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  1. I submitted a ticket on my drake getting pushed underground as well as my character. My character finally died but how long does it take to get a response on the ticket? Would really like to have this drake back, not worried about the shinehorn that’s under there as well.
  2. TheMajorPain

    Shine horn “wants comfort food (GLOWTAIL EGG)

    Doh, never mind I found it. Rookie mistake, should have googled it rather than depend on dodex;-)
  3. TheMajorPain

    Shine horn “wants comfort food (GLOWTAIL EGG)

    So what is the ingredients for the kibble?
  4. So, did you guys forget to remove the glowtail egg kibble from animals requesting it? birthed a shine horn and it’s first imprint is glowtail, really? So much for that animal I guess. ;-(
  5. May as well shut down the primitive servers and get it over with @Jatheish, @Jen, @Wildcard QA And let us DL the files for our own use. So sad :-(
  6. Figured it out, no primitive legacy SE servers. So much for “you will continue to receive DLC’s” I guess.
  7. OB doesn’t give filter option. Ya, thought about uploading the next and trying to log on a server then DL it but I’m afraid of loosing my guy and since legacy won’t get an answer from support .... well, ya know. Just odd that I can see legacy SE and Rag servers when I use the log in screen but unable to see them from the OB
  8. No, there just aren’t any servers in the list other than 4 or 5 island legacy servers.
  9. Wow, I’ve been away from the forums and tried to catch up in looking for my question as well with no luck. since WC seen fit to cram it’s entire preview player base into 4 Rag servers thus “server caps” I’ve been playing a little on the new servers for Rag as well as my legacy island server. And a lot of WW II COD and Wolfe stein II. So, I guess here is the question (or what I’ve found). After getting my oldest daughter going on the legacy server and now my soon to be son-in-law, I thought I would jump over to SE real quick and set up a base and bring them over there for a bit..... I get to the OB and only 4 or 5 legacy island servers show up.... nothing else. So I check the log in screen with “legacy” and I see the Rag servers (all 4 of them), legacy island servers (214 of them), and SE servers (27). so why can I not transfer to any of these? Did WC not state that we (legacy players) would still be able to continue to play and receive future maps/dlc’s? I bought SE when it came out and have transferred between the island and SE as soon as WC allowed it. Is this a bug and if so, will be addressed soon? i “hope” someone from WC will enlighten me on this. Oh, by the way, it seems we do have new players on our server as well, I hope they aren’t wasting their time.
  10. TheMajorPain

    "To many tamed Dino's on this ARK"

    No, 4 isn't the limit per gold account, I have 4 kids, wife and 4 (1 main and 3 subs) of my own. I am not sure if there is a limit. Two copies of ARK and 3 xboxes. And you don't have to transfer characters off the server unless you use the same gamer tag. i don't see legacy going away any time soon, although it could be shaved down again but there are still to many on it and I'm not quite ready to "cut my losses". But hey, that's just me and my preferance.
  11. TheMajorPain

    "To many tamed Dino's on this ARK"

    I disagree, there is always something that can be done. In fact, when it is damaging to their product and community, it should be one of their top priorities. one bandaid would be a few more servers. And for a fix to insure this doesn't happen any further, maybe, and I'm just throwing an idea out there, limit the amount of Dino's to an account, Xbox Live account! I know it can be done and wouldn't take much to do. as for doing away with pve, not all servers are drama filled and the same can be said about pvp. It is a game play that is offered like the others and pve servers are populated for a reason.... some just prefer it over PVP. Might as well say let folks host their own servers or play single player and have WC back out of "official" servers. Wouldn't do as well since then it would no longer be the MMOG game WC invisioned which means less sales. Honestly, imho, if I want to play PVP, I'll play WW II Online or MOH etc. I want to cave, breed, and do bosses and not worry about "Joe" sniping me and my critters. That may be fine for you but there are those of us that aren't.
  12. TheMajorPain

    Dino Cap/Timers Need more Servers

    Legacy isn't fixed, the 2 NA and 2 eu servers (Xbox) are capped. Those of us who couldn't get in the couple servers on launch and or the added servers which brought it up to 4 Legacy total are SOL. Looking at player count on them is around 30 per server and while yes you can get on, what's the use, a handful of tribes have it locked down. You can't tame now bread let alone bring any animals over to do caves / bosses so what's the use of Rag, going to be worse when the expansion to the map, well no, it won't, those tribes will get to enjoy it. I guess we could if we want to run around on foot. i don't get cramming thousands into what handles a total of 280 folks at any given time. i guess with the "issues" they are having on their servers (lost characters, tribes and dinos), I'm kind of glad mine aren't there and maybe now is the time to move some over. After all, if the tribe and character is lost, then pillars go poof in a few days. but I agree, I'm retired and play quite a bit, something should be done for the weekenders and full timers. There should be some kind of balance and maybe have the ob set to have anything with a certain radius despawn every 24 or 48 hours. In other words, Dino's would have to leave render distance of ob to reset the timer?
  13. TheMajorPain

    NEED RAGNAROK LEGACY SERVERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How do you like those capped servers which exclude any of the original pve community (other than the 30 or so who capped it) from doing anything other than run around like a chicken with its head cut off. maybe it's time us old crew ban together and cap the new servers out so it will get some attention? i don't understand how they think 4 pve legacy servers were or are anywhere enough..... well, 120 folks have their own servers that WC GAVE them rather than having to go rent one.
  14. TheMajorPain

    Post How Long You've Played ARK

    On my main account, 3914 hours (from Dec 2015)