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  1. moving probably. but only if dupping has been stopped. if it continues there is no reason to move
  2. yea this is ridiculous. now i have to spend the next week with my tribe completely wiping an island server. ruining peoples bases and tames just so we have a secure place to do the tek poop efficiently. feelsbadman
  3. - Dragon boss no longer present on TheCenter title sais it all.... v262 is making bosses even more ridiculous Many people play on Center, Ragnarok, Scorched, not everyone has time to have a giant base to hold rexes and flyers etc safely on TheIsland. By doing this you're forcing many people to play on multiple servers or dont do tek worth it. I can understand if this were a give and take situation. Dual Boss on Center getting an increase is Element? maybe more engrams? instead now i have to make sure our Center base is super fortified, then send everything to Island and make a super secure base that wont get hit randomly... my hopes were high with this patch, i was hoping each boss would be available on center, instead its the opposite. I'm honestly more depressed than mad. its frustrating. Note: Dual Boss didnt need to be nerfed, it was actually way easier than most stuff with 15 rexes. It was just never worth it due to the low amount of element and the 4 engrams total for gamma-alpha. #NeverGonnaAscend #MegatribeOnlyTekCaves #ThanksWC
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    Inventory Limit

    if they stack meat to 100 then theyd have to decrease spoil time substantially or else it would make breeding ez af.
  5. iFreecell

    ARK Digest Q&A!

    Hey Jat, Doubt you remember from TheCenter575. My two questions for arkdigest are very straight forward and i beleive many players are interested in the answer. Although it may have been covered in another avenue or post. I think an arkdigest answer would clarify and be more accessible for those wondering. 1. Will there be regionlock on the official release, such as KR, BR, USA, EU, RU, CH servers. if not then why not? 2. Will there be server wipes prior to the official full release of the game, not just partially but a real wipe to ensure all players are on equal ground? Thanks in advanced as always, and hope u get to feeling better, i heard u were a little down and out.