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  1. What about lost characters with server transfer???? this glitch is from old ark for 6 years you didn’t fix it with this remaster version even tho yall told us ASA is built from ground up?!!! at least open support ticket for compensate us ! 😡
  2. When server transfer released today I transferred my character from server 5303 to 5312 to make space for my other character with tek engrams to transfer from server 5377 to 5303 official PvE but unfortunately both characters where deleted as shown in linked video and both were lv 100 with TEK Engrams and owner of both tribes in both servers number 5303 and 5377 as shown in picture of emblem and video linked in youtube Youtube video : https://youtu.be/dj8b2yPKfJg?si=Y09jUv9Tx_NG4BWZ Note : I did not find them in download surviver list at all or the servers I transferred to. IMG_4887.jpeg 1 MB Download IMG_4888.jpeg 800 KB Download
  3. What about lost characters due to bug in server transfer guys !!!!! support said it’s not their responsibility to fix it and we deal with you mistakes???
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