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  1. What's the best dino for a dino alarm?

    a stack of 100 berries will last you a while, concider making a feeding through they make the spoil time slower
  2. Keybindings I Didn't Know Existed

    They changed this to the "+" Sign on numpad!
  3. Are the Dev serious about this

    Agreed, This dude joined our server (PVE 636) yesterday, we had a good conversation.. Nice guy! we're building a shrine ^:) He's working on the updates and would -love- to release them already, but he has been working on other projects asigned to him..
  4. Take away dino claiming please!!

    we recently got a bronto this way, lowbie at that but i was happy with it. Too bad it drowned! Rip nessy 27/01/2016 19:50 - 27/01/2016 - 20:30
  5. ARK Trip Wire and Baby Notifications

    Whoa, i never knew this excisted! Amazing! THANKS!
  6. My greenhouse build/tips

    Would love to see the pictures, looking for a good design myself!
  7. Bring Scorched Earth Resources To The Island

    I got a caracter on both servers.. Trying not to waste engrams that way, Wouldnt know the answer, sorry
  8. Alerts

    Can we please link this device to your RL mobile device too? -Nothing happening. -App on phone goes on "Green Alert in zone x" -Raiders enter base / Near base -App on phone goes on "Yellow Alert in zone x" -Raiders kill a dino / destroy walls -App on phone goes on "Red Alert in zone x" + all functions listed above, welcome to tek tier?
  9. Guard dogs/More whistle commands

    Love this idea! We need some kind of guard function
  10. Bring Scorched Earth Resources To The Island

    The way it is makes it possible to trade, This way you have to rely on other people too. Wouldnt be fun if we could get quetzals and wyverns on the same map
  11. Why isn't there this option?

    Please lets not make it any easyer for those alphas to wipe another server
  12. Trading Dino's

    As far as i know; Any dino owned by your tribe counts to the limit. The moment you trade it away you basicly free up one slot.