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  1. GrmReaper1983

    Lost Survivor

    This is Official btw. Thanks for moving this where it goes too.
  2. GrmReaper1983

    Lost Survivor

    Not sure where to put this. We had a tribemate log into our server and while downloading some animals for another tribemate, he dashboarded. When he went to re-join the server, it was requiring him to create a new character. Now what?! Anyone had this issue? What fixed it if anything?
  3. I've lost 3 hives due to this. Maybe they will fix it one day......
  4. GrmReaper1983

    GMs and Ark Devs.

    I understand. Just annoying.
  5. GrmReaper1983

    GMs and Ark Devs.

    Has anyone ever heard bavk from anyone at Ark? I see a lot of Twitter posts and posts on here that are ALL unanswered. I put in a ticket and still have yet to hear back from anyone at Ark. Just curious if its ecen worth it to put in tickets and such. I love this game. They seem to lack in customer service though. Very sad.
  6. GrmReaper1983

    Server Rollback

    How do I go about getting help for server rollback? I just lost almost all my tames due to getting kicked and the server rollong back. This is the 2nd time a giga has been in my base. 1st time I got kited. Its absolutely ridiculous!
  7. GrmReaper1983

    Day Zero: Server Information

    Does anyone know if todays update will possibly fix the issue of getting kicked off the server so much? That is the worst. Lost my ascendent/mastercraft armor today after taming a Quetz, getting kicked, and falling to my death......Its starting to get really old.
  8. GrmReaper1983

    Day Zero: Server Information

    I Missed something somewhere. Thank you much!
  9. GrmReaper1983

    Day Zero: Server Information

    Did I read correctly that all Primitive+ servers are being taken down? Or are they not offering any Primitive+ for Ragnarok?