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  1. Thylocoleo Spawns

    There’s usually one in the trees right by red ob. Seems to usually be a high level. The large trees that are closest to the ob.
  2. Steel Safebox easily broken on PS4?

    It takes explosives (lots) to break a steel locker. Steel safes can be broken with battle ax easily. If you put your stuff into a steel locker most small time raiders won’t gave the resources to get into it
  3. I finally gave up on Primitive Plus

    Yea it sucks, I’ve played on ps4 prim + official since last december and it did start to get a little better but it’s practically been abandoned since official game launch. There is literally one official pvp primitive plus server and no sign of any new ones ever coming online. At least during EA we had a dozen and could actually have cross server wars and trades but now it’s just a slap in the face to label this as an “official” game mode.
  4. Great migration Prim +

    Maybe bc there are only 10 pvp servers and 2 pve. Most seem to have at least 50 on peak times. Maybe if transfer had been allowed things wouldn't have gotten so stagnated on pc
  5. Great migration Prim +

    Ps4 primitive plus has had transfer between all servers for months, center and island maps, not SE since it's not P+ compatible. I would take the threat very serious and take measures to defend your server as best as possible. Once transfers are open you cannot afford to squabble amongst your own server. A divided server is a weak server and will easily be conquered by invaders.
  6. Best Way to Get Beeswax?

    Destroy the hive from just inside render distance so the queen stays in one spot, wear good armor (not ghillie) shoot a grappling hook above the queen, reel up and keep feeding flowers. The drones sting but I do it with 16 fortitude and good flak armor with no problems. It takes a good bit of hives to get hundreds of wax
  7. Primitive+

    This is the way i expected ark to be, not jet packs and lasers. We do have guns but only one shot muskets and flintlock pistols. There's also different melee weapons, battle ax and Viking ax, longbows. You are much more dependent on dinos for base defense as the only turrets are plant x so you do a lot of fert duty if you have a large base with hundreds of plots.