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  1. All that sounds like he has just been reading the negative reviews and not even played the game. Character loss was bad when every one and their mom was duping during early access and abb release . It was caused by joining a server that then had a roll back before sever save . A problem created by players cheating that has mostly died out. Freezing and lag are Internet problems , any games with loads of people actively pvping will have lag. And glitchin and falling through the floor are unreal engine issues . All games that use that engine have similar problems. Ark Devs did the best they could with the technology available to them 5 years ago.
  2. And think of all the AAA games made by top developers that offer 20 hours total game play , barely any multilayer and ask 60 pound for it . They then run fake advertising campaigns to sell it and make it look good . Looking at you division . When you have a game this big with this much building and open world sandbox pvp and so many people online riding animals all doing their own thing , I am amazed it works at all , I can exept a few bugs with such a huge world .
  3. It's like the best game ever made mate . Like can you even name a game that is half as good as this ?
  4. Logged on lagged into the base for 5 minutes , after it rubber bands me I know I can play , tribe needed gunpowder so I went and hit some rocks with a doedi , blackscreen, log back on finish hitting rocks , fly back to base and transfer all from doed to me and back into chem bench 6 times , pressed craft , then flew off and hit more rocks , transfer All a few more times and blackscreen again . Log back in walked to vault grabbed c4 and long neck and a ptera out the cryo fridge then walked to transmitter and looked for highest pop island server 43/70 gotta be some action there right ? Spawned at East 1 threw out cryopod and jumped on bird , I flew whole map looking for a base to raid or some tames to kill. There was no bases , just low level bobs and stone huts , killed a few low levels and blew a few huts but no bases worth hitting or loot to take no one even had a tame , I maybe killed 5 dodos and a parasour looking for a decent base to raid . But nothing , alpha must have been hiding in a sea cave or something. After about an hour of flying round pointlessly I saw 5 guys pull up on the beach and throw out tames , I just laughed to my self high pop server attracts endless trolls and there isn't even anyone left to kill , i just transfered back home let them guys fly round a dead map like I just did .
  5. Fire for pve and alpha Dragon killing , milk runs etc Poison for PvP Lightning for killing gigss and titans
  6. Argy is the most useful Dino . It's a smithy , a transport ,war bird and a farming mount all in one , can carry a anky or a doed , can get high health and weight and has loads of stam. If you only have one tame make it an argy.
  7. Balance shoulder pets, Otters give huge buff Light pets detect players and Tames and make a light The others are pretty poor in comparison.
  8. Just a few ideas for some dino improvements. Loving the changes so far looking forward to see the sarco 1. Moths should make silk. Let their attack give greenhouse effect to crops. 2.spiders should be able to climb like rock drakes and have a jump attack. Should be able to make natural zipline with its Web. Climb on ziplines that it's made or player made one's. It should produce silk. 3.roll rat. Should dig gems on wander. 4.sabre needs a stealth mode that makes them hard to detect. It also needs a jump and pin attack for smaller targets and players. It also needs a higher jump or a climb feature. 5.scorpions need damage reduction like the crab for the shell, ability to pick up and hold small creatures and players, the torpor needs to stack better so it can be used for taming. It should climb over rocks like the new rex. It should be breedable. 6.frog. Give super jump like new kangaroo. Boost damage a bit and buff harvesting of trilobites. Give piranha deterent like new sarco. 7. Carno. Give it health buff. Give it a headbutt attack with wide aoe and large knock back. Greatly increase Stam and Stam usage make it a fast landmount that can run for a very long time. Make it cause extra damage to large herbivores and get a buff when killing one similar to mega bug buff. 8. Turtles should be able to go Into their shell for extra damage reduction. Should have a turtle tek saddle with twin lasers on the shell
  9. That's gotta be the next dlc . Forget dead earth or whatever they was gonna make I want Skyrim. Would have lots of room to add new creatures like giants and already has dragons. Would love a map with npc cities with guards that chase you , could even make humans tameable. Could have trade stalls you can rent to trade from and a new currency to trade in . Best of all the main attraction (like drake eggs ) could be getting bitten by a werewolf or vampire to gain their power. And learning summons that you only learn one per character and it attaches to the implant so when you need it you can call out your flame atronach or spirit wolf . Never be unarmed again with summoned swords and compound bows . Just off the top of my head but we need this . Would be by far the best map and dlc. Imagine the snow biome . Could also make characters created on the new map able to pick a race. Argonian anyone ? Ark + Skyrim would destroy that Conan game, wouldn' even be worth finishing . But then I think ark lends itself well to game mash ups , would love a sonic the hedgehog dlc or lord of the rings or Pokemon too , thats the beauty of this game , change the map add a few creatures and it' like a whole new game again .
