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  1. Having bought ARK, I will never buy Atlas.
  2. The biggest problem is your request for active admins. That simply costs Wildcard too mcuh money.
  3. Yeah, they seem to have really messed that up. Typical Wildcard.
  4. ARK is a game developed by griefers* for griefers. Official servers are a toxic, mind-numbingly grindy affair. Play on unofficial servers, either one you own, or one where you trust the owners to help you. Wildcard support is not going to care probably, even though it's their poor game design that's at fault. *) At least what I 've read of Wildcard's co-founder.
  5. The W10 store version is basically the Xbox version I think. It might have less options than the Steam version. I'm hosting on Linux and have not encountered most of your problems. I haven't experimented with some of the servers in a cluster not running, but I think that was possible. I'm going to try. I believe transfers to another server are basically the game moving your player file, so it might even be possible to do it by hand while the server is not running.
  6. You either need to make ARK your job and play many hours a week, have a really large tribe, or play on unofficial servers with modified rates and settings.
  7. Then you really need to go out more. both your posts are very rude. "trash", "garbage", "brain dead developers", before the end of the first sentence. I stopped reading after that. I'm sure the developers would not even have opened your post with this title.
  8. They have done some artistic refresh, the so-called "Dino TLC". I agree that quite a few textures are not my taste and some are not very detailed. I've modded quite a few things. There are certainly UE4 games that look better. As I said, they started on a very early version of the UE4, which meant they have put a lot of custom stuff in that now has better solutions in the standard UE4, which they seem to have been struggling to adapt into their code. I don't see any pixelation that you're talking about, in your screenshot.
  9. THat's sort of how my game looks on Epic as well. I get around 30 fps on a GTX 980. I have bloom turned off. I am speculating, but I think there are a few things that are limiting ARK: * They don't have a skill, experience and budget of a AAA developer. * With less skill the game is less optimized * With less budget the game world is not as detailed and diverse. * The models of things vary in detail. Some things seem to be from some asset store, others like the dino's are developed in house and of higher quality. * The quality of things have improved as they got more experienced. Their oldest dinos in the Beta were quite a bit less polished, but most of them have now gotten an update in the various dino TLC patches. A few more might follow. * ARK is rendering a big world. This means that the number of polygons it can afford to spend on each object are limited compared to a more closed boxed in world. * ARK spends quite a bit of it's CPU resources on animating the "ecosystem", pooping and similar things. In that sense it's more like SimCity than a typical FPS, for which UE4 was built. * ARK has built some quite large worlds with a relatively small team, and thus not a lot of time has been spent on each little part of it. Therefore any comparison to a game like Red Dead Redemption II or even GTA V is going to look a bit plain and undetailed. * ARK was developed on a really early version of the UE4, thus limiting what they could do with it. My point is, that the things that are there mostly look good, but you're missing the things that are not there, the details and clutter that make a world look more real. Adding those on the scale of an ARK world is something only very few studios have the resources to pull off. Wildcard probably could have done better, had they known up front how much they would sell, but for a new studio that's really hard to get money to do.
  10. We play Ragnarok on a simple server and don't really have any lag issues. Intel NUC 7i5BNH - 16 GB RAM - 250 GB SSD - dual core i5 @ 2.2 Ghz We usually run a second map in the cluster as well.
  11. Most of the snapping seems to work again since the last patch, but I'm still having trouble with the 4x Large Walls and ceilings not snapping to each other. Haven't tried the 12x walls.
  12. I have noticed most things work, but I can no longer snap ceilings to the 4x Large Walls or those walls to ceilings. I can snap another 1x wall to it, and then snap a ceiling to that. but that makes the building 1 wall higher.
  13. Unless you are happy to be completely wiped, griefed, blocked and frustrated, I would avoid official servers. I consider official a grindy, toxic mess. All the best tips and tricks are out there, go on youtube or something. I avoid official, so I don't have much to add that's not already out there.
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