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      PlayStation Connection Issues   01/23/18

      We're aware of a connection issue with some of our servers at the moment. It doesn't look like it's on our end (but we are investigating). It seems related to a PSN outage: https://status.playstation.com/en-gb/ https://status.playstation.com/en-us


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  1. aligning water

    Captin' Hindsight says "always start from where you want to end up and build out towards the water..." also a ladder can be a big help to line things up straight.
  2. Was wondering something similar but since you can't transfer characters on player dedicated (Xbox host) or single player how could you claim the dino after you dl it to the new map? Sorry no answers just more questions...
  3. Xbox one X HDR need tweaking

    Anyone have any new info on this? @Jatheish, @Jen
  4. Xbox one X HDR need tweaking

    Yea it doesn't feel like this is going to get fixed, I think they are just going to ignore this one... I've been asking since the X1X launch and STILL haven't gotten Wildcard to even acknowledge it's an issue. At least the "workaround" works until it gets patched out...LOL
  5. Clearly not a builder lol Some folks call them limitations... I call them new challenges
  6. Xbox one X HDR need tweaking

    Nope they still haven't acknowledged it as a problem so... @Jatheish @Jen The "workaround still works tho...
  7. Please join in if you've had HDR issues as well...
  8. but HDR ain't one. So all I want for Christmas is for a dev to maybe address the fact there is an issue with ARK and HDR on xbox1x... @Jatheish @Jen @Zane Even just a yep we're aware would be cool. I've found a way around the issue but would be nice to know if the devs knew this was happening. For those who don't know, the HDR on X1X looks way oversaturated when checked on by default. I've streamlined a "workaround" process a bit. Still has to be done every time... has anyone found a way to make this permanent? Launch game. Go to options and check enable HDR then hit apply. Go back to uncheck HDR and hit apply. ( you can actually see the HUD lighten when you do this but TV will stay in HDR mode) Hit B to go back to menu. Join server and enjoy HDR as it was intended which is straight up AMAZING!!! If any devs happen to see this THANKS for all the hard work!!! You've made an amazing game and brought joy to many, many people.Thank you again! ignore the h8 you guys are gr8!
  9. My Argentavis flew away.

    Had something similar. Accidently had my Ptera set to follow my raft instead of me so when I hopped off at the top of the volcano... It was a fun parachute ride down though...LOL
  10. Xbox one X HDR need tweaking

    U R NOT alone! Although I've yet to see any "official" acknowledgement that this is even an actual "issue" Which it clearly is... Try the workaround... You actually don't need to leave the options screen.... I just launch game go to options, check HDR on hit apply (engine restarts). Then uncheck HDR hit apply (engine does NOT restart but you can see the menu "lighten" a bit if you pay close attention) Then join server and enjoy HDR goodness! It really does look awesome when it's working correctly .
  11. Getting wood

    I see what you did there... Bravo!
  12. Do the Dev's even Read these Forums

    Any word about HDR wonkiness on the X1X?
  13. Inquiring minds would like to know... also anyone have more than one dedicated xbox server on the same network? Will this work as a cluster?
  14. Xbox one X HDR need tweaking

    Hey kids! I've streamlined the process a bit, makes getting into a game quicker. Launch game. Go to options and check enable HDR then hit save and exit. (You do NOT have to join a server before the next step) Go back into options uncheck HDR and hit apply. ( you can actually see the HUD lighten when you do this)Hit B to go back to menu. Join server and enjoy HDR as it was intended LOL I hope this is helping people because the game really does look "Next Level" with the HDR enabled. Just wish we didn't have to go through this EVERY time we start. If anyone at Wildcard sees this, this seems like a legit BUG could we possibly get some feedback / acknowledgement of it? Ok... could someone please flag the appropriate DEVs I can't figure out how to do it correctly.
  15. Xbox one X HDR need tweaking

    For those of you having issues with ARK and HDR I've found a "fix/workaround" that works for me. I'll try to outline it here so you guys can try it if you like. 1. load game (like spawn in) with HDR enabled. 2.Quit to main menu go to options and uncheck HDR then click save and exit. It says the game engine will restart but it does not. HDR actually stays enabled on my tv. 3. relog into your server WITHOUT restarting the game and HDR should look as intended (ie. NOT all over saturated). Now, so far I have to do this process every time I play, but it has worked consistently for me. Your mileage may very... Not sure why this works but with the HDR box checked its like the game is trying to double down on the HDR like loading HDR on an image that already HAS HDR... Unchecking the HDR option seems to eliminate the "extra" HDR I'm sure someone smarter than I could probably figure it out...