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  1. nope not this week sorry, I was first!
  2. cool thanks for the info! BTW First!
  3. first! Just eliminate all legacy servers already. Rip off the band-aid
  4. RenobandStit

    Kill all Legacy Servers

    I wanted to start a topic where the primary focus is as the title suggests, I want the legacy servers terminated. I play on Xbox one with my buddies and one of them refuses to cut the cord and move on from the legacy servers, I know its hard to let go of the time and effort put in but its like a band aid just rip it off and start fresh. I have loved moving to the official servers and starting over and man have me and the rest of the tribe just done very well. I know Wild Card is doing great migrations but I think it would be better to just stop letting these servers leech the opportunities of the official servers to get new servers, to get experienced players that can help progress other survivors. Come on lets just push for an extinction of the legacy servers.
  5. New creature looks like the dragon from never ending story....I shall tame it and name it Falcor!
  6. Just kill off the legacy servers already. I struggled with leaving them for a long time but I have had a blast starting over on official and getting as far as I have in such a short time because of my experience on legacy. Plus I have tribe members that just refuse to let go of our old legacy bases and make the jump to official with the rest of us.
  7. RenobandStit

    How do I get ammo for tec wepons

    okay so you have to make a fire...dance around it under the moonlight in the rain...sing twinkle twinkle little star, then go get your gear and all your boss rexes and the needed artifacts and offerings and go do the boss fights and collect the element from the dead boss. then put some in your inventory and you should be able to use the gun providing you have the tek rifle engram or tek weapon engram unlocked.
  8. RenobandStit

    I really need help

    you know creastols, those things that are hidden in caves and on random hills and mountain tops, they just sit there what with their spikes and glowing nature...island server try the mountain tops or inside caves, the volcano inside has a decent spot for some creastols. on Rag there is an area in the hidden oasis valley thing where you can get creastols, scorched earth there is a cave by red ob, aberration go beat up the green and blue creastols (crystals) with an anky, the center try out batman (skull) island and extinction I have no idea cause its not out yet....
  9. Not sure if this has been posted already and if it has then I am just going to keep this post as an indicator that the problem is still happening. I am having a problem with sorting items in the cupboards, vaults, and basically any inventory that is not my own. I hit the organize button up top and it does nothing but tell me that it has switched. I have tried various methods that have been suggested online and no combination of buttons or choice in the options is given for me to correct this. It all started when I created a folder in a vault for ammo trying to get things more organized in the inventory for quick access and after that it would sort anymore. I managed to remove the folder to see if that would fix the issue and it didn't. Please help, any suggestions on a fix or if this is a larger bug issue that will require a patch I would love to know. Thank you
  10. RenobandStit

    What creatures would you like to see on the ARK?

    Okay so not a new dino but an idea for a new arrow. You have the shock Dart for the longneck rifle but I would like a shock arrow that I can make with regular arrows and biotoxin. I love just shooting stuff with fire arrows and watching it burn but when I am trying to run on foot away from something and want to be able to slow it down a bit some shock arrows from a compound bow would be fun. Kind of like a stun bolt or something to that effect. Plus it would be funny to watch my tribe mates get tasered from an arrow I shot
  11. RenobandStit

    New Extinction Teasers!

    The moon in the background is pretty cool too, any chance that will play a part in the arkverse as well?
  12. RenobandStit

    Community crunch?

    I havent seen it either and was wondering the same thing.
  13. PLEASE and add a way for us to unlock the transmitter without taking down the dragon.