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  1. Kyd

    Giant Bee Hives

    Not trying to be a sausage, but you do realize you can like build stuff in ARK right? If you can't reach it build a ramp. Easy-peesy!
  2. Restore a backup... easy peasy. there website even tells you how
  3. Yes please! Or at least give us some info? Pretty please?
  4. Inbreeding does NOT affect stats. Can confirm!! (ok that just sounds bad... in the GAME damn it)
  5. Events stopped working for my cluster (Xbox Nitrado) after the Winer Wonderland3 event. Then started working for the "official" Love Evolved event. Then STOPPED working again no matter what event I attempt to set. I read somewhere (can't remember where , to lazy to look) that they added a new "auto" event system or somesuch… idk but was thinking this might be causing issues with setting our own events. Would be nice to hear something "official" about the problem but I'm guessing it's low priority what with the genesis launch and whatnot. (Side note: It was cool that the Love Evolve Event actually auto raised our rates for the event as well. To my knowledge that's never been a thing with previous events.)
  6. Same issue. At first I had the wrong version... (Still not sure how that happened as I bought it from the xbox dashboard...lol) So requested refund for Win10 version bought the correct version (Made double sure) still nothing. I know it's really just cosmetic at this point but it's SUPER frustrating.
  7. Thank you! I came in to make this point exactly. If you think you can just "move" programmers to the "fixing things" team from the "new content" team and that would make "fixing" things quicker/easier, you don't really understand how software development works... What gets me, are the ignorant assumptions that the devs aren't ALREADY trying hard to fix things (Duh). Yes it helps to point out specific problems but to just bash Wildcard for being bad devs you (the generic you , I'm not addressing anyone specifically) have NO clue. With all the complexities of ARK it's simply amazing it works as well as it does. Wildcard deservers mad respect for bringing such an amazing thing like ARK into existence to begin with. If "you" think you could do better, the Dev kit is available to download for free! It should only take a few hrs to figure it out and make a "better" game right?
  8. Whoops forgot... Xbox/Win10. Thanks for responding!!
  9. Haven't seen them even acknowledge this is an issue... although it clearly IS our servers are experiencing this "Explorer Note" glitch as well. It would be nice to at least have a "Yea we know, we're working on it!" I always assume that's the case anyway@Cedric While we're at it What's up with past events not working any longer? (Of course I mean on a private server when you try to enable them...)
  10. Yea so I was going to delete this when I found the thread under xbox... but I guess I'm to stupid to figure that out as well. So please move along nothing to see here...
  11. WHISTLE (Win10 w/controller) FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE MAKE IT STOP... WHISTLE (Win10 w/controller) FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE MAKE IT STOP...or at LEAST acknowledge it's an issue... and maybe a "we're workin on it"? It makes the Win 10 version literally UN playable with a controller. Yea I can go play on my xbox or even the Steam version but it must suck HARD for those who can't do that.
  12. WOW the stupidity is strong with this one... It was a JOKE and a funny one at that. Or you win the TROLL of the year award and just out joked the jokester. If so bravo!
  13. Saw this on a video the other day… He was using dino leashes and setting the dinos on wander to mate like the "old" days and said the Hatchery will still work then. Here's the link to vid... (the breeding stuff is at the very beginning)
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