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  1. Wait, wait, wait.... Wildcard released an UPDATE and it BROKE the game? Well, this is just unheard of! It's not like they break the game with almost every new update, screw up the patches and barely run a simple set of testing and QA before throwing this crap to the wall and hoping it sticks. Never trust these guys to do their job properly. Always plan for a minimum of a day (usually more) of hiccups, breaks and login issues after every patch.
  2. Many servers are dead. The game concept is ok, but a new map with a vague story gets pretty boring after a very short period of time. Further delays will push players away. You still haven't sorted out key issues from before launch, preferring to focus on new dino skins that really aren't that important. I think I'm done with this game now and it doesn't look like I'm the only one
  3. So, when will ragnarok be available on the xbox legacy servers?
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