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  1. z0mbiebabykiller

    Troodon Help

    Spinos are better than rexes if you can’t get wyvs
  2. z0mbiebabykiller

    Manticore Is Still Problematic

    If the server is extra laggy it’s even worse about not landing. Bring guns and shoot til it’s almost dead and finish it on the ground. If not just kill it however possible. At least you get dragon element and not lose your tames
  3. z0mbiebabykiller

    rockdrakes in rockwell?

    We just use all stegos with 20k+hp, 110+ saddles and 250+ pump shotties with about 400 rounds. Gas balls hardly do any damage to you at all on a stego and shotgun plus lightpet takes care of reapers.
  4. z0mbiebabykiller

    Reaper queen impregnation

    I’ve done dozens and seen even more from tribe mates and honestly from queen level 95-150 there isn’t much difference in the babies. I’ve seen plenty below 120 come out as good or better than 140+. My advice is if you see a 90-95 go for it and then continue killing queens for xp for baby levels. If you come across a higher level and you want it, pull off a piece of rad gear for a second and abort the current baby.
  5. z0mbiebabykiller

    Can i take an Allo army to bosses?

    Megalos would probably work if you start the fight at night, they have almost as good of hp as rex and more base damage. The only thing is unridden ones will try to grab more than just bite so idk.
  6. z0mbiebabykiller

    Plant X question.

    You should be able to set up a condensation farm with multiple water reservoirs connected
  7. z0mbiebabykiller

    Bulbdog vs Shinehorn vs Glowtail

    Its much easier to raise baby light pets on their preferred mushroom types instead of having them rip up meat or berries. Just need to raise them in a separate building than normal dinos
  8. z0mbiebabykiller

    Looking for good dinosaur movies

    Not really a movie but a Documentary series, Dinosaur Planet. Seems to have probably inspired a good bit of the animals we encounter on the ARKs, has episodes for spino, troodons, therizino, microraptor and a few other lesser known dinosaurs. Highly recommended
  9. z0mbiebabykiller


    Yep I’ve taken one to monkey, brood and dragon/manticore
  10. z0mbiebabykiller

    Reaper maturation length change?

    Well if you have a good imprint that would make it a 100% dmg reduction. What I really hate is how they changed the reaper tail spit from a spreading shotgun pattern to make them all come together the further out they travel. Yea it was a little too easy to land a shot on a flier but now it’s almost impossible
  11. z0mbiebabykiller

    Easter Reapers?

    Yes got a 220 green and yellow
  12. z0mbiebabykiller

    Prim+ update announced 4 months ago

    You can craft the tranq spear bolt using a tranq arrow. Done it in official prim plus.
  13. How do we get in contact with u?
  14. z0mbiebabykiller

    Drakes stuck

    Got my purple lvl 246 drake stuck in almost the exact same spot, has a 124 maxed armor saddle and 8 of my best haz suits, shields, all my best reaper hunting gear. Put in a support ticket I guess. You could built a transmitter also but I don’t want to do that just yet bc I’ll lose all my gear and not sure I can even place a transmitter near by anyway. GL
  15. z0mbiebabykiller


    If they disappear from being perched on a wall just whistle follow all and most of the time they pop out