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  1. Today we tried to slay the manticore ... second time this happened, we spawn in , get one shot of the manticore without see any of the bossfight area. Really???the fight beginss before you can move ?Is that the way of Tek farming and endgame, loosing the stuff everytime you try to get 25 element of these boss? There is nothing you can do against it and the manticore spawn in with level 120+ on EASY!!! This is not easy, its impossible to kill him! we tried most of the ways but the last few days he is more aggressive than before! Is there somone out there with same problems???
  2. on pc also ? do you have a link?
  3. awesome idea... !
  4. This is absolutely ridiculous... i dont agree with this
  5. and what to lure them leech blood? sap? donno never do fishing
  6. what did you all use for fishing ? haf a yellow fishing rod with round 400% is it good enough.?