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  1. Ark map file into GIS Hello, I have enjoyed the game, but I always forget where everything is. I like the resource and dino spawn maps, but I really want the ability to create, edit, and add pin's to my own map. If possible I would even like the ability to view a 3d version of the map outside of the game. Is the map file readable in GIS software?
  2. Thank you for this quick response, I know in a game like this change will be normal!
  3. Hello Ark'ers!, I bought ark just a short while ago to join a private server with a clan of Star Citizen players to waste some time on while we wait for that game to finish. I have really fallen in love with ARK; now, I have played MMO's for 28 years (MO at first) including EQ, WOW, EQII, to name a couple. This is my first sand box, none pvp, none main stream MMORPG. My thoughts on ARK in general: As my first sand box game, I really like the game play and concept. leveling, gathering, building, fighting dino's and then taming dino's has been a massive joy. Losing all the great gear I just finally built to lag issues sucks, but that's playing an on line game. The server I play on is private and mostly PVE. We are only about 5 main players with 5 to 10 others that visit. Tek probably won't happen and I dont' think we Mod anything. We have increased taming and breeding I believe so we can still do that in a normal time frame. Asking a player to be logged into a game for over 20 hours to breed and grow a Dino is insane and I don't understand how anyone can be asked to play for 24 hours straight. I know on line gaming can consume a whole weekend, I have done this, however 24 hours straight every 20 minutes you have to interact is pushing the safety of humans IMO. This patch that just came out is amazing, but I wanted to add my 2 cents to this forum as an experienced player of MMORPG games. I've seen a lot of complaints over the flyer nerf and I feel their pain being I only use my Quetzal to travel safely. PRO's * LOVE the interface and how you included more information on the screen at a time * ability to mouse click less and shortcut key more is great (remote feeding by holding the E key instead of lift clicking) * upgraded sounds (something different to hear, some good some ...eh!) * Dino attacking rafts in open water (Scary but cool idea). Hate to see my little raft with everything I have go down to a creature I cannot fight however. Improvement: Dino's randomly attacking bases while players are only line only would also be cool, defenses on PVE would still be important. Rebuilding because of NPC Dino attacks, cool idea! CON's * flyer nerf, while I understand making changes to a creature or how different parts of the game interact and affect the game play; I would suggest if you are going to make such a massive Nerf to a Dino, perhaps you could have refunded 100% of the points on that Dino to allow players to set the stats in a way that can still make the Dino usable. * Statistics of games using Big Data should be how these decisions are being made, not just a guess and "we'll adjust depending how players complain". Raiding in MMORPG they would adjust a player class, weapon, or item based on stats from the 1000's of players completing millions of interactions. WOW raiding player balances comes to mind. * Quetzal slower but a little safer over swamps because you didnt' have to land * Ptradon fast transport for us Non-Tek players, also helped in survival while gathering important mat's from dangerous places * players that have invested a massive amount of time (only 300 hours for myself last 2 months) building bases and taming Dino's; *Vault storage now looks like crap and is a big waste of space in that area now * Birds that are statistically useless, my Quetzal cannot fly more than 500 meters (in 5 minutes) with out having to land.. * Group follow screwing with all the Dino's in our base should be easier fixed. Group follows by only the person that taimed, or Group commands that are unique to the player instead of just 0-9 number? Something. The Quetzal gathering trick made higher level farming of material less boring and allowed us to learn new things like caves, boss fights, taming and breeding Dino's... When you are high enough level to own a Quetzal it should be safer for you to roam the island looking for "new troubles" to get into. now I spent my last 2 nights just trying to keep my Flyers alive while I tried to get over to farm a few basic materials. ..I'm not sure but I feel my gathering of material has taken about a 300% reduction / hour played IMO. I personally loved the reduction of Dino's riding on Quetzal, it added a skill not to lose the animal off the back and caring for multiple creatures at one time left it risky. I have lost a few Dino's to a rex because I couldn't manage all of them while gathering. I hope to continue to play this game, my hat's off to the designers for such a fun "sand box" for me to spend time visiting friends in! /cheers SlySkyGuy Quetzal Captain Flying is the only way to travel!!!
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