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  1. Hammond

    A good way to not get raided

    Glad to hear they got what was coming to em, nice job!
  2. Hammond

    A good way to not get raided

    I think we agree to be honest, I was never suggesting this was a long term solution but rather a short term tactic to play for time and devise a response, whether that be to leave the server or to counter attack. I find the idea of paying someone an extortion full stop infuriating, let alone long term. Just think you have to pick your battles and respond when it's in your advantage.
  3. Hammond

    Boss Mammoths?

    Reapers may be great but imagine losing 19 of them, yikes. I would not like to have to replace those. Personally i'd never use something that takes so much work to replace on any boss, all it takes is an unscheduled maintenance or server crash and you're done.
  4. Hammond

    A good way to not get raided

    Well, clearly he did buy himself time since they would've wiped him on the spot otherwise and here we are a week later with his base seemingly still standing. Thats a week he could've spent moving his things or forming a strategy against them if he'd chosen to do so. Sometimes the smart tactics are to know when you're fighting a losing battle and instead respond at a time of your choosing when you can give yourself the advantage and the element of surprise. Simply saying "raptor you" to every mega tribe who comes your way is fine if you want to get wiped all the time, and i respect anyone who wishes to do that but if you want to actually survive past your first week or so as a small tribe/solo player you really have to play smarter than that and learn more creative ways to deal with larger tribes. Unfortunately though clearly his "Stones" weren't as massive as you like to make yours sound.
  5. Hammond

    A good way to not get raided

    Hm, pathetic and embarrassing sure sound a lot more like judgements than observations to me. Just trying to say theres a lot of people in here talking big about what they would do in the situation and its easy to make those claims from a message board but harder when a mega tribe is standing at your gate threatening to wipe whats taken you months to accumulate. Personally i think playing for time until you can better prepare to fight/leave is a good idea, although it sounds like OP decided just to bow down to them. Think thats a terrible idea personally but hey we all gotta make our own choices.
  6. Hammond

    Server taxes

    Heh, you're not really selling it. Look I appreciate you've come asking for feedback before just forcing it on a sever but this just makes you sound like yet another oppressive, megalomaniac alpha and lord knows the game does not need any more of those. This is far from a new idea and is already implemented by all the worst alphas. All this would achieve is to extort resources for yourself and leave the rest of the server defenceless with their measley 20 turrets. Raiders would turn up, loot smaller tribes and be gone off server before you can even react. These tribes then all have to rely on you keeping your promise of helping them rebuild in an awful never ending cycle. Not to mention 10k bullets for a newer solo player is ridiculous even if you do give them a forge/bench. No, just.. no.
  7. Hammond

    A good way to not get raided

    I wouldn't judge you as harshly as some others in here do, it's easy for them to say "go out in a blaze of glory instead" but when it's their months of work that are threatened I think most would sing to a very different tune. I would however echo what others have said, this WILL escalate, it's only a matter of time until they either start demanding a lot more or simply come and raid you (maybe even under a different tribe name so they can continue demanding tributes at the same time) If they're too big to fight directly I'd recommend using the time this has bought you to start setting up base elsewhere and start moving your items/tames.
  8. Hammond

    Raising my first Rex during Val event

    1 trough is enough for a single rex honestly, if you want to use cooked then stick it in the rexes inventory as a back up to the raw, they eat whatever is in their inventory secondary to anything thats in the trough so if the trough runs out it'll revert to cooked in its inventory, that should see you between imprints. Filling extra troughs with raw will only result in it all spoiling before it ever gets eaten by the rex, if it makes you more comfortable though then knock yourself out.
  9. Hammond

    Maybe let's not be so mean!

    Have to agree, i think this needed saying. I've had my share of annoyances (from minor irritation to full-blown rage quit moments) with ark and certain WC Decisions. But ultimately they are not an evil company and nor are the people working there, they're what seem like nice people just trying (and largely succeeding) to make a really cool and ambitious game which i think most of us, given our presence on these forums, love. No matter how many deadlines are missed or mistakes made, personal attacks are never warranted over something like a video game. I think it has to be pointed out that in an age where many company's and games in this industry are resorting to things like loot boxes, pay to win mechanics, monthly subscription fees, over-monetisation of purely cosmetic features and segmenting parts of the game already included on the shipped day one disc and charging for them as DLC. Whereas WC has made one of the most purely addictive games ever, a game people put literally thousands of hours into which could be exploited to hell and yet all they're charging for is DLC which they're developing at what is probably considerable cost after the release of the game and which contains a considerable amount of new content (not counting SE, i realise DLC in an early access game is rather unusual but there you go). So i for one do really appreciate this fact.
  10. Hammond

    Chocolate question.

    Hm figured that would be a bit OP, still cool though, thanks.
  11. Hammond

    Chocolate question.

    Interesting, I think I missed this event the last time. Do you know if 2 of these could be used simultaneously to instant tame? Or was it a case of 1 max per tame? This is of course assuming the cakes work the same way
  12. Hammond

    Ice wyvern still NOT transferable

    Yeah.. not for me. They've claimed to have fixed it twice now but still my ice wyvern can't be transferred. Originally they could be uploaded but not downloaded and were simply lost ( lost 2 this way). But now they can't be uploaded at all, they just don't appear in the creature list at an obi/beacon. I just wondered if anyone else was encountering this problem as I've searched high and low and found little to no mention of this since the original pre-fix accounts of wyverns being lost in the obi. Thought perhaps the change was not retroactive on wyvern that were hatched pre-patch however WC nor anyone else gave any indication of this and even if I count my wyverns non-transferable, I don't want to spend days looking for high level eggs only to find out that they still can't be transferred.
  13. Hammond

    Ice wyvern still NOT transferable

    So, sorry to necro but I posted this several months ago and have since still been unable to find a solution to this problem. Is this seriously only me encountering this, can anyone enlighten me, are you able to successfully upload ice wyvern? perhaps this is because my wyvern were from before the patches? Really have no desire to breed more if I'm not sure I'm going to be able to transfer them.
  14. Hammond

    Where is Legacy Ragnarok 35 server?

    Already have, people post here because server outage reports seem to get ignored
  15. Hammond

    Where is Legacy Ragnarok 35 server?

    39 too, for a couple of days every time I've checked