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  1. Auby09

    Community Crunch 168: Valentine's Day!

    Mating recovery is supposed to be 3x yet the rexes I just bred have well over a 24 hour timer. Shouldn’t it be 8-16 hours?
  2. Auby09

    Community Crunch 168: Valentine's Day!

    I was hoping to find this out as well
  3. Auby09

    can i transfer element dust

    seems like this is everyone lol
  4. Auby09

    Character level points

    I would say it really depends on if you play pve or pvp and what you want to get out of your character. Fighter, builder, or just a general use. Will you be in a tribe and with how many people. What kinda dinos do you prefer. It depends on so much and will vary from person to person
  5. Auby09

    Raise Baby from other server

    This is great to know, thanks!
  6. Auby09

    jerboa breeding question

    Why are you breeding jerboas? lol serious question
  7. Auby09

    The new kibble system

    Thanks for the info! I wasn’t aware of this either
  8. Auby09

    Right way to breed gacha

    Thanks for your input, as someone who is really eager to be able to consistently breed these, I appreciate your information!
  9. Auby09

    Gacha Taming, DodoDex is wrong!

    Did anyone ever test this?
  10. Auby09

    Gacha and Element Dust

    I would like to know this also
  11. Auby09


    DId you guys two man this? If so what Dinos did you use?
  12. Auby09

    Ragnarok bosses strategy

    Does this work with just one mana?
  13. Auby09

    Juvinile Gacha starved to death with trough full of stone

    Have the devs acknowledged that there is an issue with raising gachas or that they are working on a fix? It’s been over 2 months now.
  14. Auby09

    Right way to breed gacha

    Was this on official or unofficial? Did they eat much after baby stage?