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  1. Torch, map & explorer notes

    Ya, well, even if it continued to give the XP boost each time I logged in / re-logged, wouldn't make a difference being level 100 for some time now.
  2. disconnecting when opening drops/ obelisk

    It seems when filling troffs, I get DC'ed after transferring all either from troffs or bag the 3rd time as well.
  3. Torch, map & explorer notes

    Not sure how many are having this issue but it seems the torch bug is back! I have to make a new one every time I log on. also, now it seems every new session or every time I log on, I have to fly the entire map to have it show up conpleatly again, its like I'm a new player every time I log in, Blank! as to the explorer notes, I can log off and back on and their all gone. I can hit the same one over and over again and again each time I log in and it is like I've never seen it as is also when I look to see them in my info, nothing there, again, like I just started each time I logged in. and lastly, the DC's have gotten BAD! Last night cost me my best wivern. I had just started to fly (tree top level) and the game locked up with buzzing sound until it sent me to desktop (been happening a lot lately) and when I got back in, I found myself on the ground almost 2 grids away from the approx DC. After we searched both air and ground for several hours I called it off. And since @Jat and @Jen have said no legacy support, I guess I'm out of luck :-(. Hopefully they will address these issues tho. thanks! -Dave
  4. Day One! Launch & More!

    There's an old army saying that was drilled into me over 30 years ago "SNAFU" ;-)
  5. Xbox Digital Editions for PC Crossplay

    Since the game no longer says "preview" does that mean we can DL the PC Ver now for free if we own it on Xbox as they say? Or do we have to continue to wait? @Jat @Jen
  6. Gear changes and player stats

    I'm fine with it changes in gear if they feel they need to re balance it but I feel it effect is in our player set up as I do consider the gear I run with in my set up as a high lvl player and expecially when I can't change my stats anymore.
  7. Gear changes and player stats

    Was reading in another thread that durability is defiantly on the block
  8. Gear changes and player stats

    So, been thinking, yes it hurts ;-) with the "Game Ballanceing" and what looks like the gilli changes and the limited 1 time per lvl mind wipe. This now causes even more issues. not complaining but maybe WC should let us mind wipe as often as we want until ballanceing is done as this causes issues with how we have our character set up. being a lvl 100, I only can use mind wipe once so I'm saving it, obviously, but after the last two stat resets I've set my guy up each time for the gear I use with an eve balllance for all the maps. Now that I see gilli is on the chopping block, it may be effecting my set up. Rather than them do a stat reset every time to offset this, would it be possible to add a few mind wipes per level until this is finalized? i have no problem with all this.. I wear AS gilli all the time, mainly for taming, environments, and yes because of its durability as well. But my use of it on SE, IF they nerf all stats of the gear, may effect me.... if that makes sense. sorry if this sounds silly, but I do look at my gear I run with along with my set up.
  9. Changes to Pillar Structure Decay!

    Lot of good comments but the issue I've seen over the 19 months + I've played on PVE is that not only does a tribe pillar off a resource they tend to continue to assert themselves by claiming more land that they have no need for OR build more than one base... in the entire time I've played, I've only had one area outside a tree house and have only pillared around the immediate area of my base to keep noobs from building against my doors. the server I just moved from (been there from my start, has gotten so junky with clutter from noobs leaving crud behind and building way to big and throwing pillars all over the place or where they could find open ground. Now that we can't use wild Dino's to destroy these leftover messes, it has gotten even worse than before... I can't even run the one Rex I still have ther to feed what few animals still on that server without lagging out. having a "Dedicated Admin" or someone along that line as suggested, isn't the answer either as WC would would run into issues from the player base on that server..... sooner or later. Only way something remotely like this that would work is if they had full time GM's that could answer "in game calls" on the spot to resolve issues much like Ever Crack has. It would be an unbiased person rather than a player from or on that server that someone could tell "he's playing favorites" or "misusing power". I RELLY doubt WC will do that and I think they would be compleatly stupid if they do! Rather than complaining about the Noobs building on spawns or on your front door, take them to a buildable space and help them.... that is what we (me and my alliance) does and you might find that they are more than willing to accept your help and advice as being a long time player, especially when they see that lvl 100 attached to your name and the high lvl Dino your on.
  10. Disappearing Torch Glitch/Bug

    Yup, just encountered this as well. Lost my torch skin. Guess it's time to hit the cave again :-( still haven't found any torch BP's and I've been hitting every drop I see. Had them all up to MC before the update.
  11. Torches vanishing

    Not sure if this has been reported, haven't seen it looking here. Anyway, when you log off, and log back on SE, poof, your torch is gone.
  12. Update Glitch(Torch missing/gone)

    We lost all our torch BP's (ramshackle, Journeyman, and Master Craft) with the latest update (Xbox). Also our torches in our inventory as well as the extra ones we had made up and stored in a box are gone. have yet to find any BP's
  13. Player dedicated upload character

    But Xbox can't cluster unless you open up the option of allowing folks to upload Dino's from elsewhere, correct? By doing this, one could have a bud who has a second box fire up a temp or "holding" map for your players to transfer to, then make the switch on the main box, rinse and repeat and hope everyone follows directions correctly and within the allotted time limit. Admin nightmare!
  14. Anyone know how to upload characters into the OB to move to another map when you decide to rotate them on player dedicated? It use to be simple, just upload, but now with new update, seems that the only option you get is to xfer to another server and it must show in the server list.... which, since we can not cluster on Xbox with one account/console the map you are rotating to will not be there obviously because it hasn't started yet as your still in the current map. I am not sure if we are missing something here and any help would be greatly appreciated. This is cross posted in the dedicated forum as well. thanks!