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  1. Need help I need ownership transferred from one account to another, so far the general response had been "due to internal policy". What policy is it preventing this from occuring? What does the policy say? As it stands right now we cannot do anything to move forward with the game short of abandoning our base (which is pretty fat) ..... that is not ok with me as people have spent literally hundreds of hours working on everything... just to throw it away and get a middle finger from the devs... If there's a way to get in contact with someone who can help it would be greatly appreciated, than
  2. So stop wasting their time so that they can get to other people's tickets that actually need help instead of replying to your useless ones -,- this is why it takes three weeks to get anything done for them
  3. Ragnarok:. X=373207.531 Y=178798.547 Z=21801.506 character died here Tame died here:: x=373291.781 Y=178684.406 Z=21785.766 Was mining metal
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