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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.


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  1. moving probably. but only if dupping has been stopped. if it continues there is no reason to move
  2. Come help me convice Wildcard...

    yea i had never even heard of tame cap until now lol. hadnt crossed my mind.
  3. Come help me convice Wildcard...

    What you're saying is true, but on that same coin. As someone that hosted 3 linked servers for a little over a year when i took a break from official, they arent permanent. Once the ownership, runs out of money, or gets bored an unofficial can disappear in an instant. Granted the same could be said for official on pvp, but getting wiped due to a raid has a different feel to it rather than wiped due to someone not paying there bill. The unofficials can easily survive off donations, some very easily have patrons willing to send money, but many arent able to and u risk issues. My servers that we had were set up to pay for themselves, donations = dinos of certain levels, but with ark being ark, every little update with mods being out of date etc, it turned into a giant time sink while i played official and had to stop it. i defintely understand what you're saying, and there are definitely server clusters that have that community. I just think people that play official, prefer it for select reasons such as getting wiped to pvp rather than an admin issue. Another big concern is admin abuse, there are no reprocussions for an admin of an unofficial to not do things, unlike on official, a mofo can lose his job if doing inappropriate things. I know for myself those little things give me peace of mind, and i know a TON of people that would suffer more in the long run on official just for that peace of mind.
  4. Boss Fix

    i lost 19 rexes to alpha, then 18 rexes to beta. first iteration had a yuti. 2nd iteration had a yuti and a pig, and all 10 of us had 285 assault rifles/compounds. got alpha to 50% got beta to 20% and wiped for both to megapithicus. *we killed brood without taking more than 5k dmg to some rexes. guess i should mention, rexes all 30-34k hp and 800-900 dmg
  5. Come help me convice Wildcard...

    you sir should have been the OP, u described it way better than i ever could have. lol
  6. Come help me convice Wildcard...

    Actually you make alot of good points, with making it faster being a band-aid. I'm just saying that since they already do 1.5 weekends they can add a .5 to 3 lines. I do agree with you, if they were able to somehow automate certain things in game it would relieve alot of stress from players and we wouldnt need 1.5 or 2x it could maybe get people to fully enjoy the game rather then get wiped everytime they build.
  7. Come help me convice Wildcard...

    i can respect that. i just feel that for people with limited time to play daily 4-5 hours a 1.5x on the weekend wouldnt make it super op but would reduce like 9 hour rex babys to 6-7 and i think a majority of the player base would benefit from this as a whole.
  8. hey if ur interested in a tribe that isnt going to screw u and ur husband over please send me a pm.
  9. Hello everyone. id like to ask for your assistance. Every weekend(mostly) we see a 1.5x tame/xp/gather and the occasional 2x everything. I would like to get Wildcards attention and get the 1.5x weekends to inclube breeding (mature/incubate/mating). I think the only way to achieve this is for the community to come together and post on one topic, to light it up with a thousand comments and put this on there radar. i know there are a ton of other things that could be brought up and posted about, but with all the outtages etc i think the players deserve "a win" so lets get them to change this small thing. Thanks everyone. Freecell note: if someone wants to forward this post to reddit to attract more attention please do!
  10. i obviously cant confirm amount of element dropped and CANNOT confirm what kind of trophy the Alpha drops. i can confirm the costs for the boss are extremely high materials. 25x of each item req
  11. Hello survivors, My tribe and I just attempted/did Alpha Dual Boss on TheCenter. First let me explain what we had, what we had previously encountered and then go over what happened for us so that u might be able to succeed. tl;dr Dual Bosses now unlock ALL ENGRAMS tied to there Island counterparts, killing only 1 during encounter still unlocks engrams for that boss though u do not get trophy/element/or implant. We completed Alpha Dual Boss two weeks ago, prior to many boss changes, it was honestly a GIANT JOKE. None of our rexes even dropped below 50% hp. Fast Forward 2 weeks and 2 patches to v262.21. Dragon no longer exists on TheCenter, sucks but ok. Bosses HP were nerfed by 33% and streamlined. meh. We took 18 tames, and 7 players, with no weapons only dinos. 17 Rexes, saddles:4.7-117.5 armor. Stats: HP 31k-35k Melee 800%-1000% 5-6 were 100% imprint, most were 70% imprint same person though. 1x yutyrannus, non bred, Journeyman 40 armor cheap saddle. just a buffer. How the boss went: We walked in, and did what we did two weeks ago, seperated the bosses for easy kills. Alpha Brood came at us first, it took 7 rexs and riders to chomp her down without the rexes taking more than 20% damage at all. Super easy. NOTE: WE RECIEVED ALL ENGRAMS TIED TO BROODMOTHER FROM THE ISLAND. Soon after brood was killed. we positioned our rexes in an area to surround Megapithicus, After making a clear path and killing all hte level 500 Araneos we lured Mega in. At this point all players hopped off dinos, since his aoe smash 1 shots any players riding. We did Attack This Target and all rexes attacked Mega, with our Yuti rider buffing and debuffing. Within about two minutes, megapithicus burned through all 17 rexes and only lost around 40% of his health, effectively wiping our group. We still killed Alpha brood and recieved those engrams, so all is not lost. For all u future TheCenter boss killers, my only suggestion is to either bring 10 players with compounds to shoo while ur rexes eat away or immediately after killing brood u set up for the "kite" method of megapithicus with 2 rexes changing out and players shooting with AR/Rockets/Compounds from a distance. Anyways i hope u all have better luck than we had tonight! Cheers, Freecell
  12. Dunkleosteus wild bugged out stats?

    well thats not counting points in oxygen. just strictly wasted points
  13. Hello, my question is for the water tamers/breeders. I've knocked out/tamed two dunkleosteus... 1st one had 50 wasted points prior to taming 2nd one has 57 wasted points prior to taming. is this normal? i never see so many points in 1 stat on land dinos and even the tussos i've tamed dont have it. anyone else having the same issue i am? 8 pts weight 12 melee 57 wasted pre tame is ridiculous.
  14. yea this is ridiculous. now i have to spend the next week with my tribe completely wiping an island server. ruining peoples bases and tames just so we have a secure place to do the tek poop efficiently. feelsbadman
  15. - Dragon boss no longer present on TheCenter title sais it all.... v262 is making bosses even more ridiculous Many people play on Center, Ragnarok, Scorched, not everyone has time to have a giant base to hold rexes and flyers etc safely on TheIsland. By doing this you're forcing many people to play on multiple servers or dont do tek worth it. I can understand if this were a give and take situation. Dual Boss on Center getting an increase is Element? maybe more engrams? instead now i have to make sure our Center base is super fortified, then send everything to Island and make a super secure base that wont get hit randomly... my hopes were high with this patch, i was hoping each boss would be available on center, instead its the opposite. I'm honestly more depressed than mad. its frustrating. Note: Dual Boss didnt need to be nerfed, it was actually way easier than most stuff with 15 rexes. It was just never worth it due to the low amount of element and the 4 engrams total for gamma-alpha. #NeverGonnaAscend #MegatribeOnlyTekCaves #ThanksWC