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  1. Good movie... Motivated me to get the books and I just started the first. Too bad they can't do more movies unless they reboot the first one Though they'd have to find an actor that embodied Odd as good as Anton Yelchin did
  2. Holiday 2016, not Fall. I've seen them say Holiday a ton. Not saying they will or won't make it, just that that's when they stated.
  3. They get the OFFICIAL mods. I have never seen it stated they'll fully support all mods, especially as there is no service for it for consoles atm. Bethesda is the only inexpensive so far to get this far with mods on console, and they created a whole new service for it
  4. Congratulations to Annunaki for getting in this!! It's a great mod, with a great upcoming reboot, with a dedicated team behind it! They deserve the recognition!
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