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ChenEn's Feedback

  1. bananapotato left Positive feedback   

    Fast,easy and smooth trade, He is very nice and friendly

    ChenEn was The Seller

  2. master33431 left Positive feedback   

    Nice guy, trustworthy, fair price & he delivered. He uses google translator to understand what u say, so make sure to speak simple and dont use abbreviations.

    ChenEn was Trading

  3. K1ngy1 left Positive feedback   

    friendly trader, and trustworthy

    ChenEn was Trading

  4. Massmerize left Positive feedback   

    very intuitive and convenient trader - was a pleasure dealing with him

    ChenEn was Trading

  5. Musf left Positive feedback   

    Nice trader!! smooth adn trustworth.

    ChenEn was Trading

  6. Flay left Positive feedback   

    funny, small trader ^_^

    ChenEn was The Seller

  7. Gt101 left Positive feedback   

    good trader +rep

    ChenEn was The Seller

  8. Thirel left Positive feedback   

    really nice player and trustworth

    ChenEn was Trading

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