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  1. Because Gigas are the most powerful tame in the game. With all the crap added with the DLCs, its super easy to get 100 imprint gigas. Practially everyone has 90% imprint+ tames. Raising is a joke and takes no effort at all.
  2. Please, no caves and more abberations like 2 more.
  3. My discord DMs are overloading with conquest tribe reform requests. Thank you guys for listening to us, I hope some of my ideas get accepted so we can spice up the meta on classic and conquest.
  4. PC official has only like 5 bases left on vanilla maps (island center rag SE) lol, Island literally doesnt have a single base. Wildcard has been putting out joke patches for the past 8 months
  5. When will you guys discuss the current issue of "no viable base locations" and people just living in caves. For official of course.
  6. We also need to remove the turret limit so we can build on somewhere other than Frost Fang or dessert plateu.
  7. They cant because legacy uses different hardware, however new servers should be added because its getting cluttered.
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