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  1. While I agree with the message, I can't tell if the reasoning is genuine or just an excuse for more prep time...
  2. I say ornithocheirus if Walking With Dinosaurs taught me anything.
  3. I personally enjoy the Ab servers *because* of the challenge--and lack of lag. Was kinda hoping that they would never allow Gen1 transfers, but always kinda knew that it was inevitable. Maybe they can restrict it to certain dinos?
  4. YinDragon

    Reaper Offspring

    Rhaya, you're a savior!
  5. It's a bug exclusive to max level players. Will have to use a lower level alt until WC patches.
  6. YinDragon

    Reaper Offspring

    Please fix before V-Day, WC. Or at the very least acknowledge that you are aware of the bug.
  7. There's already a long thread about this issue; seems to be exclusive to max level players, but WC hasn't acknowledged it yet since their focus is 100% on releasing Genesis atm. Only workaround is to use a lower level alt.
  8. Favorite time of year. Super stoked! That being said, can y'all please fix the bug where max level players can't get reaper xp before event starts, please. I need my rainbow xenomorphs, lol.
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