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  1. Please, no caves and more abberations like 2 more.
  2. My discord DMs are overloading with conquest tribe reform requests. Thank you guys for listening to us, I hope some of my ideas get accepted so we can spice up the meta on classic and conquest.
  3. PC official has only like 5 bases left on vanilla maps (island center rag SE) lol, Island literally doesnt have a single base. Wildcard has been putting out joke patches for the past 8 months
  4. A redesign of them isn’t necessary and it would take too long, simply excluding them from the turret limit like c4 is excluded from the structure limit would instantly make them useable.
  5. Lol, ok place 5 around your turret tower. I now flame arrow them, they are dead and you have 5 turret slots that the enemy can potentially fill, leaving you potentially 5 less tek turrets. In legacy I’ve sat there and flame arrows atleast 50 plantx when raiding a redwoods waterfall.
  6. Where do you see him talk about buffing titans? I’ve helped build up 2 new tribes on official pvp while extinction was out. And they both still exist today, the process of starting them up will not change after mukkas suggestions. The current cave meta is making official boring as poop. What made ark fun for me all these years is the fear of knowing that at any point you might get fobbed by an enemy and even with tbw help of your entire alliance you might not survive. This fear is now entirely gone because a cave tribe can’t be wiped. What’s the point in playing a pvp game when you literally can’t win??? Oh and every tribe right now is richer than the duping Megas in legacy.
  7. Just type in gamma 5. Shadow steak was really annoying to use for raids in scorched earth or rag dessert plateu. Because of the weird brightness that it caused.
  8. Also a popular alternative for giving the fabby armor penetration, would be increasing the damage cap by 25%(mc only) 50%(asc only) which would resolve the issue of fabs being only journeymen. Removing the fire rate would allow us to dramatically increase our dps and help prevent the enemy from just simply crawling away, standing up and walking away, using a macro to switch flak. As currently the enemy has to stand still for a solid 6 seconds to possibly die to a fabby.
  9. Tek tappy is only meta because of the armor of the tek saddle, the fact that you can port in tons of element fast instead of having to bring over artifacts and have to farm trophies for the boss fights, the fact that rappers have like 40k hp. Bring back 3x flier damage from legacy, make all tek tappy saddles primitive and base armor, make element dust no longer drop from gatchas, raise/remove turret limit and nerf the crap out of abberstion and extinction. Also bring back the ability to place c4 on platform saddles so we can raid underwater caves, and center ice cave. I actually cannot find any other way to balance out those caves other than turning a blind eye to meshing. And widen the crouch points of other caves such as church cave SE, island ice cave, center pearl cave. To atleast be able to walk a trike in soak so we can soak, and remove parasaurs ability to detect, it makes soaking the enemy almost impossible and tribes have alt accounts that have bots sit in tek pods near parasaurs that detect the change in color on their screen and ping their tribe on discord @tribememver “greenhouse parasaur detected enemy”
  10. They made the turret limit because tribes had in some extreme cases 1300/100 auto turrets on their bases, after the 8x charity event they made on official, and servers got pretty laggy especially since during that time period, many rags had maybe 4 tribes on 1 map (redwoods plateu, alpha playeu, dessert plateu, alpha spiral) with built up bases, and caves stuffed with tames. Making plantx not count towards the current turret limit and instead obey a seperate one would not impact server performance, I've lived on island servers that easily had 500/100 consistent turret limit in a giant base. The 100 turret limit wasnt based off of statistical evidence on lag generated by turrets. It was just a random vote polled by wildcard employees at how much it should be. With the lowest vote being 75 turrets. If you make the plantx limit 20, it would effectively make the turret limit 120 if you opt to use plantx on your turret towers. Official players arent strangers to lag, we fought and lived in 255 ping without issues.
