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  1. Per the last patch notes: Fixed a bug which would cause flyers to flee from players when attacking water This is still happening for land mounts.
  2. marcpullen

    I can't edit the game.ini, it gives this error

    Probably uac blocking. Search for notepad.exe, right click and run as administrator, then open the ark file and edit, you should be able to save. Or try another text editor like notepad++, makes editing a bit easier imo.
  3. I had the same issue with April 24th nvidia drivers, it looked like they were bad or Windows 10 didn't like them. I rolled back to the previous driver and ran fine. They have since released newer drivers, no issues skipping to the latest. Check for driver updates, Windows or OS updates. Maybe try uninstalling and reinstalling video drivers clean too. It's been stable for me since doing that.
  4. marcpullen

    Thylas Switching To Passive Flee

    Same issue tonight with my saber. Any setting other than passive it would flee. Only way I could clear it was to restart my private server. Hasn't happened again, so far.
  5. I mounted my saber off a regular raft to kill some raptors on a beach, the raptors were low level so I one shot them back to back. They were not in the water. Then I went back to my boat and dismounted and suddenly my saber that was in attack my target mode was auto switched to passive flee and started running all over even though we finished killing the raptors long enough to clearly exit combat. I can only get it to stop fleeing by setting it to regular passive. If I set it to anything (attack my target, neutral, etc) it will still freak out and keep fleeing. I have toggled it on and off all the modes and it's still freaking out on anything besides passive. Seems to be related to the boat, not sure. I recall someone else reporting something similar, but this is the first I've seen it happen.
  6. I've had good luck by making sure I'm always walking towards the other with the fish, get up on top of the other, look down while still moving forward and mash E when the feed prompt comes up. If you stop moving, the fish goes all balloon like in your face. It's a sloppy mechanic for sure, but try to chase after it and keep moving to keep the fish behind your camera. Aside from that, luring it to a cage with rare flowers would help contain it, maybe scorched earth tents still work for housing them. Also practice in single player to get it down before official servers.
  7. marcpullen

    My raft is constipated

    Yeah, I remember a few patches where you could whistle a raft to follow, but it wouldn't actually move or turn. Still a bug (as silly and minor as it is).
  8. marcpullen

    My raft is constipated

    When I'm riding my raft and hit the poop button, it says not ready to poop yet. I found this trying to make my character poop (food icon was gray), and found it was trying to make the raft poop.
  9. marcpullen

    Better grill

    It would be nice to be able to add a salt stack to the grill/campfire for that, especially for scorched earth. Also would be nice if they would make a slot just for fuel. I think Conan does that. Let me still put wood/sparkpowder in the regular slots too for making charcoal in particular from wood, but gas and fuel would be nice to put 1 slot separate that doesn't count. And a slot for salt. And put raw salt and sulfur on the island so we can make salt.
  10. Hmm, not sure. I did that exact thing last night on my private dedicated server (should work the same on any server or map). I found a decent doed across the map from my base, so I uploaded it to a nearby drop, got to my base where an oblisk is close by with boat access (doed's are so slow...). I was able to download them no issue, but the list of dinos was duplicated. I closed and opened the interface for the oblisk and it was cleared. This was for a single map not in a cluster. Typically the dino should appear above your head and drop to the ground when you download it (or on your head). If it doesn't appear but is removed from the list, it could have expired and not cleared from your list. I think the default is 24 hours before it's permanently removed from the upload queue/list. Did you wait for more than 24 hours by chance? Try uploading something low level like a lvl 1 dodo and wait 24 hours, see if it shows expired in the list or something like that. I've never waited that long, so I don't know what it does when it expires, like if it leaves a row in the download list with "EXPIRED" or something, or if it just removes it. If what you uploaded was important, you could try rolling back to an earlier save before you uploaded and try to get them back. You'd obviously lose any work done since that point on the entire map.
  11. marcpullen

    Better grill

    eco's mods have a bonfire, which is (IIRC) a 25 slot "camp fire" that cooks one unique item at a time, feels like it's about as fast as a regular basic campfire, you can just load it up with more stuff. That might be a decent inbetween to integrate into the base game like at lvl 30 or something reasonable, or useful for those that want to play primitive but still have a way to not micro manage 10 basic campfires (which I did originally, was not fun to try to mass cook meat).
  12. It seems to harvest everything else organic, except fish meat (and sap, still). It can harvest regular meat, prime meat, but not fish meat. It just hits the dead fish body over and over.
  13. marcpullen

    Guns keep "jamming"

    This is the url the support folks asked me to fill out. Not sure if this is what they want everyone directly using or not. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScHdhW5AishZ3o9qUXSJD15CJgzCvBqpN32p77B5VGhAeFQ1A/viewform
  14. marcpullen

    Better grill

    I'm using one of the eco mods, had a cooker that also acts like a refrigerator but with 200 slots. I load it up with some angler gel and fill with meat and go about my day. Cooks and preserves in one giant box. Doesn't make jerky. But I've been able to avoid electricity with that mod for the grill and ice box.
  15. marcpullen

    Guns keep "jamming"

    Known to us players I meant. When I opened the initial ticket, support asked me to log a ticket in their bug tracker since the devs were unaware of this common issue.