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  1. SmokeyB

    How to build

    What can they do ? If they delete pillars people will build something else instead , if they change the auto decay people will add something else to their pillars like ladders , every structure in ark blocks other players building , if it wasn't pillars it would be dino gates or something else that doesn't block spawns . Even your base is stopping someone from building somewhere , where do they draw the line? Do they delete your hut because it's stopping someone from expanding their base ?
  2. SmokeyB

    How to build

    To be fair it's a two way street , yeah it looks bad for a new player that can't build where they want but it's also to protect the established players game play because these new players don' realise not to block path ways or metal spawns , or decide to build right on someone else' base , without 0illars there would be no metal and no dino spawns
  3. SmokeyB

    Scorched Earth BP's on Aberration Official?

    I want to know how they do this too. Could do with some whips on Arberation
  4. SmokeyB

    Thinking of buying game...

    1, online is much better than offline 2,you can get thousands of hours out of it and not be bored 3. Girls love this game, I know lots of girls that play thousands of hours on ark 4.yeah you can both play online together and be in a tribe
  5. SmokeyB

    Server taxes

    For real life money vs an hour or two grinding on a grinding game,
  6. SmokeyB

    Server taxes

    How about pve players? Would you grind 10k bullets a week for the chance to play on a server with dino pickup enabled, no pillars, no server tame cap and no bases spread across the map? Seems to be what every pve player is asking for, I've even seen some ask to pay real money for what we are offering. Plus if pve players love breeding loads of dinos with mad stats to never use bonus we will definitely have a use for all of them and would probably take Tames instead of bullets from good breeders.
  7. SmokeyB

    Tek Armour & Aberration

    They fixed tek structures burning you alive on scorched, they will probably fix this. If any one still plays ark by the time they fix it is another question lol
  8. SmokeyB

    Server taxes

    Lol 10cp it's not worth flying to your base for
  9. SmokeyB

    Server taxes

    But have you ever been on a server with no alpha? It's chaos, just a war zone like wild west no one can get anywhere on a server like that.
  10. SmokeyB

    Server taxes

    Yeah but from this talk not many people seem interested, I would have thought small tribes would be jumping at the chance to not get wiped.
  11. SmokeyB

    Server taxes

    That's why the limit on soakers, they can't wipe us without tank dinos and the limit on turrets means that if they do get cocky we can wipe them in ten minutes. Anyone found breaking these rules will be wiped real quick as they are already showing that they can't follow rules.
  12. SmokeyB

    Server taxes

    But then you get everyone moaning that tribe A pays only 5k bullets and they have to pay 15k blah blah blah. Would cause too much complaining, set tax means everyone's equal, persecuting the richer tribes is too much like socialism.
  13. Only trouble with npcs and little villages is that first troll on the server will kill all the npcs and eat the village with a giga and foundation the area so nothing spawned.
  14. SmokeyB

    Server taxes

    What would you consider a fair manageale payment ? How many ingots?