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  1. DarKouneyes left Positive feedback for a topic   

    385dmg 50/50 Giga eggs and 22.2k hp 719dmg rex eggs for sale (+ much more)
    Very patient and easy trade, i would definitely trade with him again :)

    Stream0 was The Seller

  2. Juggalo15767 left Negative feedback for a topic   

    Buying aberrant doed 145+ tamed during 2x
    Wanted a 145+ FEMALE doedic for my 9.8k base health mega. He came to my server and pulled a doedic out of my trans. Level looked good and it was named Rolli Bi**h. So ok first thought it's female with that name. I unclaim mega he unclaims the doedic. As I'm looking at the doedic he upload the mega and his char. And leave the server. I see the doedic is a MALE. I message him he says no its female and I tell him he's wrong. Few mins later he said your right it's the male never heard from again.

    Stream0 was The Seller

  3. D2thaballer left Positive feedback   

    Quick, easy trade.

    Stream0 was Trading

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