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  1. "To many tamed Dino's on this ARK"

    No, 4 isn't the limit per gold account, I have 4 kids, wife and 4 (1 main and 3 subs) of my own. I am not sure if there is a limit. Two copies of ARK and 3 xboxes. And you don't have to transfer characters off the server unless you use the same gamer tag. i don't see legacy going away any time soon, although it could be shaved down again but there are still to many on it and I'm not quite ready to "cut my losses". But hey, that's just me and my preferance.
  2. "To many tamed Dino's on this ARK"

    I disagree, there is always something that can be done. In fact, when it is damaging to their product and community, it should be one of their top priorities. one bandaid would be a few more servers. And for a fix to insure this doesn't happen any further, maybe, and I'm just throwing an idea out there, limit the amount of Dino's to an account, Xbox Live account! I know it can be done and wouldn't take much to do. as for doing away with pve, not all servers are drama filled and the same can be said about pvp. It is a game play that is offered like the others and pve servers are populated for a reason.... some just prefer it over PVP. Might as well say let folks host their own servers or play single player and have WC back out of "official" servers. Wouldn't do as well since then it would no longer be the MMOG game WC invisioned which means less sales. Honestly, imho, if I want to play PVP, I'll play WW II Online or MOH etc. I want to cave, breed, and do bosses and not worry about "Joe" sniping me and my critters. That may be fine for you but there are those of us that aren't.
  3. Dino Cap/Timers Need more Servers

    Legacy isn't fixed, the 2 NA and 2 eu servers (Xbox) are capped. Those of us who couldn't get in the couple servers on launch and or the added servers which brought it up to 4 Legacy total are SOL. Looking at player count on them is around 30 per server and while yes you can get on, what's the use, a handful of tribes have it locked down. You can't tame now bread let alone bring any animals over to do caves / bosses so what's the use of Rag, going to be worse when the expansion to the map, well no, it won't, those tribes will get to enjoy it. I guess we could if we want to run around on foot. i don't get cramming thousands into what handles a total of 280 folks at any given time. i guess with the "issues" they are having on their servers (lost characters, tribes and dinos), I'm kind of glad mine aren't there and maybe now is the time to move some over. After all, if the tribe and character is lost, then pillars go poof in a few days. but I agree, I'm retired and play quite a bit, something should be done for the weekenders and full timers. There should be some kind of balance and maybe have the ob set to have anything with a certain radius despawn every 24 or 48 hours. In other words, Dino's would have to leave render distance of ob to reset the timer?
  4. NEED RAGNAROK LEGACY SERVERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How do you like those capped servers which exclude any of the original pve community (other than the 30 or so who capped it) from doing anything other than run around like a chicken with its head cut off. maybe it's time us old crew ban together and cap the new servers out so it will get some attention? i don't understand how they think 4 pve legacy servers were or are anywhere enough..... well, 120 folks have their own servers that WC GAVE them rather than having to go rent one.
  5. Post How Long You've Played ARK

    On my main account, 3914 hours (from Dec 2015)
  6. "To many tamed Dino's on this ARK"

    Why buy/rent a server when you can cap an official and rule it? And as always, why hasn't anyone from WC responded to this question issue? If it's a problem on legacy, then I can bet you it can be on the new, what's to stop me from taking as many accounts as my email server can handle and tame up multiple dodo tribes to cap the new server until I run things there? @Jatheish @Jen Hello?
  7. "To many tamed Dino's on this ARK"

    Well, bottom line is, all the whopping 4 (PVE) Rag Legacy Servers are caped. No taming, no breading, no griffins, no use playing that map! If you look at the Xbox legacy rag servers now, there's no more than 30 on each and all the land is pillars up. Most those who has land as far as the eye can see, are building with tek (and this is PVE) so I'm guessing they are keeping the server full and doing nothing but bosses. Still, this limits and excludes a ton of folks. I figured it would die down after a couple weeks like SE did which is why I waited, that and after waiting 3 hours the first few days to "try" and get in. So now a few own those servers making it unplayable for anyone else, but I guess that's the way it's going to be since WC won't support those who supported them the past 2+ years? Bet they would be all over this if someone did this on a new.
  8. Been here since Dec 2015, Two copies of ARK bought and paid for as well as two copies of SE (extra so I can run dedicated). Now, we knew that is old folks would be classified as and under "Legacy server clusters" and would receive the future DLC's as well in our clusters....... BUT, if you weren't one of the lucky 70 to get into the 1 or 2 then the 3rd and 4th Rag legacy server, you had to wait for hours to get in and when you did, it was impossible to find a piece of grass to call home. Now, out of the 4 Legacy servers we have, we can't tame nor bread a single animal! No, not one! So what's the point of that map? Nota! Come on WC, you should know or have the seance that God gave a piss ant that there are more of us to populate more than just 4 servers which unless you got your tribes animals on there before the server cap was reached, there is no use of even playing on this map.......... UNLESS you goal is to "push" is all into simply leaving what we have done and built in the past 2 + years in the wind and give up legacy so you don't have to spend $$ on it? i for one will not be buying any further DLC's until I can properly access the ones I've already payed for and was given. I'll stay on the island and SE for now and hope you re-think your decision to cram an entire community into 4 servers. much respect!
  9. Explorer notes reset after restart

    Ok, saw a suggestion and tested it. It appears that if you have another Xbox account that plays ark (in my case, two daughters and a son) logged in to Xbox then the bug is ark is also looking at their accounts as well thus having to redo notes and a blank map issue. Once I made sure they were not logged in on that Xbox and only me, my map was full view, notes were all there and skins started showing up again. problem is, if any of my kids come up to the "man cave" while I'm playing, and my kenect sees them, then I have to run them off and log them out, restart and hope they don't bother me again OR shut off kenect :-)
  10. Explorer notes reset after restart

    Oh, ALL notes are effected in this but I don't get the XP boost like others have reported
  11. Explorer notes reset after restart

    @Jat, my notes and map have been resetting now for a week or so every time I log out and log back on, seems like sometime after migration. I chalked it up that you guys reset everything and until recently, I hadn't noticed the map since I rarely use it, was only after crashes that I looked to double check my "crash spot". You asked if ark was installed on an external, yes, mine is.
  12. Torch, map & explorer notes

    Ya, well, even if it continued to give the XP boost each time I logged in / re-logged, wouldn't make a difference being level 100 for some time now.
  13. CRASHING!!!! Obelisks and supply drops

    It seems when filling troffs, I get DC'ed after transferring all either from troffs or bag the 3rd time as well.
  14. Torch, map & explorer notes

    Not sure how many are having this issue but it seems the torch bug is back! I have to make a new one every time I log on. also, now it seems every new session or every time I log on, I have to fly the entire map to have it show up conpleatly again, its like I'm a new player every time I log in, Blank! as to the explorer notes, I can log off and back on and their all gone. I can hit the same one over and over again and again each time I log in and it is like I've never seen it as is also when I look to see them in my info, nothing there, again, like I just started each time I logged in. and lastly, the DC's have gotten BAD! Last night cost me my best wivern. I had just started to fly (tree top level) and the game locked up with buzzing sound until it sent me to desktop (been happening a lot lately) and when I got back in, I found myself on the ground almost 2 grids away from the approx DC. After we searched both air and ground for several hours I called it off. And since @Jat and @Jen have said no legacy support, I guess I'm out of luck :-(. Hopefully they will address these issues tho. thanks! -Dave
  15. Day One! Launch & More!

    There's an old army saying that was drilled into me over 30 years ago "SNAFU" ;-)