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  1. GrmReaper1983

    What Happened to NA-PVE-Official server 1138

    Apparently it was renamed 1038. Wife seems to have lost her lvl 101 character too.
  2. GrmReaper1983

    Lost Survivor

    This is Official btw. Thanks for moving this where it goes too.
  3. GrmReaper1983

    Lost Survivor

    Not sure where to put this. We had a tribemate log into our server and while downloading some animals for another tribemate, he dashboarded. When he went to re-join the server, it was requiring him to create a new character. Now what?! Anyone had this issue? What fixed it if anything?
  4. GrmReaper1983

    Day Zero: Server Information

    Does anyone know if todays update will possibly fix the issue of getting kicked off the server so much? That is the worst. Lost my ascendent/mastercraft armor today after taming a Quetz, getting kicked, and falling to my death......Its starting to get really old.
  5. GrmReaper1983

    Day Zero: Server Information

    I Missed something somewhere. Thank you much!
  6. GrmReaper1983

    Day Zero: Server Information

    Did I read correctly that all Primitive+ servers are being taken down? Or are they not offering any Primitive+ for Ragnarok?