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  1. Hey man, I'm getting an Unhandled Exception I was not getting just yesterday, and I've changed nothing. It says server unavailable then gives me this. See the end of this message for details on invoking just-in-time (JIT) debugging instead of this dialog box. ************** Exception Text ************** System.Configuration.ConfigurationErrorsException: Configuration system failed to initialize ---> System.Configuration.ConfigurationErrorsException: '.', hexadecimal value 0x00, is an invalid character. Line 10, position 1. (C:\Users\Corey\AppData\Local\SparcMX\Ark_Commander_1
  2. Good movie... Motivated me to get the books and I just started the first. Too bad they can't do more movies unless they reboot the first one Though they'd have to find an actor that embodied Odd as good as Anton Yelchin did
  3. Holiday 2016, not Fall. I've seen them say Holiday a ton. Not saying they will or won't make it, just that that's when they stated.
  4. They get the OFFICIAL mods. I have never seen it stated they'll fully support all mods, especially as there is no service for it for consoles atm. Bethesda is the only inexpensive so far to get this far with mods on console, and they created a whole new service for it
  5. Congratulations to Annunaki for getting in this!! It's a great mod, with a great upcoming reboot, with a dedicated team behind it! They deserve the recognition!
  6. lol Mine is at 200% since I'm on a 55" 4k TV with my resolution at 2560x1440 and I had to disable scaling on high DPI settings for the commander just to be able to see all the options, and that means they're kinda tiny like that Better to squint than to not be able to access all the options lol
  7. YES!! Keeps hapening to me on accident lol
  8. Awesome. It's Annunaki that will be a pain, because most the stuff the commander has doesn't work anymore, some items and dinos have new codes, some added, some removed, etc..... Oh!! I also request Tek Tier Plus
  9. Hey man, can you add Structures Plus? Also, Annunaki needs an overhaul in the Commander. Only half of all the spawn codes work, and a bunch aren't in there. There are also some that are no longer in the mod that you have in there.
  10. I'm finally back in business it seems PC issues suck!! So I should be able to start helping anytime I find something that seems off again. So how does the TTS work? Would I just say, "summon level 200 rex" or....? lol Also, be on the lookout, Annunaki is making a new mod, (isn't ready yet), to fix a lot of issues and start off clean without having to wipe their old one out. So that will be a big one to add once ready lol
  11. Sorry I haven't been on and helping find things that need updated and such, I've been without my PC for weeks due to a short in my GPU. I'm waiting on the replacement to be sent now. I get on Steam on my phone, but it's not exactly as convenient lol, same with here
  12. Annunaki has new stuff Wardens are missing, as well as some other things in spawn codes for creatures/items, ever since the categories changed, tags have changed for a lot. I'm not sure how to get you working codes for a lot of the stuff, except to maybe try and spawn each thing, and mark the ones that aren't working, and then send you the correct ones for each?
  13. Sparc, Wardens went missing from Annunaki after last update
  14. THen that's why I was having issues at one point. I have a 4k tv and have my pc resolution set to 2560x1440 atm lol
  15. Correction to what I just said, just downloaded the new version, and it looks really good for size now! May not fit the whole window at once now, but that's a small thing really. Also just noticed on your page and in your credits I'm listed Thank you man! I apparently make waves in plenty of places lol. Got thanked here, as well as have contributed to a lot of stuff in Annunaki, which even earned me an in game Tribute spawn creature!! THat's right @Jen and anyone else, if you use Annunaki, (best mod in the workshop honestly), and ever find Lunar Fang The Elite One, that's me
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