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  1. Kyoshu

    Extinction concerns

    You don't want any tek but want tek dinos? O-o
  2. Kyoshu

    Dino TLC: Feedback! Suggestions?

    Oh we can suggest abilities for dinos too? If so here are some goods ones that I think would give these dinos a niche ability or utility: Parasaur - a call out ability when it gets attacked that you can hear from anywhere on the server, it has an amazing howl audio and would be great as an alarm! Have it sound distant of course when you are far. (This idea I read off from another poster). Sarco - A grab and deathroll ability please! Their attack has terrible range and feels so... underwhelming. It doesn't even have to be a grab like the other dinos where you can grab onto the dino forever, maybe a short lasting grab where you can drag underwater then deathroll and drown the dino then the grabbed dino is free from the grab after the deathroll. Can do a lunge ability from water to ground targets which also gives the grab effect too. Wild Sarco - will lay still when near edges of water or in shallow water, lunge to do deathroll on survivors passing by and small dinos near banks. Lymantria - let them carpet bomb a small area similar to phoenix with their dust. Megalodon - A full on fast and powerful charge attack that goes in a straight line that grabs smaller dinos (if near surface maybe they can leap in the air like real sharks?) which you can then proceed to violently shake your mouse which controls how the mega violently thrashes the prey in its mouth (anyone played Depth?) Ankylosaurus - Please make the model a bit bigger, seems smaller than what a normal anky is. Direbear - face a little too cutesy, rounded, and snout is very short. Making the model more like a massive grizzly will help the dire bear in ark actually seem like the massive, imposing monsters they are, especially when they stand. Not sure if this is already implemented, but if not, they can gather honey efficiently from hives. Pachy - needs to be bigger, maybe raptor size, ability to act as battering rams that do extra damage on human sized, maybe dinosaur gate doors. More damage the faster the charge speed. Pulmonoscorpius - Please fix their black hole of a model. You get sucked into it and then trapped on it, terrible when you have one but no saddle. Living nightmare when you're stuck on a wild one. Also, please give ability to grab and let it do one sting where it's tail just stays in the grabbed dino's body and just pumps it full of torpor venom. Does less damage, make it a viable taming dino for smaller dinos. Raptor - allow them to pounce on large dino and let it maul them away with teeth and talons (they have that one sharp claw on its foot for a reason!) with bigger dinos being susceptible to more raptors pouncing on them. Allow them to do bleed damage the more raptors there are. Of course for balancing purposes, pounced dino can do attack animation which damages the raptors while having 30% chance of being knocked off. Also mauling when pouncing on dino drains stamina very fast which can leave raptors vulnerable after pouncing. Wild Raptor - can pounce on survivor Sabertooth - stalking animation where the sabertooth is very still when not moving and moves very smoothly/slowly and silently when stalking. After stalking for say, 5-8 seconds a lunge attack is possible which is then activated when you sprint, you have a massive speed boost for a few seconds and when you attack it does major damage including a temporary stun. Wild Sabertooth - will attempt to stalk a player and attack/lunge when the player turns their back to them. They are still when the player is looking at them. Will pounce when they start running or are in close enough range.
  3. Kyoshu

    Dino TLC: Feedback! Suggestions?

    Have all air dinos use a glide/dive animation when flying down with maybe a very slight speed boost, although not as much as griffin. It would be more realistic, immersive, fluid, and less clunky looking. Looking at you argentavis lol. So far, I am loving all the TLC to all the older dino models. Sometimes it's weird seeing the beautiful griffin next to potato argentavis lol. Loving the new looks on all the dinos on the previews though! They are more aligned with the newer dino models which are absolutely gorgeous and the animations are solid. I hope WC revisits all the pre Scorched Earth dinos! Thank you for your hard work WC, can't wait to see all the new models and animations!
  4. Kyoshu

    Describe Aberration in 3 words or less

    Ark Challenging Again!
  5. Like the title says, tribemate killed alpha Karkinos and got the trophy for it. We are unable to mount it to wall mount. Not sure if intentional. Thank you.
  6. While we're waiting for the servers to come on, has there been any announcement or any idea of how many official PVE servers there will be for Aberration? Just out of curiosity
  7. Hmmm, well based off the Aberration trailer it seems like there is specifically one ARK that is damaged. However, considering that there is someone or something that may be progressing technology wise the same way as your survivor, maybe the mysterious rings shown in the dev's twitter is the next step beyond tek tier? Think omniscient, godlike, multi dimensional being maybe? Maybe the rings were the final, successful attempt in travelling through multiverses? Thus the multiple aberration servers are just multiverses of the destroyed ARK. Or wildcard needs multiple Aberration servers to fit the many thousands of players that will play on it because money... Occam's razor.
  8. As the title says, I'm just wondering what time Aberration comes out on the 12th. Would it be midnight that the Aberration servers go live?
  9. Kyoshu

    Should Ark add a monthly Subscription?

    I believe that dedicated servers not from the devs work well with instance or quick play types of games where nothing is permanent and each "round" is maybe 15-30 min long. Then sure, by all means, I agree that the playerbase can support their own servers. However, ark is a different beast where growth and expansion is expected to be permanent and consistent like major mmos. No one wants hundreds of hours lost nor have admins that abuse their power or are inactive. The best people to do this would be the company itself like how Blizzard has their own official servers for WoW where permanence is a driving factor in the game.
  10. Kyoshu

    Please devs make x2 permanent

    Ark already added 2x though. It was a long time ago, but a permanent 2x is already there. Honestly, anymore than that and the game feels too easy. It's in a good place now imho. Still grindy but with some work and time you can obtain what you want, but not too bad where it's grinds to a halt and you burn out from the grind
  11. Kyoshu

    Should Ark add a monthly Subscription?

