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  1. Ty cedric ill hold off for a but yh i do get meshers but have been managing it i will hang on while you smooth things out. Thanks
  2. Dam shoulda known it would have bugs well i wont be activating it then
  3. Servers are quiet at the moment building up slowly.We try to make a general rule not to raid people untill there built up obviously it is pvp though.
  4. New anti mesh system Can anyone confirm this has been released on all platforms and if so where in my config file or which file game.ini etc would i add the launch parameters for it. Thanks
  5. Tek shield bug Has anyone had this problem..........i was raiding a couple of days ago and the tribe put up a tek shield we noticed there turrets were shooting out of the forcefield. Has anyone else experienced this is it a known bug.
  6. Yup ive had the cryo issue too lost a gd mek this way sucks
  7. Oh scrap that ive just noticed me xp number has increased so its working i just dont have an empty bar lol
  8. My xp bar no im capped at lvl 110 atm do you have to fully lvl chibi to get the lvl
  9. How do chibis work is are they broken Ok i play ps4 and have collected some chibis i have killed alphas my chibi is lvl 3 but i havent had any extra levels Please help
  10. Tribe log query Hi i run a few servers and need to know how i set the tribe logs to show what killed what for example if my dino eats another player it just says your tribe killed such and such or if a turret kills someone just says your tribe killed someone.I like to name my turrets so i know which turrets have killed them. Anyone know how i can enable this is there a command line i can add Thanks
  11. ATOMIC PS4 PVP SERVERS#ATOMIC 3 MAN TRIBES 20XPVP MODDED DROPS CHEAP BULLETSJUST TYPE IN ATOMIC TO FIND US.COME JOIN US HAVE SOME FUN. CURRENTLY THE CLUSTER HAS A RAGNAROK,VALGUERO,ISLAND,ABERRATION & EXTINCTION. EXTINCTION TITANS ARE NOT TAMEABLE!!!WE ARE ALL ABOUT HAVING FUN PLAYING A BIT OF ARK RAIDING,TRADING PVPDROPS ARE MODDED BUT CONTAIN NO TEK.GREEN DROPS GIVE YOU A FULL BASE TO GET YOU STARTED GIVES YOU MORE TIME FOR PVP FUN OR WHATEVER IT IS YOU ENJOY ABOUT THE GAME.SEE BELOW FOR RATES ETC.SEE YOU SOON!!!!Modded Drops.Cheap Turret Ammo.Server rules are pretty simple no meshing or glitching anything else goes.Stats are regular for players and dinos apart from weight is slightly boosted per level.Rates are20x taming and harvesting50x xp60x egg hatch85x mature speedWe hold regular events join discord for information.Discord https://discord.gg/qHNHQ7QWe also have a facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/ArkAtomicGaming/
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