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  1. That wouldnt really be fair though would it? We have invested years in this server, and only for it to disappear or merge without giving us prior notice is very unprofessional, honestly I use the same character for 4 more servers and almost 2400 hours in the game, if the server fails to come back online, I guess every one in these servers are deleting the game for good because it would be very un-trust worthy.. so would ARK 2 be. Anyways, until we get an official response, I know all my dinos+ tek houses will be demolished. I really did not need anything worse to be add
  2. Hey, For some reason our server has been down for over 2 days now, which is unusual given that the longest it has been doen was for 3 or 4 hours, this time its been down for 2 days And when I go to battlemetrics to check the status of the server, it used to say "down", however now it displays "dead", if wildcard really just took the server off the game completely, shouldn't have they told us prior to doing so? this messed us up completely, I have spent over 1500 hours there alone! and I still play there, and I left my character there and I have 4 other servers that I NEED to
  3. Hello, I have been playing ARK since its launch, I started playing it on PS4, then moved to PC and have thousands of hours paying the game, from taming, to breeding, building, and all these things. However there are some issues that I am facing in the game that have made me frustrated, and lost: 1- The large number of bugs and glitches. 2- Server lags and crashes. 3- Losing characters all the time. 4- Hacking (which I currently am facing). You see, I have been hustling non stop in the game, building bases in every map that there is, breeding gigas and
  4. ohh nothing much just lost my mana and megalodon and its tek saddle.. very normal day in ark.. fml
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