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  1. YouTube is your friend...
  2. Switching from xbox to PC has really made the game come alive for me again with all the new maps and mods to try. Was hoping Atlas might give some of that ARK feel but so far I've found it pretty dull... but to answer the original question yes with all the other games I have ARK is what keeps me coming back
  3. Man ! expensive way to learn ARK RULE #37 NEVER log out on a raft. (Sorry bout your stuff)
  4. WOW. The stupid is STRONG with this one...
  5. Kyd


    That's actually a really good suggestion. The early bird may get the worm... but it's the 2nd mouse who gets the cheese!
  6. Been using this for a long time now, it's not "just setting it back to detail graphics mode." The tv stays in HDR and you (I) can DEFINATLY tell a difference. The picture is WAY more "washed out" without doing the toggle and TV would not report HDR if it wasn't receiving an HDR signal. Besides, the bug has been confirmed by WC as well as the workaround. I just don't believe it to be a high priority fix for them. Thanks for the doubt, Dude. Like I'd have made this many posts about it if it didn't work, but u do u booboo?
  7. Currently not a bug, it's intentional, they haven't decided if they want the Argy to be able to repair as it might be to OP. (saw this in a tweet) Personally think repair would be nice.
  8. Still no "official" word. As far as HDR loading I'm just going by what I see. When I don't do the "workaround" everything is washed-out and when I hit my TV info button it doesn't indicate HDR. But when I do the workaround everything is much more vibrant (without being "garish") and my TV reports that it's in HDR mode. Also when you take a screen shot the x1x does it in HDR on HDR games and you can turn it off to see what game would look like with no HDR so there is that evidence as well... Others results may vary but it's way worth the extra steps IMHO I'm hoping they don't break the workaround without fixing the issue! It would be very hard to go back to washed-out after knowing how GOOD it can look.
  9. Yea, no. But thanks for trying! I've been through ALL of that. It's all in another thread somewhere... Yes you CAN mess with those settings to get it looking ok ish but every other HDR game will look like ass. This little workaround is the only thing that truly works. LOL as of yet WC hasn't even acknowledged it as a real issue... @Jatheish @Jen
  10. Anyone have any new info on this? @Jatheish, @Jen
  11. Yea it doesn't feel like this is going to get fixed, I think they are just going to ignore this one... I've been asking since the X1X launch and STILL haven't gotten Wildcard to even acknowledge it's an issue. At least the "workaround" works until it gets patched out...LOL
  12. Nope they still haven't acknowledged it as a problem so... @Jatheish @Jen The "workaround still works tho...
  13. U R NOT alone! Although I've yet to see any "official" acknowledgement that this is even an actual "issue" Which it clearly is... Try the workaround... You actually don't need to leave the options screen.... I just launch game go to options, check HDR on hit apply (engine restarts). Then uncheck HDR hit apply (engine does NOT restart but you can see the menu "lighten" a bit if you pay close attention) Then join server and enjoy HDR goodness! It really does look awesome when it's working correctly .
  14. Hey kids! I've streamlined the process a bit, makes getting into a game quicker. Launch game. Go to options and check enable HDR then hit save and exit. (You do NOT have to join a server before the next step) Go back into options uncheck HDR and hit apply. ( you can actually see the HUD lighten when you do this)Hit B to go back to menu. Join server and enjoy HDR as it was intended LOL I hope this is helping people because the game really does look "Next Level" with the HDR enabled. Just wish we didn't have to go through this EVERY time we start. If anyone at Wildcard sees this, this seems like a legit BUG could we possibly get some feedback / acknowledgement of it? Ok... could someone please flag the appropriate DEVs I can't figure out how to do it correctly.
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