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  1. Haha, they are actually using the protests and riots to cover up their delay. I can't believe I gave this company my $. Disgusting.
  2. Intro 28, 4k+ total hours, Mature,chill knowledgeable. Looking for a nice tribe to paly with especially for the upcoming DLC Genesis.
  3. Hardcore Survival Mode I think a mode where the game revisits it's survival roots would be an interesting twist. I've always discussed this internally with groups of friends but assumed it would never happen. *Note* this would be a separate mode with current maps making it optional. I'm going to preface this with the recent revival of World of Warcraft Classic. The fact that its returning at all, and the "old style" way of development and game creation that players have been asking for. There are many quality of life features and game aspects added to Ark throughout it's development in early access. A lot of these features were created to show off some shiny new technology or to add more components in the game for selling points. These features were often welcomed with open arms and most players now might not like to see them go. However, like Classic WoW, a hardcore "Vanilla" Ark experience mode could be popular among a lot of players.\ Some things worth considering to achieve this sort of game play: 1. Lower rates to .5x Official like before Raising the rates removes a lot of the content. Certain aspects of the game especially early on are completely skipped over due to the crazy ability to level faster with explorer notes and 2x weekends. This makes a majority of the game pointless and focuses too much on the "end-game" content. The feeling of completing your first stone base, or taming your first large dinosaur etc. is no longer as meaningful because of the ease of acquisition. This also promotes group play and adds immersion to the game in so many ways. Death becomes more terrifying because resources are much harder to come by. Land claiming becomes harder to accomplish. The game is slowed down enough to give players opportunities for fun they otherwise do not get in the current game. 2. Remove Tribe Interface This would be controversial, but in a hardcore survival game, there should be no menu manager to group players together. Players should be tasked with interacting together via proximity ONLY communication. This would create a whole new level of immersion and social interaction would become paramount to playing. Imagine running around in the dark and you see another torch in the distance. If it's PvE you might feel the urge to run towards it hoping to discover an ally to adventure with. On PvP however, you might keep your distance and be more aware of your surroundings now knowing there is an enemy nearby. 3. Remove Global Chat and Console Commands Players that want to communicate should do so in a limited proximity situation like above. This is supposed to be a survival game, and in a hardcore survival mode, you can't just broadcast information on a magical information channel. This would actually make engrams like radios useful beyond quirky RP situations in today's game. Remove the ability for players to use orbit camera and gamma functions. Keep the player locked in a certain camera position and remove the ability to change the lighting. Night time deserves to be truly dark and require a torch and other lighting sources to survive. It will immerse players even more and create more situations for intense game play moments. 4. Transfers Disabled Permanently Speaks for itself, there is no place for it in a hardcore survival game. These are just a couple of examples of ideas that could drastically change the way Ark feels when played. There could be more things worth changing (or not). It wouldn't have to affect current Ark, but could be a game mode option if players wanted to try something different. I'm not saying any of this is in the developers ability or desire to even create this game mode. This is just something players would actually enjoy if they gave it a chance. It follows similar design principles other games use and have used successfully in the past. A survival game should feel dangerous and challenging. Interactions with players should feel unique and spontaneous with an element of both risk and reward. It's a simple way to change the way the game feels and breathe life into the content you already made.
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