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  1. Please keep the 4 hour imprint timers (or shorter) for future breeding events. It was always a hassle timing the imprints near the end so the % wouldn't get off. This fixes that problem, so thanks!
  2. Can we please, please, please extend the event? I live in Texas and been without power since Monday
  3. YinDragon

    No Event Dinos?

    270 is fixed now. Thank you so much!
  4. YinDragon

    No Event Dinos?

    Just confirmed that other Ab servers are spawning color dinos, but 270 still isn't. Please, please, please fix this. Hunting for reapers off server is too dangerous since a lot can go wrong in the radiation zone.
  5. YinDragon

    No Event Dinos?

    I play on NA-PVE-Official-Abberation270. So far neither my tribemates or I have seen any Valentine color event dinos. I thought maybe clearing the wild dinos in the area would cause colors to spawn, but no dice. I do reapers every event and would like a chance to get Valentine colors, please.
  6. It's me again, but just wanted to post some new findings. Every morning at 5:30 now, the morning theme plays 6+ times in a row, followed by sporadic themes throughout the day, including the nighttime theme. This gives the impression that multiple days are overlapping and the surface is getting confused as a result.
  7. This is related to the day/night issue that has been going on for 2 months. You may want to post your findings in the thread over there. It's a known issue, but apparently a difficult one to fix.
  8. I posted a few weeks back that 270 was having this issue. Back then, the only safe window on surface was from 0:00 to 5:30. Then last week, it was only 1:30 to 5:30. Now, it's a hazard 24/7. Even when all the signs point to it being night--starry sky, no flames--I still catch fire as soon as I step out. Lost a good mana because of this. I really hope they fix this before X-mas event. Gonna suck when Raptor Claus comes to visit, only to rain fire down on everyone who comes out to see him.
  9. I play on Aberration 270. I put on a full tek suit and used a teleporter to move to rad zone, where I immediately started taking radiation damage, losing my 140 reaper baby in the process. This has never happened before. Confirmed that all my armor pieces were tek.
  10. Confirmed on 270. Night starts at 0:00 instead of 17:30, but day still starts at 5:30. This gives me less than 30 minutes to do surface runs at 90% night when I should have 50+ minutes. Assumed it was due to Halloween update hijinks, but still annoying.
  11. While I agree with the message, I can't tell if the reasoning is genuine or just an excuse for more prep time...
  12. I personally enjoy the Ab servers *because* of the challenge--and lack of lag. Was kinda hoping that they would never allow Gen1 transfers, but always kinda knew that it was inevitable. Maybe they can restrict it to certain dinos?
  13. Favorite time of year. Super stoked! That being said, can y'all please fix the bug where max level players can't get reaper xp before event starts, please. I need my rainbow xenomorphs, lol.
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