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  1. battleye to function?thats it? really ? umm bursting your bubble a LOT more fixes are needed that are not trivial .
  2. would like to see existing game polished and stop player dedicated crash before anymore new content .
  3. player dedicated still corrupt crash xbox


    1. PaleoJoe


      Same here. I took my server offline for 20 hours now, and it still shows up on the list with a dynamic number of players. I change the name and go online, but it does not show up on the list.

  4. oil jug bug gives no oil negative points for engrams playing scorched. was ok yesterday and had positive points to spend. now negative ,what do i do about this, this is my main character for 2 maps?! ok found it! i don't know if intentional or not but ticking and unticking "singleplayer settings" changes your points. on another note how would we know what "singleplayer settings "even mean ? i have no clue what else it affects .
  5. "Flyers (wyvern being the exception) follow at ground level and get stuck on ground level obstacles" this! even though rexs are dumb as hell and get stuck on everything i refuse to ride them and command my argie to follow because of this. i prize my argie over any animal and will not risk it to die cuz it cant fly more than 2 inches off the ground following .
  6. textures were disabled on purpose to stop memory crashes the tek stuff may have been included
  7. smh you posted new bug thread so i followed link on twitter and posted.its the same old thread -delete post
  8. something in patch increased mature rate and skips want care imprinting-modded mature rate up in settings , trying to bring it down -still testing update-brought down mature rate to 1.199 and its still too fast. i want only female dodos and dont feed the males to let them die. they get to juvenile too fast and feed from troughs and now i cant get rid of them. update -.5 mature rate still too fast,turns juvenile too quickly .
  9. yes! those 2 thing drive me nuts! i turn up tv to hear what is around me then hop on a big dino and my xboxparty can hear it through the mike.totally unbalanced. and the thunderstorms! its either chose not to hear anything and keep those 2 things from rumbling the house or cringe at normal volume and try to bear it. for the screen cut off,thats a problem. there should be(like other games) option to adjust border to tv. moving the settings on the tv IS NOT A FIX. many suggest that as a workaround. im NOT resetting my tv settings for every activity and device.
  10. have this issue too along with it i found the center cave over populate and everyday i have to do a wipe because of lag. so populated it would freeze frame,fps was horrible .id take a guess over 100 animals at the beach when we came through the cave entrance.
  11. rex matured without imprint we have maturing turned up a bit but we always was able to imprint mature rex was unable to move until we destroyed all wood foundations around it. ascend 2 not 1 to access center add /remove items from an inventory is inverted
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