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  1. We did Broodmother with exactly your set up (Spinos where at 15k HP and About 550-600% Damage). 4 Dinos were ridden (3 Spinos and the yuti). We did Gamma, Beta and Alpha with this set-up (When the days of ark were young and there were no breeding lines around...). Gamma and Beta should be managable without losses. For Alpha Broodmother: We lost 14 Spinos, only 5 Spinos and the yuti survived, but we still managed to kill her! Good luck with the fight, it's quite entertaining not doing it with a totally OP set up P.S.: The armor values on the saddles were at 88 if I remember correclty... And the 3 ridden Spinos were imprinted at 650% Damage, so take this into calculation
  2. This is a serious issue that should have been addressed with higher priority (Since it's seems Server 465 is having the same problems). Hope they fix it soon, this is going on for far too long...
  3. Cheapest way to kill Alpha Dragon an Island (and with only 3 Players) is one Rex, one Velo and one Megaloceros. Rex HP doesn't matter, you can even take a Standard crafted saddle (25 armor), put all stats in melee since it will kill all the Flyers. (1000-1500% Damage is enough) For the Megaloceros: Just tame a high lvl one. Put your stats in HP and a Little bit in weight since it will carry the rider with ammo & approx. 15 veggi cakes for itselfe. The Velo is the only dino that should have high stats. Try to get one with around 4k Stamina and 1100% Damage (leveled). You can even take a male/female low lvl one on follow to max out the Damage Output. The Rex is only there to kill the adds (Flyers). The Megaloceros is tanking Dragon since it's hitbox is too small so it won't get hit & the Velo is dealing all the Damage you need. With a Velo that is between 1000-1100% Damage + mate boosted + fully imprinted (and rider Bonus) it will only take you 3-4 Landing phases (depending on how lucky you are in thermes of how Long it stays on the Ground). So you need: A mediocre Rex with Standard saddle. 2-3 Flax Sets for the Rex rider. The other rides could go for Hazard suit (Standard) to be immune vs the heat, but I suggest that the megalo rider also wears flak. Med. brew for all Players. Shot guns (don't need to be good ones, you will only use them to aggro the Flyers) and About 50-100 Ammo shells A High lvl tamed Megaloceros (good saddle recommended. But they are easier to find, since they drop in the normal supply Drops on Island) 10-20 Veggi cakes for the megalo A Velo with good stats (Velos are cheap to buy, it only needs a standard saddle & they only take 2 days to be bred) This tacitc is not the simple "whistle attack my target" no brainer. How to exactly execute this strategy I'll let you figure out by yourselfe if you are up to it. (since I haven't found a Video yet) But if you figure out how it works, it will be the most efficiant one in terms of breeds, players required and equipement. If you are going for a solo kill, then buy the best bred theriz you can get, load them with veggi cakes, craft them high armor saddles and lead them with a yuti into the fight. This strategy is doable since the Theriz on official are, by now, bred quite well.
  4. ok. I did some testing (live official Server and non dedicated one) First: it seems the Theri does not hit twice. Atleast the game does handles it damage wise as one hit (or the second hit is a fraction of the main hit). How do i know? First, there was someone who testet dino DPS. It's quite an old post, but he also wrote that the second attack damage was too marginal to even be counted in. So I tested this second attack (and Overall dps) on the non dedicated Server. No extra Damage numbers were visible. I also confirmed this (the visible numbers) on actual Dino hit Points. The testsubject always was a Bronto. Visible damage numbers match the missing HP after one hit. Not a single damage more. I also testet Rex und Theri dps against a Trainings Dummy. Now, this is something thats very interesting and maybe is the source of the belie Theriz would hit twicef: Theriz seem to do more Damage against the Trainings Dummy than on actual Dino (like the Brontos i tested on!). Maybe because it is handled as the Thatch structure (Building) and not as a Dino. The Theri DPS was about 40% higher against the Trainings Dummy than agains the Bronto. If we follow this correctly and account that the DPS given by PuffyPony is correctly (74.4 DPS Rex compared to 62.4 DPS of the Theri), Theriz are far behind the Rex DPS. The highest Theriz I'v seen sold so far will hatch at 16k hp and 708% Damage (yea, there my be even better out there now, but so will the rexes). If you imprint it on 100% you only have to spend 2 Levels to get it to 21k hp (this is the max you should go, since you are using the maximum efficiancy of a veggi cake). Leaving you with About 60 Points to put in melee Damage (why 60? to get 62 lvl on a dino is somewhere more realistic than the max lvl cap). This would lead to closely 1700% Damage on the Theri. Now, don't Forget that the base damage of the Rex is higher. So a 1700% Theri cannot be compared to a 1700% Rex. In conclusion: a 2200% Rex would outperforme a 1700% theri Damage wise by far. (to visialise that. A Rex with approx. 2150% would hit with about 1300 Damage while a Theri with 2150% would hit for 1100. Testet on Brontos again) But please prove me wrong. Maybe I have missed something here! Anyway: two factors that benefits the Theri the most is the Heal from the Veggi cake and their smooth Collider But in Terms of efficiency, Rexes would do the Job for most Bosses quite faster.
