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  1. DmaticMan

    Global ban

    There is my opinion, you can't spam easy stuff, like rafts, or quick tame like dodos or lystros, coz you have no EFFORT to do it, but thousand of breeded dinos, like rex, giga, wyvern, you had any effort you didn't some1 had, don't try to put a excuse like " oh raft is same as a dino count " NO, it's NOT, learn to play the game far as possible or get rekt, well you already got, so next time don't spam poop rafts if you don't want another wipe
  2. DmaticMan

    Why buy Scorched Earth if Ragnarok is free?

    1 - Death Worms - A really good farm of death worm horn (really?) when rag sucks to farm it - Keratin farm if you are not able to do swamp cave on the island and transfer all chitin - Prime meat farm, if you want tons of cooked meat to make jerkys since death worm spawn is right by all oil veins - Black Pearl farm - EXP Farm 2 - Pheonix only spawn at Scorched, almost impossible to find, but there is.. 3 - Fast load map, since we only have rocks and sand.. 4 - Not so deep ravine like as ragnarok, so you can lure wyverns with thylacoleo full sprint + assault riflt 5 - No mode gas waste/care of, since wind turbines works so much better in SE than RAG 7 - Absolutly easy and fast loot creates
  3. DmaticMan

    Scorched Earth Technical/Detail FAQ! (Ongoing)

    Really nice, would be better if put things same as wiki, " where to haverst it " where to foind this dino " e.t.c
  4. DmaticMan

    Rock Drakes are too weak

    find a good egg, do a 100% imprint, use a bulb dog or another light dino = there we go, finnaly a good drake, btw they are only good at aberration in other maps only for transport
  5. DmaticMan

    Fastest way to fill dung beetles with poo?

    tame a phiomia, and force feed stimberryes, she will pop enough for days bro
  6. DmaticMan

    Nameless spawns in base

    tame a bulb dog or another light dino. so they stop spawn inside your base
  7. DmaticMan

    How to get much oil in aberration in early game ?

    muito bem cara, meus parabéns pelo video, meio complicado acessar a superficie mesmo, aberration é pra poucos
  8. DmaticMan


    Mas eu só peço a deus, um server SA no new cluster.. pq jogar no legacy, não tem como não passar mal de verdade (8'
  9. DmaticMan

    Titan vs Fire Wyvern

    try a giga, walk backyards from titano, pretty easy to kill him, don't need wyverns
  10. haahha so much better store like this way, so much space left
  11. DmaticMan

    Fresh Servers - SA (South America) !!!

    I agree!!! We ask that SA servers be launched in the new cluster. South American customers are many and we love playing Ark !!!