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  1. marcpullen

    Base destroyed by update 286,103

    Not rolling back after fixing this devastating bug is unacceptable. People lost a lot of work, some lost tames due to no building protecting them, and pvp players could easily loot bags obtaining stuff that wildcard instantly destroyed for them to freely take. This puts those that lost stuff behind, and those that looted way ahead. This is unprofessional, unbalanced, and simply not fair. I have updated my steam review to negative as a result of your action.
  2. marcpullen

    Industrial forge negative storage bug

    I got this too on a basic stone forge, shows -2 when empty.
  3. marcpullen

    Base destroyed by update 286,103

    I can roll back, but code would likely kill my base again. I cant roll back the engine, just the map.
  4. marcpullen

    Base destroyed by update 286,103

    Same here.
  5. marcpullen

    Base destroyed by update 286,103

    I patched my private server and my gaming rig, logged in to my base inside the central city (close to the outer walls, but in a legit clean spot that anyone can build on), no issues. Spent 15 min making some new storage, repairing some things that oddly are slightly damaged (I have decay turned off). All the sudden, EVERYTHING destroyed. Everything. Foundations, boxes on the ground, mortar, beds, smithy, campfires. Everything except my dinos was 100% wiped. There's no time to move all the stuff I had into boxes before the bags will decay. This is ridiculous and makes me not want to play. And no I don't want to spawn stuff back in. I am beyond disappointed and this has ruined my day.
  6. On PC/steam, I use this on my private server, works great: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1440414363
  7. I don't see a timer on the hive in inventory, so I'd say it doesnt need food and won't expire in that state.
  8. Wiki says 1 flower for 4 hours on bee hives. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Bee_Hive Snails I'm not sure for exact numbers, seems they will empty their food bar a good bit before eating cake. I usually put a 5 stack in their inventory (I still have others that will eat it in bins, like baryonyx of all things!) and preserving salt (if you have access to that). I usually level a little weight so they can hold more polymer and mostly food so they eat less. The spoil timer is fairly short on official rates, and they stack to 5, so if you're planning on a vacation, chances are it will spoil before they can eat it all. In that case it would depend on their food stat and ultimately health pool on how long they can survive alone. Plus stasis reductions if 100% idle. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Sweet_Vegetable_Cake
  9. Thylacoloe death from leeches. It was the first higher level dine we ever tamed, and never knew about leeches. We found them after seeing it die in the tribe logs.
  10. Non-grinder, I've had good luck with a melee anky on those smooth river rocks, like the ones around obelisks on the island. You get a decent amount per stone, and there's a lot of stones in a fairly small area. Mantis on the same stones with a good pick does nicely too.
  11. I recall one of the workaround being to add this to your startup options in Steam for ARK: -norhithread It looks like they archived or deleted that old monster bug thread with the website changes, it also mentioned registry stuff to try that might help, but I can't find it either.
  12. marcpullen

    Karkinos (big crab) keeps dropping right claw held dino

    Yep, still bugged
  13. I saw a few others similar to the one I tamed, reminds me of go bots or transformers.
  14. We do that already, some nodes it just cant hit at all. So, not good enough, needs to be fixed.
  15. marcpullen

    Ankylo - metal harvest bug

    This is still an issue, even clearing trees and bushes, cant hit metal or rock nodes on an anky.