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  1. How to let ARK developers see this problem? I have been stolen from spoils, angry
  2. Feeding the Forest Titan with kibble. Continues the life of the Titan, increasing the satiety of each kibble, and a tribe on my PVE server uses this BUG to extend the life of the Forest Titan for more than a week. The saddest thing is our Desert Titan. A week ago, accidentally flew to the border of the map. Desert Titan had no death message. Our Desert Titan stayed outside the map for many days, and I made a report. In the yesterday ARK official staff to deal with, our tribe's Desert Titan also disappeared ~ T_T In the next 6 hours, our tribe can't train Desert Titan. It must wait for CD time. At this time, the tribe who uses BUG immediately trains Desert Titan. It feels really uncomfortable. It seems that if the BUG is not repaired quickly, use Kibble to occupy Titan. This kind of behavior is really bad. It seems that no one can enjoy the fun of training the Titan for the time being.
  3. ChenEn

    Ankylo 102

    male102 Code - 251grade
  4. ChenEn

    Ankylo 203

    female 203Code - 235grade
  5. ChenEn

    Ankylo 204

    female204 Code - 254grade female204 Code - 254grade
  6. ChenEn

    Ankylo 105

    male105 Code - 241grade
  7. ChenEn

    Ankylo 202

    female 202代碼 - 243級
  8. ChenEn

    Ankylo - 106

    male 106Code - 277grade
  9. ChenEn

    Ankylo 103 104

    male103Code - 238grade male104Code - 247grade
  10. ChenEn

    Ankylo 101 / 201Code

    male 101Code - 289級 female 201Code - 247級
  11. Do not you play the official server?
  12. Are you willing to trade? Dinosaur exchange dinosaurs
  13. My breeding


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