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  1. SFM

    Preserving salt and preserving bins

    In a Vessel they last for 800 days.
  2. SFM

    I hope the devs realise how...

    On PS4 Pro it looks a lot better and sharp.
  3. Does anybody know what's that? I've been trying to know what's that for almost a year.
  4. SFM

    Server Tame Cap Issue

    Probably true...
  5. SFM

    JUST KILLED ALL MY DINOS 847 hours *poofed*

    Can somebody tell me what killed the dinosaurs?
  6. SFM

    610 repeatedly crashing

    It's happening to me also
  7. SFM

    Safe Trading System

    I have an idea from a long time for a way to trade things safely My suggestion is that when you want to trade something, a menu appears for you and the person you're trading with like 100 maximum slots to trade at once, for instance, where you can select any nearby dino of yours, to put in the trading menu or any item from your inventory. Then you have to wait until the other person puts the stuff you want to buy in the trading menu and once both of you agree about the trade, there should be a button to press which says "Accept", and it only does the trade if both the buyer and seller pressed on it, and there should be a second verification screen which says the stuff you're going to get and the stuff you're going to give and a button on the second verification screen which says "Do The Trade" after that the trade finishes safely. But for both the players to open the trading menu, they must be close together and by holding the "E" or Triangle (PS4) or Y on Xbox on the player, you'll see the option to trade. Once you press on "Trade", it'll notify the other player with a beep sound or something and it says something in the chat, for example: Player1 wants to trade with you! To accept, hold "E" on the player. I thought of this since trades would be much safer.
  8. Yeah, and the time to catch a Fish with the Mechanical Rod should be around 3-5 minutes and the bait should be something hard to get.
  9. Yeah a record tracker is going to help a lot if it was added.
  10. SFM

    A few suggestions!

    They have delayed Ragnarok for consoles to July 19th.
  11. I got this idea couple of days ago and I don't know if someone has already suggested it. Well, my suggestion is a Mechanical Fishing Rod that works only if placed on a Raft or Motorboat and operated by the player and powered by Gasoline (or Element, if they'll make it into Tek). It can catch Megalodons or any other kind of fish which isn't catchable with the regular Fishing Rod. I think it's balanced since Megalodons (or other big fish) are mostly found in the deep water where Leedsichthys are. This means there is a high chance that the Raft/Motorboat would get destroyed by the Leedsichthys since when the player stops using the Mechanical Fishing Rod, there must be a 5 second timer (or any time) until the player is allowed to drive the Raft/Motorboat but if an Alpha Leedsichthys attacks the Raft/Motorboat, there must not be any delays to drive them since the Alpha is more powerful than the regular Leedsichthys. .......... The second suggestion is to get a Record section when you open up your inventory where you could see each kind of dinosaur and how many you killed of and how many players you have killed. Example: Dilophosaurus: 51, Rex: 103, Giganotosaurus: 4, Titanosaur: 3, Dodo: 36 Enemy Players Killed: 229 Also getting to see the total hours you have played in the game would be nice. I thought of sharing these since I couldn't keep them in my mind any longer.
  12. SFM

    A few suggestions!

    I agree with the first suggestion. It's a must since I get stuck in dinos heads a lot and it bothers me.
  13. I'm level 93 in official PVE and never used Mindwipe Tonic and now I will be able to use it only 7 times that's not good.
  14. Expected that lol but I like the 2x Evolution Events
  15. SFM

    Are the servers going to wipe?

    I have never seen an official statement about this yet. I'm sure it's just rumors made up by people.