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  1. I will name him Courage, the Cowardly Dino! TRADEMARKED, MOTHAraptorAS!!
  2. Who else is gonna go into pvp with this armor and shout "ONE SHALL STAND, ONE SHALL FALL."?
  3. I actually think those are feathers, but they seem like valley/mountain hunters so yeah.
  4. That first part makes alot of sense now that I think about it. And I put below that I didn't want to address the game as if it was a final product, think the rage just over back then XD! Still, I just find it wierd that they'd sell something that was incomplete, that's just me doh.
  5. *tames a gigantosaurus* HAH, I HAVE FINALLY CONQUERED THE ARK---*sees the new dossier* ;_; Well poop.
  6. Understandable, think I wasn't thinking too much onto the actual facts at the time, thank you for atleast clearing that up!
  7. MASSSIVE NOTE, I am aware this is a work in progress! This is simple a complaint sheet for what I think should be fixed and/or added, so please, don't look at it as if I'm judging ARK like it's a final product, because obviously, it isn't!
  8. I tried...I really, REALLY tried to like this game, and for the most part, I did. It was pretty fun you know, taming dinos, building things and the like, until then the major glitches came in. And I mean MAJOR, major glitches, but this ain't gonna be just a massive rant, oohhhh no, I'm gonna list, word for word, what needs to be fixed, what doesn't belong, and what SHOULD be in ARK in order for someone to be proud of dumping money into this, because I will say it here and now, it's not something a sane person would buy in its current state on the xbox one. Bugs & glitches 1: Host 200m barrier & teleporting. This is a major issue in the fact that it basically is a forced handicap that was slapped on either for some sort of connection problem or something of the like I am guessing, but in reality it is something that downright DESTROYS enjoyment of the game. Whenever I'm hosting a non-dedicated server, I feel like a preschool teacher tugging my toddler friends along on a rope whenever I move too far, having to deal with a stupid barrier that sometimes can even KILL you, like what the actual raptor?? I know it probably takes some working through, but it will be worth it in the end, that I believe all of us who hate this mechanic will agree on for sure. 2: The 'cave trap' bugs and glitches. These are particularly nasty in the way that they could mean everything you do is GONE just by stepping into one of those hell hole--err, I mean, caves. For one, people who log off inside one of these 'caves' will log on, only for their game to CRASH every step of the way, and so far the only solution is to have someone teleport to you via issue #1, inch their way towards you so the game won't crash for BOTH of you, take all your stuff, kill you, and then have you respawn at a bed (if the bed actually wants to work), and this should NOT be the case at all. Caves are a GREAT feature in ark, going inside, getting the rich resources and killing dangerous creatures, but how can I enjoy that when I put myself in a position to want to start a new world just by entering one? 3: Tame tracking. This one is pretty annoying in my opinion, especially when your game decides to save midair while you're on a mount, causing you to die and basically lose that mount if you're out in some alien landscape and no one you know is willing to come by and help out make a bed, if that actually chooses to work aswell, and I get the transponder node thing, I do, but I shouldn't need that in something like this, where tames can wonder, get attacked by other creatures and lots more, it's simply a hassle to find them and even MORE of just a plain waste of time if you find them either dead or just straight up gone. Suggestions This right here is mostly going to just be a list of things that I feel would benefit ARK a bit just for them to well, exist, and might even make some of the other bugs not even worth bothering if done right. 1: More modifications to non-dedicated servers. Alright I have to admit, that the amount of things you can tweak in a dedicated or non-dedicated server is pretty flippin' awesome, being able to make gathering items faster, taking zero damage (or DOING zero damage) from or to dinos, tweaking how status affects work and so on, and that is amazing that you can pretty much make your own world just as you want things to work, but even then, there are some things that should still be added. For example, I can up player damage, but why can't I turn off players being able to damage eachother? Or better yet, considering it's the reason I'm typing this, why can't I make fall damage nonexistent, or changing spawn rates for different animals? There are some others that I currently can't think of but adding more specifications to better the experience would be wonderful. 2: Giving the choice to TOGGLE AUTO SAVING. THIS, THIS right here is another part of the reason why I am typing this as it basically ruined my ARK experience, especially where I was saved. Okay, so this is excactly what happened: I was going around, searching for kangaroos in the snow biome with my friend, when we stumbled upon a cave. So, I land my quetzal right by the entrance and try to enter, but my friend gets teleported onto me, thus we are basically stuck on eachother thanks to the cave needing us to crouch to get inside for some reason I still don't know, and so I exit the game by just closing it down entirely, and when I come back, that game saves me when I was ON MY QUETZAL, IN THE AIR. Worst part? I couldn't even have the kindness of being still mounted, so instead I fall to my death, lose everything I have and I am still trying to think of a smart way to fix this until people stop turning a blind eye towards it without end, so I don't really think I'll be playing ARK until something like mentioned in suggestion #1 comes to play. 3: Less additions, MORE SUBTRACTIONS!! This is my final suggestion seeing all the things that are blighting this game, and basically all I am saying is to stop worrying about adding more animals and craftables, and fix the actual game itself! So far this alpha has been the same since I got it in december, with nothing more but some extra animals like always, and ZERO noticable fixes, and if there IS fixes, why don't you give xbox users some kind of patch notes when we enter the game, because seeing someone put "aswell as many fixes!" is alot less convincing than an actual page that list what fixes are spoken of. If I were to rate ARK without the glitches, bugs and other inconveniences, it would be something like a 9/10 or even a perfect score, but seeing that little is being done to actually FIX anything rather than simply saying "Oh hey, GUYS, GUYS GUYS, here, look away from the broken software, there's some sarcos with sails pasted on their backs!", I think there needs to be more focus on fixing the game, and less on adding to it, after all, people say "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." Well there's something that is quite obvious here on xbox: ARK is broke. Fix it.
  9. No, that cross means you can't ride them, sucks considering how much of a boon that would be.
  10. Awwww sheit, now we have another thing to worry about when night-hunting should be awesome to see how it behaves in game though, especially since it goes into super mode at night time!
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