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  1. Yea, whenever that will be. I'm won't be surprised if WC decided to delay THAT as well.
  2. Ruins the weekend? No 2x maturation ruins the weekend not taming. I'd take taming over cooking efficiency any day
  3. No what I'm trying to say is, normally we got 2x the normal rate.
  4. I like the 3x crop growth but reducing harvest by .5x? What's the logic behind that?
  5. For that matter, what about Scorched? Its been dashboarding like crazy as well.
  6. Gotta love how over a month ago they tell us "Mid-April" then at the last minute push it back to the end of April
  7. They have said it many times already. SOTF is not even on their radar.
  8. We all knew Legacy was going to be terminated eventually. It's only a matter of time before those servers cease to exist. I give it another 6 to 12 months before it happens.
  9. They had said week of April 16th, that's in a few days so I would expect it around that time frame.
  10. Perhaps with the next Legacy server wipe, but I'm afraid until then, they won't be adding anymore servers.
  11. People get upset over the slightest little thing anymore so they can disagree all they want. Doesn't bother me.
  12. Even without the server maintenance, it was never a guaranteed thing. They already said they would have one on the 20th for us, one weekend of not having one isn't going to kill anyone.
  13. S+ was supposed to be implemented into the game, but we probably won't see that until next year. Even then I wouldn't hold my breath for it.
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