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  1. NRKEviLM0nkey

    Sponsored Mod Update & Community Crunch 86!

    I really hope that ragnarock and Madagascar become official maps like the center (I'm a console player so I can't get mods)
  2. NRKEviLM0nkey

    Crashing Problem since Patch v738

    On the normal map anytime I get close to the titanosaur the game crashes it's on a single player session
  3. NRKEviLM0nkey

    Community Crunch 54 and ARK Digest 36!

    When will the next biome be implemented and when will the ????? Dossiers be added in the game and will we ever see biomes in the sea
  4. NRKEviLM0nkey

    Mysterious Mysteries: Introducing ???????

    Guys lets be honest now last time they gave us a ???? Dossier it was right after they said they were gonna add big deserts so my best guess is when we get deserts this and the other ????? Dinosaur will be added but knowing wildcard it should be pretty cool and useful
  5. NRKEviLM0nkey

    What creatures would you like to see on the ARK?

    Maybe a kelp Forrest with the steller sea cow or manatees and coral reafs and underwater volcanos and a abyss maybe some Giant crabs and a sea reptile that an go on land like a both issues and other actuatic reptiles like a dakosaurus, thalassomedon, tylosaurus and tanystropheus and more insects and bigger megladons add great whites too and riddable titanoboas
  6. NRKEviLM0nkey

    Community Crunch 53 and ARK Digest 35!

    Tha bio luminescent dunk is cool those should be rare spawns and they should work with capcom for a monster hunter evolved
  7. NRKEviLM0nkey

    Community Crunch 46 & ARK Digest 30!

    Why are you ruining the map with more snow I liked the oasis and now it's ruined whyyyyyyyyy and when will we get the map reworked and a desert
  8. NRKEviLM0nkey

    ARK: Eggcellent Adventure & The Swamp and Snow Caves

    Why does console not get the best of treatment I want a killer rabit why I would have named him bun bun we would of been best of friends we would have killed the brood other together why you do this to console
  9. NRKEviLM0nkey

    ARK Digest 25!

    When will tel tier come out and when are we getting the map expansion any specific time zones or release dates