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  1. I really like the araneo ideas, on top of that it should be able to climb ziplines and get a jump/mobility and weight boost in general. Perhaps it could also make Web traps? As for the other two the onyc could function as a hanglider when tamed, currently they are really hard to tame and the reward isn't worth the effort. For the dilo maybe a size and speed boost so that it's more reminescent of its real life variation, in fact even the one shown in the jp movie was supposedly a baby. And maybe tamed ones can alert you with their frill if something dangerous is nearby or maybe even corpses since they are typically seen as a "guard dog".
  2. I completely agree with these two post, the feathers are definitely an improvement but the Mohawk looks rather odd on the new head, and somehow it comes off as adorable. Im not saying it has to be fully coated in feathers(although it would be greatly appreciated, perhaps an option?) but perhaps a design similar to the megalosaurus could work? It's just that now that it has realistic feathers it meshes oddly with the scales. As for other animals I would like to see get a tlc it would be nice to see the araneo, onyc, and dilo get a model update and more useful abilities especially for the spider and bat.
  3. The pachycephalosaurus is rather useless, I would love to see it be actually viable and a dilophosaur model update would be nice, the quills on its back are rather ugly imo and I would like for them to be more viable later ingame aswell
  4. The mystery creature looks like a flying gecko mixed with a draco volan
  5. If you didn't care you shouldn't have brought it up in the first place, you were also clearly trying to insult my intellect which is why kapro probably intervened however I do agree his intervention wasn't necessary. I also could care less about proving anything to a stranger on the Internet I don't know, nor care for. And honestly was your passive aggressiveness with the use of the word "sweet" really necessary because out of anything that was childish. "Normal real world situations don't matter" I hope you know that even though ark is very fictional the devs clearly still try to add some reality hence why they tried to explain the dodo, kairuku, and goats survival tactic of reproduction Your reason for the sheep is yet again null and void, first off the sheep's traits yet again could have been given to any greatly furred creature with the devs creative license so honestly i believe they only picked it for the award The sheep is probably the most out of place animal in ark it is literally an extant sheep but you can't seem to fathom that, this is where the arguement first originated. I really didn't think me correcting you was a cause for your defense, I was merely trying to enlighten you so you didn't spread any further lies with the ignorance you clearly have. As I my self would like to know if I was correct before spreading info. So please don't jump into a debate about something you don't have at least some prior knowledge on.
  6. Yea, thanks for the input, that's basically what I've been telling him but even though I understand his reasoning no matter what I say, it seems he can't understand mine. Also andrewsarchus would have been a great sheep, but I feel like the devs felt rushed by the award at hand and so decided to add the sheep on a whim
  7. First: if it wasn't directed at me, it deserved no place in your argument. Second: thanks for the compliment on my prior knowledge also I have no idea why you brought up people's inability to know for certain how prehistoric creatures acted because I said nothing about this but now that you have brought this up, I'll list a few ways. (I'm hoing to give a hypothetical situation someone who may find an animal fossil, can find there self in) First let's say a fossil had extremely sharp or serrated teeth, after seeing such a thing you could only accurately assume it is a carnivore, but let's say the creature had mostly molars, then you could only assume it is a herbivore and vice versa. Now for the cat and dog argument, calling a smilodon and dire wolf a cat and dog is simplified logic because it's a simpler way of saying they are apart of the canid and felid group but if you literally call them a cat and dog, that is inaccurate bease it refers to the domesticated species. Let me give you an example of why it is incorrect. For example let's say you have a rabbit and a rat and you called the rabbit a big rat, technically you are incorrect but they are both apart of the rodent family Third: if you are referring to me saying "extant" I hope you know that means, species of animals that are currently alive and extinct means a whole animal species is dead. And I honestly don't know what you are rambling on about, ark clearly isn't just about prehistory as you have pointed out many times before but even so the mammoth is iconic and a extinct creature which instantly granted it access to ark. also Keep in mind I'm not saying this makes it have a bigger right then other animal candidates. Now for the goat it is literally an extant creature which makes its addition random and unecessary compared to other possibilities. Fourth: If you wanted to end it you simply needed not to reply but as of yet, you have. Also I am mainly excited for the confirmed griffin and pheonix but if I had to choose other candidates it would be a leviathan and a kraken (the one from clash of titans) and for prehistoric creatures the gorgonospid (I know it's confirmed, I just want to see its dossier) and maybe ambulocetus, andrewsarchus, and maybe koolasuchus
  8. That techinal? I simply used your logic. Also saying a dire wolf and sabertooth are cats and dogs is simplified logic not technical because technically dire wolves and dogs are apart of the canid family and smilodon and cats are apart of the felid family. And your hyaenodon argument is mute, hyaenodons aren't related to canids and they look like a combination of a weasel and a dog with a cat tail. I also said nothing about the devs not being able to add something, I simply stated according to your loose ruling any extant animal is prehistoric. So please tell me where I stated "the devs can't add something because it's too modern" because ultimately the devs can add anything they want, I just wish they added a few more prehistoric animals that are unique before adding actual extant animals. However beyond that I honestly don't care what else is added may it be a chicken or an earth worm because honestly the devs have covered a wide variety of prehistoric creatures already, so please stop assuming things and putting meager words in my mouth
  9. I would quote your last post but it was far too long, anyways you had a ton of speculation in your post, the point is you are very hypocritical in the fact that you first said as long as they are prehistoric they are fine, but now you say it doesn't matter while you also hypothesize about prehistoric goats and say I have no idea how they could have been Also I feel like you attacked me for no reason, all I said was the dossier made no mention of it being prehistoric in fact I didn't even Complain and yet you jumped to its defense like a knight in shiny armour, so please don't accuse me of complaining when I didn't Now I have a question for you so your excuse for it being added is that it evolved along humans for thousands of years, am I correct? So in that case dogs and cats are also viable candidates because they fit the Critea of evolving along people? Infact cows and chickens would work too, would they not? Actually we could probably just add every animal that is currently extant based on your assumption of what modern means.....
  10. The only thing wrong with your statement is, the goat ingame is literally a regular old modern goat slightly modified by ark creative freedom In the dossier it also states nothing about prehistoric traits, unlike the horses dossier
  11. The horses art is good, although we could have gotten something more exotic
  12. This update looks amazing especially the cave overhaul, I just wish megalosaurus had its feather designs on its sides like the dossier showed
  13. "However we did manage to make sure that all PC Content through Version 248 would make it through the update" First off, this is a complete and utter lie, as megalosaurus and the dynamic length bridges we're certainly never added unless they both happen to be invisible, so please don't blatantly lie to our face...... it's bad enough as is. Ok, devs i know you guys had it rough and I understand that two of the lead developers/founder's we're absent, however you not only shunned xbox by not even adding the Halloween event but you also barely even added anything new to the event and most of the new stuff happens to be scorched earth based.... Now don't get me wrong I love scorched, However there are many people who don't have it, won't get some of the new content. but what's even more dissapointing is that the titanoboas weren't even made tameable, which was personally the thing I looked forward too the most besides vampires/werewolves. I just hope for future reference you won't hype something you ultimately can't deliver or at least don't give an eta until you know for certain it will enter the game on time. Anyways I still think you guys are good devs I just think you over promised in the end.
  14. Devs please add annunaki genesis to the main game as a total conversion
  15. Titanoboas will most likely be permanently tameable for two reasons. First off the devs have confirmed in multiple digest that they would make the titanoboa tameable and lastly in the last fear evolved event the araneo(spider) and the onyc(bat) we're made tameable even after the event.
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