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  1. Exothermic

    Disappearing Dinos Fix Thread

    This of course will need some more lengthy testing to be sure it catches everything that falls through the map floor but it is exactly the type of initiative that needs to be pursued by WC. They don't need to be sourcing information about a small coding issue they found that MAY possibly fix one of the biggest game breaking bugs. What they need to do is roll up their sleeves and do some real work with real solutions like this moder set out to do. Kudos to you for your drive to help others. It's a shame the company you moded for doesn't share the same drive. I base that belief not on their lack of ability to fix bugs but solely on the canned responses, or lack there of from their "support" team. If anyone from WC does happen to read this response remember, all the content in the world will never fix a broken game 😌. To add to the post we breed as well and have lost baby Rex's like many others.
  2. Exothermic

    Tricks on Leveling up Quickly?

    If you have the Scorched earth dlc it helps a lot imo. If I were just starting out. I would immediately tame a low level berry gathering Dino like a Morellatops and begin gathering to craft narcotics until level 20. Once you can make a forge I would gather metal to buy myself a nice Rex. A lot of people have Rex for sale and they are fairly cheap even for someone just starting out. With the Rex you can go out to the blue obelisk corner of the Scorched Earth map and kill death worms to level yourself up to 80 within a few hours. If you don't want to go the route of buying Dino's you can always get your fire arrows at level 25 and take those with some oil jars out on your Morella and kill death worms. There are a few videos out showing how to do this method, it is not hard but bring sleeping bags in case something goes wrong. Buying a Rex is obviously the much easier method.