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  1. My stego is stuck !

    I can"t i already contacted admins due to a tribe bug and i'm simple member of a unknown tribe so i can't destroy wall passively , i only have bugs on this game i can't blame but i really think i have more than the others srsly ^^
  2. My stego is stuck !

    I saw it on youtube but i'll try we nevr know thx anyway
  3. My stego is stuck !

    Hi i'd like to know what i can do becuz my stego entered my house while it's physically impossible it's a normal door but he did it and i can't tranq arrow him , he is invincible already tried to unclaim whistle etc i rlly don't know what i can do except rocket my house but there's my fabricator and it will need lot of time to re-build so soes someone has a tip ?