  5. well, not having a dino for mounted combat at Rockwell seems more like a disadvantage to me. Tho I never tried it with theriz! For Theriz: I agree that they are the only ones that could prob. kill any boss! (since Rexes won't survive Island Dragon without a lot of tank rotations). Altho efficiancy wise Theriz are not bred enough to compare to Rexes. Their base HP & Dmg (because you can buy rexes close to 1k dmg base Right now) outweights the Veggi Cake Advantage of theriz that hatch with 700+ dmg. If the Theriz would be bred to a Point they could compare with the Rex Damage wise right now, then yes. I also would agree on Theriz. (Plus: farming massiv amounts of veggi cakes if you need the HP-reg Advantage is also something to consider)
  6. Ark End-Game-Dinos Since a friend of mine is starting fresh, he asked me what dinos he will need to go for (in terms of trading - Official PVE) to kill all Bosses (aka Endgame/Engrams). So I wanted to hear the opinion from experience people that did it all. He is playing only in a small groupe, consider that it should be possible with 3-4 Players. In my mind, there are 5 essencial Dinos to do it all (I listed the bosses and the dinos that you could buy right now for the most efficiant kill): Island: Broodmother: Rex Ape: Rex Dragon: Rex, Megaloceros, Velo Overseer: Rex, Velo Explanation: Broodmother and Ape are like most bosses an easy kill: Get strong rexes and whistle them to attack your target fight (Why Rexes? you can easily use them for 3 of 4 Bosses on Island, they are super high bred and their high base hp&dmg is all you Need) Since engram changes made the Island Dragon more appealing than just the free kill on Ragnarok, most People seem to struggle with the Alpha kill. My Group (4 Players) did it with Theriz in the beginning, but we changed to the Megaloceros and Velo tactic (since we can kill Alpha Drake with only 4 Players and 4 Dinos (2x Rex, 1xMegalo & 1x Velo). It's far easier than managing a horde of theriz. Plus we don't need to farm a lot (shotgun ammo, Veggi cakes, etc.) For Overseer we are currently only using Rexes and Velos. Velos only to save ammo. 4 Players, everyone on a Velo with 2 rexes to kill Overseer while in boss forms. Ragnarok: Manti & Dragon: Rex Scorched Earth: Manti: Rex Explanation: The currently bred rexes exceed with over 2k dmg (lvled) every dinos there. Just whistle them on attack & you will be able to kill it solo quite easy. Aberration: Rockwell: Rock Drake/Raptor Explanation: I only did Rockwell with Rock Drakes (High dmg Shotguns are prob. the most important part for this fight), but I have seen Videos of People doing it on Raptors only. (Beta atleast solo?!) So in terms of efficiency they maybe outvalue Rock Drakes, since good ones are harder to get). But Maybe you guys have more insight on this. Extinction: Gigas Explanation: Since you need the Meks to kill king Titan, a Giga is the best way to farm Red and Purple OSD and therefore farming Meks. I also wonder about the least amount of people you would need to manage... Center: Rex I only did Center bosses once. It was quite at the beginning of the game & there was a cave like corner where you should just stand shoot with the Action pump gun, without beeing able to get hit (even from the ape's stone toss). Quite an easy solo kill. But things changed for sure. So for dinos: Rexes (Hands down) My list would contain: Rex, Giga, Rock Drake (Raptors?), Megaloceros, Velo Notes: Daedons, Yutis and all other supporting dinos kinda got obsolete in my opinion. They are still usefull, but at this point, dinos are so far bred, that not using them, should not decide if you are able to kill the boss or not. But in terms of efficiancy, a Yuti should always be at the Party If you guys know a more efficiant way, please let me know! I'm eager to hear it
  7. We farmed the artifact of the strong on Island (snow cave) wihtout dinos. Just 5 dudes an their guns… We built some high armor flax gear & Action pump guns (230% Damage) and alot of ammo, riot shieldes, some granades, medical brew etc. and cleared it all. The struggle was real, but boy we had some fun ?
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