    I don't think the devs would like the idea of microtransactions based on what they said about their vision on ark and how those types of practices turn "a good game bad." Although I do believe that the devs are missing out on a lot of profit on not having some skins be sold as a pack or purchased a la carte. They can use that money to put more of a social aspect in ark with skins, costumes, etc. In every mmo I've played, people go crazy over good skins and designs spending hundreds of dollars just for some skins. It's optional, doesn't affect gameplay much, and the gained income can be used to hire more support staff or programmers/graphic designers. Either way, it's not healthy model to simply rely on new game sales and dlc sales. A company that has to manage a continuous cost such as servers need to have continuous, background income to help balance those said costs. Subscription for official servers or a cosmetic cash shop will help immensely with that. Of course, this is assuming that the cash shop will not take priority over actual content/dlcs. But then again, I'd still rather just pay a subscription than deal with cash shop shenanigans. 15 bucks a month is worth stable, multiple servers on top of the usual content push from devs.
  12. Kyoshu

    Should Ark add a monthly Subscription?

    Trolls are in every game and are more of an annoyance really, but they're not too bad on ark. The fee isn't to stop trolls, it's to have better and more servers while having more admins as well to help with dinos getting stuck under the map, bugs, glitches and whatnot.
  13. Kyoshu

    Should Ark add a monthly Subscription?

    You bring up a great point actually! Since many people either play singleplayer or over LAN, they shouldn't have to pay any subscription. I think if you want to play on official servers, then you must pay a subscription. Unofficial, private, etc wouldn't be charged of course
  14. As you know, many players dedicated thousand of hours into ark out of sheer love and enjoyment of this one of a kind game. However, at the end of the day, Wildcard is a business and like all good businesses, its goal is to make money. The money is used to support their employees who help create new content (very quickly too compared to many other mmo type games!), fix bugs, implement change, respond to tickets, and other background management/maintenance. I'm an avid player of mmos and have played in many games with many different models of income for the devs from free to play with cash shop, subscription, buy to play with no subscription, to phone games that are free but have invasive in game ads. All of these are a way of helping the devs pay for maintenance and continuous updates in hopes of gaining players or at least, player retention. After 1000 hours put into ark over a span of about 3 years, I've seen ark grow from alpha to beta to full release. I took a year hiatus and when I came back recently on ark, I was quite pleased with the amount of new content, quality of life mechanics, graphics, and overall, a sense of completion in the game, at least compared to over a year ago when the game was much more unstable, laggy, and much less end game content (bosses didn't give you anything or unlock anything back then). After perusing the forums and boards regarding ark, it seems that players are extremely frustrated at the lack of official servers. pve tame cap, and as usual, the many bugs, lag, trolls and delayed content. I would like to propose the idea that ark become a monthly subscription based game in order to help lessen player grievances, expand their customer support service, aid in dev to player communications, and overall, give them the ability to work on the game to the best possible state without worrying about their bank accounts if not enough new players purchased the game. This would align the the idea of keeping with the dev's vision of having all content be accessible to all players, aka no cash shop phone game type of game play with gatcha lottery. After playing Final Fantasy 15 mmo, the subscription I paid for per month was more than worth it as the game was very well polished with consistent new content and improvements with very satisfactory and quick customer service. I was even happy to pay for the dlcs on top of that as well. The financial model of the game, IMHO, is the best model where the company met their bottom line while being a satisfactory game for all players. Here is a basic summary of some pros and cons with subscription model in ark: PROS: 1. Income could be directed to increasing the number and quality of stable servers 2. More staff for Wildcard to help divide tasks on both front end and back end development 3. More official server admins to help complete open tickets and resolve player issues quicker 4. More programmers to help release new content in a timely manner 5. More staff in helping maintain a consistent and professional PR with players (many people will avoid buying a game if it has "Mixed" reviews on steam, of which PC players are the biggest buyers of ark with steam being the largest advertising platform). 6. Wildcard will not be dependent on new players purchasing the game while ignoring long time players for income, thus they will be able to focus on the main grievances of most players, mostly bugs and performance issue. Cons: 1. Overall number of players will decline (but some might see this as a good thing as it would mean less trolls, less crowded servers, etc.) 2. It's a monthly subscription and many MANY players will be vehemently vocal about the change from buy to play to pay to play. This will be the biggest issue imho. 3. Initial workload on the dev side of implementing either their own standalone auto draft payment system or purchasing third party system, such as steam, in managing their subscription model thus increasing overall workload thus delaying much needed content/fixes. 4. Possible player tickets that can't be resolved through devs but through a possible third party company. In conclusion, I believe that a subscription based model will improve both the lives of the devs and the players. I believe that much of the gripe from players come from lack of customer service, content delays, lack of official servers, and unpolished core game mechanics/quality of life features (like improved building). Is ark worth more money on a monthly basis? IMHO, absolutely! If it was more polished with more robust customer service with fairly active admins on the servers, it would absolutely be worth every penny every month. Most people who play Final Fantasy 15 online are more than happy to pay for a subscription on top of a aesthetic cash shop and the quality of the game is fantastic! I believe ark is big enough with great devs who see through with their vision rather than just abandoning the game (looking at you Stomping Land). TLDR: More money invested = better product and service for players.