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  1. Hod does not need to fish for viewers lol hes angry for being meshed over and over again hours of gaming lost because wc cannot and will not fix there issues.Hes showing how easy it is on sp may i add not official trying to draw wc attention to it and fix it as we all know they just ignore us anyway.There are youtubers whose whole channel is built around meshing and glitching on ark are they banned? No they are not cannot beleive what they have done to hod hes one of the 1st youtubers i watched regarding ark many years ago hes a credible guy and this is outrageous!!!!!!!!
  2. Im uk lol but i figured it out i think lol any time now then
  3. Any update on time of event and patch?
  4. Come play with us we are small tribe/solo players. Server is set at 50x harvesting and xp 20x taming and breeding imprint times are reduced and any member can imprint for you. We have all engrams enabled on all maps and they are auto unlocked as you level up. Weight is modded for both u and your dinos. We dont have an admin or any admin access. At the moment we have 2 maps in the cluster extinction and ragnarok more coming soon. Just search atomic you will find us!!!
  5. Hi ive seen other nitrado hosted servers running all events including old ones. I just want to run 2 events 1 is enabled under the nitrado control panel but i need the code for arkeology event to add to the expert settings does anyone know this and is it put under gameusersettings or just game.ini Thanks
  6. I would like to invite you to join our server its running on extinction 20x breeding harvesting xp etc. Small tribes only max of 6 players We have orp on as we all have lives lol. Looking to add new maps soon. Server names is : 20x Extinction Small Tribe Server ORP
  7. I play crossark and cannot transfer my character into extinction any ideas.On the island extinction doesnt even come up under the cluster maps when travelling to another server?????
  8. So y wipe him completely y not just wipe his surface location.This has throughly outraged me taken some of my ark love away really has.Gtjack3d is a great ark player love his ark vids i really feel for these guys.
  9. Ok where to start.....i merged with someone yesterday all was fine but i joined someone elses tribe to help with boss fight the person i merged became owner after fight i went bk to my tribe but half my base is now owned by the other tribe can we fix this and how?
  10. Just a quick question if im pregnant i understand if i log off timer stops is that character or account based for example my character on ab is preggers i log out then log into se on my second different character will the timer still be stopped on my pregnant character?
  11. Yep I had same Problem lost 17 rexes 1 yuti all saddles the thing was floating across screen erratically at one point. Submitted a ticket not holding my breath on a reply though ?
  12. So we got half a patch sounds about rite y send everything else but that lol spoil timers r up titans spswning arthlopluera are doing damage
  13. Ive had a 4.8gb update and server update titans are spawning so i think we have had it but fingers crossed we havent any devs care to comment
  14. Its not working im in an electric storm now my gens are off so god knows whats going on would be nice for a dev to reply.Also all my turrets had to be re pincoded as all pincodes were wiped
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