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  1. After 2 months shy of 8 years playing, I'm use to it lol! 518 days, 23 hours and 17 min of game time in this version, I've lost a lot to their bugs and issues but have still enjoyed it.
  2. Y'all might want to take this current version out of the store, if you don't, well, couldn't that be theft by fraud, I mean, are you really going to charge someone that knows nothing about the end of the game they just bought and say, 'after careful consideration, we are sunsetting this game, sorry you just bought the game and all the DL'c, that's just how the cookie crumbles!'. Be careful, you might fraudulently charge someone that won't just shrug their shoulders and let y'all bend them over without taking them to dinner and drinks first. How long since you announced this and yet the game is still there to purchase, a game y'all won't have the services folks paid for and advertised. #wildcard as usual. Again, I don't mind paying for ARK 2 and it's DL'c but if your going to force another paid facelift, that's all it is in ASA, then let us port our dinos and toons over. I don't mind starting over in a sense, do it every time a new DK'c or map drops, in fact I quite enjoy it but I know in a few months I can have my rides.... I do mind paying again to start over for now is one more year then having to do it again, what's the point of playing, grinding in Ascendent when you know y'all will do this again in a year or year and half IF you don't keep delaying A2 which with your history, if you don't delay, the drop will be full of bugs and problems. There's no way you can properly beta the game in the time you re projecting but again, we know y'all don't understand what beta is. Oh well, y'all do what you have to do, it's a outright money grab to secure your jobs.... If your job really ment something to you, maybe you would spend more time on A2 rather than force an influx of funding by simply a quick facelift with U5.
  3. I kind of expected the closing of servers as they did with the first rendition by I had thought it would be during the release of Ark 2. Like others, prior to the first time they did this, I put many hours/days of work and sleepless nights building up what I had. Now, once again, Wildcard is simply wiping away mints and years of work and enjoyment. I've been loyal and supportive, 2 paid accounts both with all the paid DLC's. Simply giving me the server files so I can continue to either host my own servers and play alone isn't cutting it this time. I don't paly Ark to play alone, if I wanted that I would have never began to play ark in the first place. I've owned Conan since it released and never got to play it because of the time I had invested in Ark and the enjoyment I received. So now I'm re-installing Conan to give it a chance. Reasons? Well, now I have to buy ARK again and the DLC's I've already paid for? I can understand Wildcard doing this on Ark 2 drop, but not for a game I haven't seen yet nor will even know if I like what they are doing I Ark 2. Don't get me wrong, I knew this was coming once Wildcard started looking at Ark 2, and I knew time in this current development was on a count down click to go poof like the previous. What I didn't expect is for Wildcard to do it this way and to cause this mess with their loyal fan base which I might add, looks to be bailing on Ark. I may be one of them. Good going Wildcard!
  4. There's an old army saying that was drilled into me over 30 years ago "SNAFU" ;-)
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