and sell some of them off. i got a lot of different markers that made me keep 5. A low mute male (5 mutations) 3 are legit the other two are bad breeding but it gives me enough room if i want to start stat mutation breeding for my own giggles. He is 10.3k hp, 2184 stamina, 355 melee. A male with the blue and yellow. I now have that color somewhat guaranteed with the stats as I have 2 females of the same. Still open mutations on both sides though so it could change. A blue male that finally got all the stats together. I can now kill off the one I got the color from and try to pull my yellow crown/tail onto that. A male with the dull yellow, pink crown/tail, and blue limbs. This gives me a male and female with the good stats with the yellow and pink. I will actually be crossbreeding them, trying to pull my bright yellow on. A new color and stat mutation. Went from 355 melee to 367 melee and pulled a very nice lavender coat. I'm not sure what direction to go with this one or what color's to try and add in but with that melee upgrade he's a keeper. Rest of the weekend; Ran a couple boss fights. Two for my alliance and two to help out some other friends. We won all 4 though my other friends took a serious hit on their Rex's (loss 14 total). They need better saddles. I am giving them access to my blueprint. Satisfying week overall. I'm not sure what's on the docket but am excited for the next round of hatchings to continue my lines growth. Until next week.
  22. This week in Ark was a bit lazier as I had several things to attend to in real life so I didn't do any major hatchings. We ran a couple boss fights and got some friends through for engrams. The above picture shows my role as I tank the Golem's. No losses this time though the Manticore was being particularly annoying on the first run. The second run went smooth as can be and we finished with the most time we have had left to date (27 minutes). Raises: The Quetz and Yuty finished and I moved them out and bred them to get some eggs but I only hatched some Argy eggs, keeping one. A male with the 4015 hp, 1300 stamina, and 768 weight. I kept him because he bred without any of the event colors which means I can rely on natural mutations with him as my main breeder. He was at 81% this morning so will finish up a little after lunch. I'll breed him tonight as I continue to look for that weight mutation. I figured out I need 2 weight mutations to hit 800. Once I hit that I'll work to breed in the high melee and will hatch the color Argy eggs, I have, to breed the stats on them and then start selling the eggs/adults. I clear so many resources with an Anky/Argy combo right now they should be big sellers. Trades; I did a little more trading than I have been. I traded a 96 armor Giga, 95 armor Giga, 95 armor Tuso, and a 97 armor Yuty, all BP's, this weekend. Walked away with 4k advanced rifle ammo and 12k crystal. I also moved one of my full grown yellow mute Yuty's (the one not of my bloodline) for a Reaper. The Reapers cool. I may use him as my new meat runner as he harvests a lot of it. I have to check his aoe though to be able to fight off Dimorph's when I eat rare flowers though I am thinking the tail whip might make short work of them. I did a late trade last night. traded 97 Theri kibble and got 9 different color Yuty eggs. The one I want the most is a magenta tail with a cyan back stripe. Not great stats by any mean but I can breed in mine and have a colorful army to parade around. I set up some future trades. Artifacts for some pre-made 90+ armor Rex saddles and one of my Anky's for some poly. I got a new Anky egg with higher melee from a friend last night so I'll hatch that soon. I'm also about to auction off one of my mute Quetzal's but I am trying to decide if I want artifacts or tek building pieces. Particularly vacuum compartments. Rest of the weekend: Really was a weekend with little direction. Farmed quite a bit. Built a few things. The alliance still works well together but one member of an alliance tribe has quit ark it seems and one of my other alliance members is starting to get bored and pull away I can tell. I have been relying on them pretty heavy as we share resources, land, everything but it looks like i may need to go to more of a solo mindset. i can do it just need to readjust a few things and that was one of the reason's that not nearly as much got done. I'll need to do more research on the caves so i can continue to get artifacts to run boss fights and i have to figure out the best way to solo them (thinking 10 vultures with 2500 hp and 600+ melee). Upcoming: It'll still be not quite as much since my normal Sunday hatch day will be postponed in lieu of Mother's day. My mom enjoys the Marvel film's so if she wants to go see Avenger's we'll do that (it was awesome) or if she wants to catch up on some of the ones she hasn't seen yet we'll do that. Her day. Monday will probably be my hatch day that means as I pop more Yuty's and Quetzal's and Argy's and the Anky and Vultures to build that army up. Until next week. Edit: This Sunday is not Mother's day. Business as usual for the hatches.
