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  1. Where is Legacy Ragnarok 35 server?

    Already have, people post here because server outage reports seem to get ignored
  2. Where is Legacy Ragnarok 35 server?

    39 too, for a couple of days every time I've checked
  3. Ok so i've tested this several times and despite what a couple of people seem to be saying it doesn't seem as though ice wyvern are transferable at all even after 2 sets of patch notes on the subject claiming they fixed this. As of right now i can not even upload them at all anymore, they simply don't show up under the creatures list in an obelisk. I know we have no support but surely if this is a glitch which also affects new servers you can at least fix this? finally?
  4. Ice wyvern transfer

    Am i seriously the only one still having problems with this? Just tested this again and they are STILL not uploadable at all now. If they ever do become uploadable i doubt i'll ever dare risk transferring them again because i just have no trust left in WC's word when they say they've fixed something. Can anyone else please confirm if they're having this problem? I've heard one or two say they've successfully transferred them but not many, and i've seen 0 ice wyverns on other servers myself leading me to believe this is infact NOT fixed at all.
  5. Ice wyvern transfer

    Ok just tested again as they'd announced for a second time in the patch notes that this had been fixed and i'd seen some people saying they'd successfully transferred them but now i can't even upload the damn things, they don't even appear in the creatures list to upload. Seriously WC, how hard is it just to test these changes before announcing them in the patch notes? At this point its just getting embarrassing.
  6. Getting shocked off mounts.

    I know jellyfish were always kept the same, but eels were supposed to be changed to a damage debuff, haven't tested with anything but basilo since the recent patches though.
  7. Greenhouse pve timers

    Agreed, sucks that I can't go away for a week without half my base falling down. Not entirely sure what it achieves to have it at 4 days other than to inconvenience people.
  8. Ice wyvern transfer

    So I guess eggs are transferable now? Just not wyverns. Well I guess they fixed one thing at least.
  9. Ice wyvern transfer

    Amazed I haven't seen anyone mention this yet but they listed already in the patch notes that ice wyvern were now transferable. Tried it, long story short I lost 2. Anyone tried this yet? Have they just screwed up again or is this just me having problems?
  10. Assuming you're talking about pve then I see no reason to assume the rules are any different. You can build on waterways in any map just like you can build on caves in rag but blocking them entirely and preventing access is still ticketable. The whole point of the tickets is to prevent things that you CAN do but shouldn't. Build in a cave? yes sure but block it off entirely? No. Not cool. Especially on rag as you need every artifact to summon the boss right? So if someone blocks the cave no one on the map can do the boss without their say so, you honestly think that's how they intended pve to work?
  11. "Obstructing pathways or waterways for the purpose of denying another tribe access, may be a cause for action by a GM. A GM may ask you to move or relocate if your structure is negatively impacting a server (ie. you block off a large portion of the map so that other members of that server cannot access it)." I would say so, yes
  12. Might be technically allowed but it's still a massive dbag move. why you worried about what's technically allowed, there's no support on legacy anyway, just gotta base it on what seems right or wrong.
  13. Tek Wyvern Saddle

    Please god no that sounds awful
  14. "Puff the Magic Eurypterid"

    I had a megalodon fly clear through the sky over my island for about 20 minutes solid the other day, only wish i'd taken a screenshot
  15. Reworked Ice Wyvern

    Nope, in the last patch notes they claimed it was transferable now, said it several times recently infact. This is false, don't try it in multiplayer or you will lose them like I did.