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  1. They cant because legacy uses different hardware, however new servers should be added because its getting cluttered.
  2. This is my reddit post. We play on a official pvp server that is connected to the main server cluster. We were farming when around 9:25 pm Us East the server went down for around 2 minutes to "update". Our NE (crystal mountain) base was completely foundation wiped, but our tames are still there, we are unable to place down foundations on that mountain, all of our turrets on green obby are on "survivors and mounted tames only" yet they shoot wild creatures, Our server suddenly became PVE and offline raid protection was enabled. Ark is a game where progress is measured by days, to suddenly loose a entire base is a giant slap to the face and the community, if Wild card is experimenting with server settings this is incredibly irresponsible if we do not get a rollback which fixes this stuff. We just want our base base which was farmed by 25 people. With no base our tames are as good as dead.
  3. Ironpancakemoose

    Is there a way to make a Dino go unconscious faster?

    Use a high damage crossbow. The higher the damage of the weapon the more torpor it gives to the animal. A 200 damage crossbow will help you out tremendously when trying to knock something out