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  1. So, when they say they'll look 8n to it what they mean is, they'll guess the problem, make an appearance in the forum but not do a thing to fix it. This is the 5tj time I have been dashboarded tonight. Logging a formal complaint with xbox cust service. This game is not fit for purpose. The most annoying thing is they have started the pre release of atlas and it's just a skin of ark!!
  2. Does wildcard even have any staff dealing with this crap? I get dashboarded so often the game is unplayable. I've done the reinstall, cleared my xbox cache (which was not fun) even have the console hard wired to router but still a problem. I'm on a pvp cluster server and this issue has cost me no end of problems. I can't go too far from.base for fear of getting sent to dashboard and coming back to a dead dino. Is it too late to get my money back? This product is NOT for for purpose
  3. Many servers are dead. The game concept is ok, but a new map with a vague story gets pretty boring after a very short period of time. Further delays will push players away. You still haven't sorted out key issues from before launch, preferring to focus on new dino skins that really aren't that important. I think I'm done with this game now and it doesn't look like I'm the only one
  4. So, when will ragnarok be available on the xbox legacy servers?
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