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  1. Kyd

    How do I pronounce “Mejoberry”?

    Well for one thing I wasn't attempting to "bypass" anything. I purposely misspelled a word to convey a certain sound. If I offended you, sorry. I guess if it bothers you that much you should report me to the authorities so that I can receive the appropriate punishment... FYI the only thing I'm popular in, is the dark recess of my own mind
  2. Kyd

    How do I pronounce “Mejoberry”?

    And for the love of god people... chitin is pronounced with a hard K sound like "Kite-en" not a soft c like "Sh!t-en". Weird but true
  3. I think they were referring to a garage door opener type device... which would be cool. 😀
  4. Kyd

    Xbox one X HDR need tweaking

    Been using this for a long time now, it's not "just setting it back to detail graphics mode." The tv stays in HDR and you (I) can DEFINATLY tell a difference. The picture is WAY more "washed out" without doing the toggle and TV would not report HDR if it wasn't receiving an HDR signal. Besides, the bug has been confirmed by WC as well as the workaround. I just don't believe it to be a high priority fix for them. Thanks for the doubt, Dude. Like I'd have made this many posts about it if it didn't work, but u do u booboo🤣
  5. Kyd

    Leeds. Need to nerfed or the rafts need a buff.

    You do realize it's your fault right? You shouldn't take a raft where the Leeds can get you... wood raft = close to shore Sorry you lost your raft but ARK happens my friend.
  6. Kyd

    A message to Wildcard

    True, but apparently they keep bitching about it in the forums tho...🤣
  7. Kyd

    S plus

    This will probably set off the ever entitled, I think all their hard work should be FREE set... However I think it would be cool if they made it part of the 3rd DLC
  8. Kyd

    Suggestions on obtaining a Queen Bee

    This is how you ARK!
  9. Kyd

    For longneck bug

    NOT a bug... No attachments allowed when you have tranquilizer darts loaded.
  10. Currently not a bug, it's intentional, they haven't decided if they want the Argy to be able to repair as it might be to OP. (saw this in a tweet) Personally think repair would be nice.
  11. Your welcome. I know my server is "across the pond" in NYC but if your interested in seeing how a server runs you can msg me on Live (Kyd Rok) and I'll hook you up with the password. I have a few Canadians on the server and they say it runs well for them so...
  12. Nailed it! Although you CAN move characters and dinos to other maps using the same server. i.e. upload to an obelisk then use the nitrado xbox app web access to change the map and restart the server then everyone joining the server loads into new map. A little cumbersome but doable with a little planning. I think having a 2nd server to crossARK would be easier like have one Main server and the 2nd one to rotate maps like scorched and aberration as needed for what ever. The more I play on the new server the more I like it honestly. Feel free ta ask all the questions U like Honestly never meant to hijack your thread and make it all pro nitrado but I hope it all works out for you!
  13. Thank you! I really appreciate the response! Hope you guys know I was just bugging you because I love the game so much and want everyone else to as well!
  14. I honestly thought the exact same, until I tried it... (nitrado not fast food. That ship sailed LONG ago!) PS Seriously? Not even Taco Bell LOL
  15. All correct NO mods sorry didn't mean to get your hopes up! I did have a small problem getting my server started but they had it fixed and running in about 24hrs and gave me 2 days extra run time. Everything is the one monthly fee depending on how many slots you want all maps are included. Have to start fresh at first but after you get started you'll have acess to backups of your world if things go south. I think it saves the map every hour or so I actually LAG/pause less (like almost never) so far on the NITRADO server, a very pleasant surprise. I have drank the NITRADO Kool-Aid and now see the light! LOL (Damn if it weren't for fast food I'd probably starve...)