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  1. We do that already, some nodes it just cant hit at all. So, not good enough, needs to be fixed.
  2. marcpullen

    Ankylo - metal harvest bug

    This is still an issue, even clearing trees and bushes, cant hit metal or rock nodes on an anky.
  3. Still an issue. Tamed a decent wild 140 anky in the blue area and could only hit a few rocks in a large area, even clearing plants. If seems to be the same issue that exists on scorched earth near the green ob, just cant hit stuff. Can on foot with tools, just not on anky.
  4. marcpullen

    Constant Game Crash when entering Blue Zone

    I ran into the same thing today, right next to a big pile of crabs and crocks I was about to wreck for meat.
  5. marcpullen

    Berries gathering early gameplay

    A few little monkeys on wander can fetch a decent amount, just empty them often. On the island I like to get 2 or 3 and boat them to herb island, loads of plants there and no hostiles (on a new/fresh map of course). Other than that, parasaur, iguanadon, turtle do ok. Stego does a nice job, all need saddles though.
  6. marcpullen

    Idea or question for lost tames

    You're stuck looking the old fashioned way then. On PC, I press H which can help a little if you're close (shows the tame order green arrow over their head), fly around on a pter and spam whistle all follow and see if you get them. Also check the map at 50,50 coords, some times they show up there.
  7. marcpullen

    Idea or question for lost tames

    Try pet finder add on, helped me several times with lost pets on my private server. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=566887000
  8. marcpullen

    Ragnarok Blank Icon

    Just to confirm, this is the custom wind effect on Ragnarok. If you are inside, it turns green and has no text when you press H. If you go outside, it turns red and shows "Wind Storm" when you mouse over it. When you are outside when this effect is on, you move faster (doesn't do anything harmful). It just looks like they forgot to set the text of the inside green icon.
  9. marcpullen

    Metal at Herbivore Island

    This is an issue with single player. I had the same issue happen on single player Ragnarok map where metal and obsidian would not respawn. Seems to randomly happen. I ended up wiping it and creating a new single player map to reset it all.
  10. marcpullen

    AllowMultipleTamedUnicorns not working

    Looks like this was fixed at some point, found 2 unicorns on a fresh ragnarok map last night. Woo!
  11. marcpullen

    Ragnarok Blank Icon

    I noticed that after adding the archeology event that spawns the bone piles around you. Doesn't show any text, just a static buff for the event. Yours might be that. I've seen that on scorched earth too for some weather stuff, not sure if that is the same in the desert area of rag or not. Or the wind storm, but that would be obvious with flying leaves/debris in game.
  12. marcpullen


    Megatherium and go around the edges of the map killing loads of bugs for chitin, grind up in mortar and pestle or a bunch of horses with saddles for mass hands-off production, or a chem bench. Frog would probably do ok too for direct paste, but you'd have to import one from another map.
  13. Is there still no option to disable the lightning light flashes? I can't play this map because the flashing light gives me eye strain and headaches.
  14. I've had good luck by making sure I'm always walking towards the other with the fish, get up on top of the other, look down while still moving forward and mash E when the feed prompt comes up. If you stop moving, the fish goes all balloon like in your face. It's a sloppy mechanic for sure, but try to chase after it and keep moving to keep the fish behind your camera. Aside from that, luring it to a cage with rare flowers would help contain it, maybe scorched earth tents still work for housing them. Also practice in single player to get it down before official servers.
  15. marcpullen

    Better grill

    It would be nice to be able to add a salt stack to the grill/campfire for that, especially for scorched earth. Also would be nice if they would make a slot just for fuel. I think Conan does that. Let me still put wood/sparkpowder in the regular slots too for making charcoal in particular from wood, but gas and fuel would be nice to put 1 slot separate that doesn't count. And a slot for salt. And put raw salt and sulfur on the island so we can make salt.