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  1. Without transfers pvp servers would slowly die. Once you were wiped it would be over, the tribe that wiped you would more than likely just keep their foot on your neck and never let you rebuild out of fear of revenge. Transfers allow people the chance to rebuild, trade, have wars, etc. If you are against transfers then maybe you don’t actually want pvp at all, or you only want it on your terms.
  2. Official Rate Increase

    Yea I’m talking about seeing somewhere a month or so ago, not the one a year ago
  3. Official Rate Increase

    I thought I remembered seeing somewhere about an increase on official rates to match the 2x weekend events and make new events essentially 3x. Has this gone into effect on other systems, pc or Xbox? Maybe I just dreamed it all. Would be nice tho, gathering is poop during the week.
  4. Metal Gathering

    I take a pair of mate boosted ravagers, one high hp and Melee and one weight. Use the melee one for defense while you farm and always bring a light pet
  5. Pushed under map

    Was out killing low level spinos with my ravagers on official and got hit by a spino and shoved me and my 83% imprinted 3rd gen lvl 280 ravager under the map. Normally i would just say ark is ark but getting a high imprint is kind of hard since some of kibble is impossible to craft. I would just say be careful fighting spinos face to face on a ravager if u don’t want to take the chance.
  6. Prim+ underwater survival question

    There is none, if u want to spend much time in the ocean get 250 oxygen and make Lazarus chowder, you can make stay under a little over 5 minutes with that
  7. No regular salt just raw salt? {PS4}

    Grind crystals in mortar or handmill to make salt. Put it in smoker with organic oil and sparkpowder when you’re making jerky. This will make you twice as much jerky bc it will make a salted version along with normal jerky. The salted meat jerky works the same as normal jerky in kibble recipes
  8. Mammoth Platform Saddles

    I was thinking like the elephant things in LOTR, mammoths should be massive war beasts not useless like they are now
  9. Simple request: Alchemy Table

    Alchemy table isn’t unlocked til level 90 on primitive, it basically is our chemistry bench. What normal needs is the handmill which is what we have between m&p and alchemy table. Be nice if they allowed to make bonemeal fertilizer also. It’s ark logic, have technology to create electricity and automatic weapons but can’t craft homemade fertilizer
  10. Thylocoleo Spawns

    There’s usually one in the trees right by red ob. Seems to usually be a high level. The large trees that are closest to the ob.
  11. Steel Safebox easily broken on PS4?

    It takes explosives (lots) to break a steel locker. Steel safes can be broken with battle ax easily. If you put your stuff into a steel locker most small time raiders won’t gave the resources to get into it
  12. I finally gave up on Primitive Plus

    Yea it sucks, I’ve played on ps4 prim + official since last december and it did start to get a little better but it’s practically been abandoned since official game launch. There is literally one official pvp primitive plus server and no sign of any new ones ever coming online. At least during EA we had a dozen and could actually have cross server wars and trades but now it’s just a slap in the face to label this as an “official” game mode.
  13. Great migration Prim +

    Maybe bc there are only 10 pvp servers and 2 pve. Most seem to have at least 50 on peak times. Maybe if transfer had been allowed things wouldn't have gotten so stagnated on pc