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  1. Excuse me? PS4 didn't have to endure anything. All they did was whine and ask when it's going to be on PS4. Did you see anyone complaining when it'll be on xbox or PC? A rex skin for gaining all the dossiers ( a pretty difficult challenge) is nothing compared to getting the giga skin so easily. In Pc you have to win hundreds of SOTF matches, we don't even have it on Xbox! There is nothing deserving about selling out to PS4 players like this. Glad to see we both agree with the manticore armour. They're getting rewards from killing bosses simply by buying the game.
  2. 1,000 human workers? I don't think you realise that only certain species can pollinate. We need millions of members of an animal in order to pollinate (that's why insects, bees and butterflies etc pollinate). We need them to do it 24/7/365/For the rest of their lives.
  3. You do realise almost every plant requires pollination? 30% of our crops and 90% of the world's flora. We'd lose so much oxygen you'd need to go around wearing an oxygen mask and air tanks. People in China would literally die out because of the already terrible air quality and now with most plants dying out. Also like another person said. Losing lots of plants means lots of herbivorous animals die out which means most carnivorous animals die out. It's quite shocking how our entire earth is held together by these 'flying stingers' (which they rarely do)
  4. Mainly the giant wings played a part in that. The queen doesn't appear to have a saddle with a checkmark (let alone a saddle icon at all) which could mean the devs are probably deciding whether or not it should be rideable.
  5. It's like there's 2 stomachs visible in its chest
  6. I don't know... That torch human looked pretty scary.
  7. If it's hard to tame, won't it be easier to just make a parachute?
  8. Just a little meme I created.
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