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  1. DmaticMan

    Why buy Scorched Earth if Ragnarok is free?

    1 - Death Worms - A really good farm of death worm horn (really?) when rag sucks to farm it - Keratin farm if you are not able to do swamp cave on the island and transfer all chitin - Prime meat farm, if you want tons of cooked meat to make jerkys since death worm spawn is right by all oil veins - Black Pearl farm - EXP Farm 2 - Pheonix only spawn at Scorched, almost impossible to find, but there is.. 3 - Fast load map, since we only have rocks and sand.. 4 - Not so deep ravine like as ragnarok, so you can lure wyverns with thylacoleo full sprint + assault riflt 5 - No mode gas waste/care of, since wind turbines works so much better in SE than RAG 7 - Absolutly easy and fast loot creates
  2. DmaticMan

    Scorched Earth Technical/Detail FAQ! (Ongoing)

    Really nice, would be better if put things same as wiki, " where to haverst it " where to foind this dino " e.t.c
  3. DmaticMan

    Rock Drakes are too weak

    find a good egg, do a 100% imprint, use a bulb dog or another light dino = there we go, finnaly a good drake, btw they are only good at aberration in other maps only for transport
  4. DmaticMan

    Fastest way to fill dung beetles with poo?

    tame a phiomia, and force feed stimberryes, she will pop enough for days bro
  5. DmaticMan

    Nameless spawns in base

    tame a bulb dog or another light dino. so they stop spawn inside your base
  6. DmaticMan

    How to get much oil in aberration in early game ?

    muito bem cara, meus parabéns pelo video, meio complicado acessar a superficie mesmo, aberration é pra poucos
  7. DmaticMan


    Mas eu só peço a deus, um server SA no new cluster.. pq jogar no legacy, não tem como não passar mal de verdade (8'
  8. DmaticMan

    Titan vs Fire Wyvern

    try a giga, walk backyards from titano, pretty easy to kill him, don't need wyverns
  9. haahha so much better store like this way, so much space left
  10. DmaticMan

    Thailand Griefing

    yes, take a while to answer heheh sorry for that, but i don't know how to close a report as a fixed
  11. DmaticMan

    Thailand Griefing

    Okay so this is the second time i try to send the ticket, the forum may passing trought some erros about login time, login with steam account and that kind of stuff, so.. i will try explain shortly what just happen. Me and my friend Jilly was going to tame a 130 giga, he come close to Tribe of Chinboo bases and his plant X hit the giga, it jump inside his base and kill all his dinos and start to destroy his base, so me and my friend Jilly just knock it out, after he get down, was like 40min later they start to put walls and ceilings, railings to close my giga inside they base, getting him as a prisioner and they don't want to let it out, blocking my dino from leave, i could take it with quetzal back and go away but he decides to lock him into. me and my friends tryed talk to him and his tribe but they ignore, only one could speak with they, but they asnwer will get giga as prisioner forever, til starve to death. i just recorded while they are placing ceilings, walls, railings, pillars, blocking me from leave, also got screenshots of his base and what he just did, will leave also steam/in-game nicknames from both of they are doing that. Thanks and hope get a help asap Reported people: Steam name: Super-M in-game name: Moo4957 Steam profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198378725544/ Steam name: Itoshii In-game name: Chinboo Steam profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/aofzanook/ Also Jilly, my friend is a witness about what just happen, here is his profile Steam name: Petey5260 In-game name: jilly https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198287413078/ Here is the two videos showing everything, while they are doing that Also a few screenshots
  12. DmaticMan

    China Griefing

    Well, one CHINA guy is griefing me, luring dinos to kill mine, trying to destroy my stuff and absolutly don't let me play at PVE, at least safe play game... i just make a video to show what it's going on, hope got a support quickly as possible. Video: https://youtu.be/ZRiUVfISWqA
  13. DmaticMan

    Fresh Servers - SA (South America) !!!

    I agree!!! We ask that SA servers be launched in the new cluster. South American customers are many and we love playing Ark !!!
  14. DmaticMan

    Cave blocking !!

    Hello ARK support !! i would like to report cacique for griefing, he blocks entrance of underwater cave not allowing people to go inside wiith or without dinos. Link of all screenshots i've made from that https://imgur.com/a/XYc5d