  11. Give Plantx Seperate Turret limit On legacy and new servers I enjoyed planting plantx, I had 14 personal dung beetles just for my plantx upkeep I found this to be a lot of fun. Unfortunately on OFFICIAL PVP this wonderful plant is practically useless. We are experiencing for the first time in arks history a meta where having and maintaining a surface base is not competitive (while tribes now are actually richer than any duping tribe on legacy), and as a result you can count the number of built dessert plateaus (it was the most popular building location for most of new servers) on your hands. One of the biggest reasons why this is happening is because 100 turrets is not enough dps (against current bloodlines and titans) before the enemy destroys your tower. Plantx had served a extremely important purpose in legacy. Auto turrets were known as pea shooters because of how little damage they did, however any legacy pvp player would remember the time when everyone had 2k dura ghillie and at least 200 movement speed, yet people didnt c4 run ever legacy turret tower that existed, this is because of plantx. This plant has the capability of drastically slowing the enemy to let your turrets get more shots off before they touch your tower. While being balanced by having a counter ( flame arrows) and themselves having low dps. So why dont tribes just replace one of their turrets with a plantx? No sane tribe would sacrifice a 500 damage a shot tek turret for a plant that can be easily flame arrowed, has less range than a turret, low dps and easily dodge able shots. Even if they replace one turret with a plantx, the plant cant hit more than 1 enemy at a time. To make them any viable you would need at least 10 plants shooting. They would also help counter tek tappies as you would be able to better hit them with reaper goo, shotguns, ptera picks ect. Giving this plant its own turret limit would immediately make it more viable in bases and actually have a use. Remember when you knew if a fob was REAL when it had crop plots with plantx in them. The limit doesnt need to be big. Even if its like 15 it would help a lot and would create a counter to c4 platform saddles. Even though they are still removed (which was a terrible choice), they are necessary to raid center ice cave, they make raiding other caves possible, makes quickly clearing spam under enemy turret coverage possible, and gives us another method to raid (much needed diversity). But thats a post for another day. I would argue for making plantx not have a turret limit at all, because plantx is more effective than gate spam at slowing down the enemy, meks can destroy gate spam faster than a lawnmower can mow an actual lawn. What would have taken raiders 40 minutes to destroy with c4, a mek can do it in 5. Current state of Plantx: Useless Proposed change would make Plantx useful: Yes Plantx have effective counters: Yes Plantx effective: Yes Would HELP solve a existing meta problem: Yes
  12. (official pvp) Good to see small changes being tested out. Longnecks definitely need armor penetration as currently they are completely useless against players and all saddled tames. A numeric number on the armor penetration would be nice so we can calculate how much damage they will do now. I do however hope that we will get a weight change for certain items soon (FLAK, Plantz) as over the years the ground pvpers kit has been getting heavier and heavier, tames requiring more ammunition to kill, enemy with tek suits. most tames 1 hit or two hit you now (even with 1k dura flak), and if this longneck update is good, we are going to have to sacrifice either more movement speed or weight to pump our HP. With regards to titan balancing I would like to suggest simply limiting 1 titan per server, In raids Its kinda overpowering and rather unfortunate that either an attacker or defender can get 3 titans at once (which is what makes titans very unpopular within the official community) simply due to RNG, and luck. Because if you continuously nerf each titan, they will lose their "oh poop" factor. While 1 titan is manageable. I think the Tree titan grab change is great and would like to see brontos not be able to be grabbed by that titan. They are the largest herbivore in the game, but they are the most useless soaker in the game, their saddle armor is too low, saddle too expensive, the tame for some reason takes bonus damage from tek turrets compared to the more mobile and efficient paracers, and they can be knockbacked by practically anything. They have been useless now for almost 2 years. Their massive size should have some sort of benefit to defenders or attackers in raids. Making them immune to tree grab would be a fantastic step in the right direction and would allow them to be useful in holding chokes like dessert plateau. I have played official for a long time, and I am not a personal fan of meks but one thing that I could not understand is why a forcefield cannot be placed too close to another, but meks can overlap their extremely big and strong shield that can debuff enemies. One thing that Im shocked isnt addressed in the beta is fence supports,From 1 metal run (double cap of raw metal) you can make 12,000 fence supports. For comparison you can only make 1,200 metal foundations from that same metal run, yet the fence supports can claim land and are arguably harder to destroy because they can be placed on the side of cliffs, mountains and sunk halfway into their mesh. All those beta changes look positive, and bring a small sigh of relief to official players.
  13. When will you guys discuss the current issue of "no viable base locations" and people just living in caves. For official of course.
  14. We also need to remove the turret limit so we can build on somewhere other than Frost Fang or dessert plateu.
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