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  1. Well more a week than a month, by the looks of at least the quoted post.
  2. And now it's broken on the released version of Homestead.
  3. Yikes! Looks like I'm keeping my GTX980 instead of upgrading.
  4. I think it's perfect that the Leeds are not on Ragnarok. There are enough things in the ocean that want to eat you. Wild dino's do not attack land bases without provocation either, boats should be the same.
  5. Official ARK servers are toxic. It's a game designed by griefers for griefers. Warfare is very unequal, especially when you're offline, and clearly by design. Retribution is often not possible. The only solution I found is to play on unofficial, preferably your own server.
  6. I logged on, but water is still broken since patch 261 and I couldn't really do much, so I decided to play some XCOM 2, World of Warships and Minecraft.
  7. The whole bug forum is full of people losing babies. It seems that they don't eat since this patch, especially wyverns and troodons. Or get hurt or something. I don't do any mating or breeding, so I don't know.
  8. That's the first response and explanation that actually makes any sense. It would have been really useful to know this on the first day of the event instead of the last day. I want to thank you for taking the time to finally explain this. So far everyone just told me I was lazy. Me and my friends could not figure this out by ourselves from the wiki, steam forums, and the v-day threads on this forum. I still think that a contributing factor was that the Mac client was on patch 254.89 for the first 3-4 days, when I spent most of my time trying to figure out how this worked. I'm still guessing that the event didn't work properly on that version, helping me to draw incorrect conclusions. It still sounds like an incredible chore. But would I have done it like you described, and had the Mac client actually been updated, then I might actually have gotten a better result and be a lot less frustrated and angry.
  9. I've had the opposite. We had lot's of baby dodo's all over after we restarted the server. They all died in a minute or two, before we could figure out what was happening or what to do. Looks like a server restart makes all fertilized eggs on the ground hatch into babies.
  10. The only thing me and my friends want, is to unlock the emotes and hairstyles. We don't care about any of the other stuff in this event, because we've only been playing for 2 months and aren't at the stage where we can breed dinos yet. Maybe if you're a dino breeder, the bonusses were good for you. Maybe if you don't care about the unlocks, you were happy to use a box of chocolate to help tame a dino. But I'm going to complain. I already thought the 5% drop chance was ridiculous. Apparently someone at Wildcard did as well and the moved it to 10%. With 10% we had a chance. But what we've actually seen in the game is closer to 1.5%
  11. Yes, I get online before I go to work to see if any boxes dropped since I went to bed. Initially I thought they despawned after 2 minutes, see my original post in this thread. But I was corrected that they last 6 hours. Apparently that other player was wrong? So to get any chance of getting a box 'o chocolates, I have to watch my dinos 24/7, and then get to the box within 2 minutes? If that's how it works it is even more frustrating and more of a waste of time than I imagined. I have been online 54 hours since the event started. A large fraction of that within our base, and both me and tribemates have been watching the pen with our 43 dodos closely for boxes. We have only found a total of 10 boxes, all of them upon logging in to the game. I have only managed to get 2 myself so far. One time I saw one on logging in and it despawned before I could get to it, and a second time, I saw 4, but 3 despawned when I picked up the first one. Today alone, I've been online for nearly 12 hours, and haven't seen a single box of chocolates. This event is either very poorly explained or the math is off. We have had 42 females + 1 male dodo mating for the entire duration of the event. Grand total: 10 boxes for 6 people. About a 1.5% drop rate. This has been a very frustrating week, this was not a fun event at all. I said I was disappointed when I read the initial announcement with the 5% drop chance. I am still disappointed. We ended up using admincheat to get everyone 15 boxes of chocolate. (we run a private server). But that's not how we want to play the game. But after a week all six of us were very fed up with this frustrating event. We were also tired of the noise of 43 dodo's on wander in the middle of our base. They are still there, but we will have a big party killing them tomorrow, which will be the only thing "fun" about this whole experience. If I have been doing it totally wrong, then the original announcement is not clear, and nobody bothered to tell me in this thread or elsewhere on this forum. I have made many posts about it, mainly in this thread as I was getting more and more frustrated with this whole thing. I have done my best to explain how I was trying to do this, in the hope that someone would point out what we were doing wrong.
  12. I think the issue might be something else. I just logged in and saw 4 (!) Boxes of chocolate. When I picked up the first one, the other 3 despawned.
  13. In the past 7 days, we've had 9 boxes of chocolate from 42 females. We're not online all the time, but just me alone has clocked about 40 hours in ARK over that period and other tribe mates have been online at other times. That leads me to conclude that our current effective drop rate is about 1.6 % I think there is something wrong in your math.
  14. Not going to happen on an TheIsland server. My dodo army of 43 has not produced a single box of chocolates over the past 36 hours. I check every time before I go to work and after I come home. They do breed. I do get fertilized eggs and a mating timer on the females. So far me and my tribemates have found 7 boxes in total from 42 breeding females. Checking several times a day. Assuming they have bred every 12 hours, that is an effective drop rate of about 1.5% not 5% or 10% I still don't like the way this event is set up. I think the statistics don't make sense unless you know this is coming and have the resources to set up hundreds of breeding dinos in advance. We have been playing for 2 months. About 200-250 hours per player levels 60-70ish. Apparently this event is designed in such a way that only much more veteran players or people with no life can really participate. We had the same impression about the Santa Claws event. Apparently the design goal is that such an event is a reward only for those with thousands of hours in the game, not a fun little thing that all players can participate in. I don't like that philosophy and this seems to be the best place to say that.
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