  23. Had a good weekend in Ark. Got some good hatches, a few decent trades, and a lot of farming done. Trades; I’ve mostly taken a back seat from the trading market but every once in awhile find something I really want to acquire and go for it. This week after a few months of searching I finally came across my 90 armor Argy saddle BP. After quick discussions with the guy I uploaded the payment and created a new character (my standard protocol to prevent character lost) on the guys server. What a great trader. He brought me into his tribe to pick me up with the Argy, I gave him his payment, and he gave me the BP but there was a 37 minute upload timer. To pass the time, he let me use a Carno and we ran the swamp cave and he said he gives his trade partners whatever is pulled out if it doesn’t surpass what he already has. That brought the timer down to an easy 9 minute wait. I really enjoyed that trade. I traded some bp’s of my own for crystal, mostly on server but do have a visitor coming over after work today. I traded with this guy before so it’s always a smooth transaction. Farming; Outside of my raises I really just wanted to get some farming done, which i did. The problem is I farmed mostly metal and obsidian. Lol. I really enjoy the combination of the crab/anky/ravager and with the teleporter it makes it too easy to just zip over to obsidian island and clear it of both in an hour. I did farm a bunch of sparkpowder too. Two trips around the preserve netted me 25k flint with the mantis and the crab with two 1600 weight doedics on auto harvest netted me about 16k of stone. I turned that into 2 ¼ vaults of sparkpowder. I ended up hitting the charcoal trees just as 2x expired though so was only able to grab enough of that to make 2500 advanced rifle ammo. I traded for another 2000 from an ally too. They have a guy who mostly just runs the desert drops and makes bullets. He fills what he calls the “2nd amendment” vault and the rest of us in the alliance put in orders from him. I traded them a red mute Bary egg that I will probably never hatch so it worked out great. I live close to the Wyvern cove and have a lot of Argy in my area so I keep turrets on the roof plus we use assault rifles in the Rag boss fight so bullets are a big priority for us. I didn’t end up making a lot of structures like last week so I didn’t really farm too much of the basic stone, wood, thatch or CP to make metal structures. Raises; I was very fortunate in several of my hatches this week. I was unfortunate in the Argy department. Hatched probably another 25 eggs or so but still no weight mutations. I was hoping to have two weight mutations by now as the TLC drops for PS4 today. This will give me an idea at least as I am sure the trade market will be flooded in short order. I did keep an Argy with the hp, stamina, and weight stat and gifted it to an ally. He plays more than even me so we will share breeding stats at this point and between the two of us hatching I am sure we’ll get the argy line going fast. I have some nice colors (egg form) to breed in these stats but I want to get to hatch 800 weight before I do that. I did hatch my new Rex. 14k hp, 2484 stamina, 461 melee. All white and he’s a male. He’s a beast and my new top breeder. He was finishing up this morning before work. I’ll breed him several times but probably just store the eggs unless something tragic happens in a fight. I seen PS4 PvP is selling 508 melee eggs right now (typically means there is two levels higher) and I know of the breeder on PvE that has 15k hp already so the new servers are already knocking on legacy’s doors for Rex stats. I hit several spouts of good luck in the Quetz and Yuty department. For Quetzal’s I got a male with the 1680 weight, combined the orange mohawk and orange wings as well as the green beak and orange wings. I also was able to hatch another unmutated female. When she is done that will give me 4 unmutated females and my new top male breeder. The building project consisted of me putting a second floor in the Quetzal section of the flyer barn to increase the storage capacity to 10 females with 1 male. This will give me my best shot with the limitations official PvE, and my own stringent rules, has to get the next weight mutation. I’ll also breed up the colors to get that last piece there. I have a male and female with the green beak/orange wing combo and can breed the female with the orange mohawk male. The orange mohawk/wing combo is also a female so I can breed her with the green beak male or green beak/orange wing combo male. I’ll do a lot of inbreeding with that line to lock up the mutations then start selling eggs/adults. I was just as fortunate with the Yuty hatches to an extent. The pink and yellow hatched with the top combined stats (10.3k hp, 2184 stamina, 331 melee) but is female like the last one. Still this will make breeding the stats into a male with the color easier. The yellow and blue received the 355 melee I tamed over the easter event bringing it’s stats to 10.3k hp, 2184 stamina, 355 melee but is also a female (giving me 3 females with that color). Really melee is mostly a wasted stat on Yuty’s but they do get attacked by dimorph’s, griffin’s, and ptera’s in the dragon/ragnarok fights so it helps to be able to fight them off a little. Plus it popped 246 so, “yay for the hatch level!” The last one is my stat line (though I do have to revamp a little) and sits at 9900 hp, 2184 stamina, and pulled in the 355 melee. It has 1 mutation on the line from an early breeding mistake but I’ll breed with the current 355 tamed male to get a male and then breed that primarily for myself and my allies. Rest of the weekend; I played on my crafting island server a little more this weekend but also took a little extra time from Ark to watch some movies including the new Jumanji. Very funny. I actually really enjoyed it. It’s not a mind blowing excellent film but it’s very funny in its own right and kept me entertained. Other than that I watched certain Marvel movies in anticipation of Avengers Monday or Tuesday. Upcoming; Simple as boss fights, which we will do sometime this weekend as I host my crafting island server allies, a little building, farming, trading, taming, breeding, Arking. Until next week.
  24. I would suggest the area around Green ob to build. redwood mountains has some good obsidian and metal nodes, very good for meat runs, lot of flat buildable area. Red is a bit safer but lacks resources. Blue is rich in resources but adds additional dangers plus isn't the best terrain for building and traversing minus a flyer. I'd do bosses on single player. Taming and breeding on UO Rag.
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