  10. Island. Its the best map with the Most natural feel. No other map has large forest areas like the island, the island is the map that feels like ark. The other maps are only good because of the island, if you started on a different map than the island you probably never had the same fun experience that made me love ark
  11. Crabs need hitbox rework so don't get stuck on the legs, and a rework on getting float locked. Scorpions need more effective ko on sting, genders and hitbox rework so don't get stuck on the legs. Pteras need more speed and stam and the ability to barrel roll without a cooldown Raptor sound is real annoying needs a change Spin attack in water for sarco and increase aoe of attack so it is the whole body of the sarco. Ravenger needs damage back. Like first few days of Arberation. Stegosaurus hitbox needs rework so it doesn't make you invincible also stop c4 use from its back and nerf health and saddles a bit Quetzals need to get stam in the air and a huge speed boost Turtles need something to make them relevant again, maybe a catapult turret saddle so it can be used in raids again Baryonyx needs to stop stun locking people in water. Seagull needs to steal once then run, the following you around is stupid. Troodon needs a better taming method so more people have access to them. Gailis and demetrodons need better kibble and demetrodons need to lay way more eggs it's their only use.
  12. Poison wyverns will fill a base with toxic gas from out of turret range can kill everything not indoors , great for an attack on a base , stops the defenders standing around ready with giga etc . Plus poison kills plant x .Plus a dragon can kill things as good as a rex and pick riders off ground mounts so better than any ground mount. That' Why all the alphas are riding dragons . Brontos are better soakers than paracers with more health and if you back up into a base you can tail whip the plant x as you go , plus platform saddle makes them better than a golem as can't be picked or sniped and has a bed on it . Stegos get picked by wyverns , golems die to rockets maybe for an offline raid(pvdoor) you are right but for an online raid( pvp) with active defenders bronto is king.
  13. I logged on and a tribe I thought was ok on the server had offline raided my outpost where I keep my trike for plant x seed farming on aberrtion. I was like yo why kill my trike and they made the cheese excuse that it was out it' pen running around on aggressive attacking people lol . So I went to their base killed all their stuff on my mega and foundation wiped them . Im solo but still wipe 5 man tribes for joke .
  14. Just from reading your list I can tell you are a pve player . Stegos are S rank . Griffins are S rank , Brontos and paracers are S rank wyverns are S rank and mantls is like C rank at best.
  15. Swants the best place to do a meat run on a giga. If the alpha destroys rafts on their Gigas then the swamp is probably not the best place to hide
  16. Yeah rafts were easy targets parked at the map border before, everyone knew they was there. Now with the Leeds it's probably safer to park your boat our in open ocean as no one will bother looking for it as the oceans are dead now
  17. Lol the worst creature l in ark is also the worst creature in real life. It will hide in waiting then run out of nowhere to one hit ko you, it will destroy your Base and never let you rebuild, it will infiltrate your tribe and destroy it from the inside, it will make you fall out with other tribes that you like for no reason. That's right the worst creature is a human and always will be, other animals can be tamed and used how you want, a human always does what ever it wants and is unpredictable.
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