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  1. Loved the event. My only complaint is that the packages seemed to drop the same chibis over and over and rarely dropped the others. Maybe in the future make it to where certain chibis drop on different days of the event then the last one or two days release them all so those that missed them on other days have a chance to get them. Also the christmas packages need to be reevaluated because the only person that we could get to open the gifts was the person that placed them unless you destroyed them with weapon. Tribe loved the event though. It was a good time thank you and keep on utilizi
  2. Because its the game that I love to hate and enjoy fulfilling my childhood dream of riding a dinosaur. Plus my friends(tribe) wouldnt succeed without me ?
  3. what a grand idea! remove their main revenue source so they can no longer afford to improve an ever evolving game. Yes lets remove it that will show them...put them in time out for issues that they may not have known existed until after they have had time to analyze how players are utilizing their game. ? I am of course being sarcastic I would be so sad if they stopped selling the game and lost the ability to maintain such an amazing work of art. Go back to your moms basement and instead of saying the game is broke or complaining about the devs why dont you actually offer some solutions and
  4. My tribe was just talking about this last night while we were busy breaking down the element we had gotten from some veins so we could transfer it. They really do just need to allow for element to be transferred across PVE servers. I can understand why in PVP it would be a problem but PVE is not the same game play style as PVP.
  5. When Ark "officially" released into the world and was no longer a beta it was noted that Legacy servers would be removed over time. Speculation was that everyone would move to the new official servers and get a fresh start. It was also noted that the legacy servers would not get the support and new maps but they have gotten each of the new maps every single time. It almost makes me regret having left my legacy server because despite the fact that there are less people on the servers there is still no reason for these people to migrate other than a higher dino cap. I think the best way to f
  6. I would love to see several of the items in Primitive plus be added to the main game of Ark and then close down the rest to just a Mod. I love things like the meat traps and some of the unique crafting tables and storage designs. Making lumber instead of just wood added a cool look to the structures.
  7. For the Digest. With the additions to the game from S+ can you please add the nanny, the gardener and the dodo nest. If you cant please explain why not.
  8. Hey with the S+ when will it be added to consoles and can you please add the dodo nest, the gardner, the nanny please. We would love to have those as well.
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