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  1. I submitted a ticket on my drake getting pushed underground as well as my character. My character finally died but how long does it take to get a response on the ticket? Would really like to have this drake back, not worried about the shinehorn that’s under there as well.
  2. TheMajorPain

    Shine horn “wants comfort food (GLOWTAIL EGG)

    Doh, never mind I found it. Rookie mistake, should have googled it rather than depend on dodex;-)
  3. TheMajorPain

    Shine horn “wants comfort food (GLOWTAIL EGG)

    So what is the ingredients for the kibble?
  4. So, did you guys forget to remove the glowtail egg kibble from animals requesting it? birthed a shine horn and it’s first imprint is glowtail, really? So much for that animal I guess. ;-(
  5. May as well shut down the primitive servers and get it over with @Jatheish, @Jen, @Wildcard QA And let us DL the files for our own use. So sad :-(
  6. Figured it out, no primitive legacy SE servers. So much for “you will continue to receive DLC’s” I guess.
  7. OB doesn’t give filter option. Ya, thought about uploading the next and trying to log on a server then DL it but I’m afraid of loosing my guy and since legacy won’t get an answer from support .... well, ya know. Just odd that I can see legacy SE and Rag servers when I use the log in screen but unable to see them from the OB
  8. No, there just aren’t any servers in the list other than 4 or 5 island legacy servers.
  9. Wow, I’ve been away from the forums and tried to catch up in looking for my question as well with no luck. since WC seen fit to cram it’s entire preview player base into 4 Rag servers thus “server caps” I’ve been playing a little on the new servers for Rag as well as my legacy island server. And a lot of WW II COD and Wolfe stein II. So, I guess here is the question (or what I’ve found). After getting my oldest daughter going on the legacy server and now my soon to be son-in-law, I thought I would jump over to SE real quick and set up a base and bring them over there for a bit..... I get to the OB and only 4 or 5 legacy island servers show up.... nothing else. So I check the log in screen with “legacy” and I see the Rag servers (all 4 of them), legacy island servers (214 of them), and SE servers (27). so why can I not transfer to any of these? Did WC not state that we (legacy players) would still be able to continue to play and receive future maps/dlc’s? I bought SE when it came out and have transferred between the island and SE as soon as WC allowed it. Is this a bug and if so, will be addressed soon? i “hope” someone from WC will enlighten me on this. Oh, by the way, it seems we do have new players on our server as well, I hope they aren’t wasting their time.
  10. TheMajorPain

    Post How Long You've Played ARK

    On my main account, 3914 hours (from Dec 2015)
  11. TheMajorPain

    CRASHING!!!! Obelisks and Supply Drops

    It seems when filling troffs, I get DC'ed after transferring all either from troffs or bag the 3rd time as well.
  12. TheMajorPain

    Day One! Launch & More!

    There's an old army saying that was drilled into me over 30 years ago "SNAFU" ;-)
  13. TheMajorPain

    Changes to Pillar Structure Decay!

    Lot of good comments but the issue I've seen over the 19 months + I've played on PVE is that not only does a tribe pillar off a resource they tend to continue to assert themselves by claiming more land that they have no need for OR build more than one base... in the entire time I've played, I've only had one area outside a tree house and have only pillared around the immediate area of my base to keep noobs from building against my doors. the server I just moved from (been there from my start, has gotten so junky with clutter from noobs leaving crud behind and building way to big and throwing pillars all over the place or where they could find open ground. Now that we can't use wild Dino's to destroy these leftover messes, it has gotten even worse than before... I can't even run the one Rex I still have ther to feed what few animals still on that server without lagging out. having a "Dedicated Admin" or someone along that line as suggested, isn't the answer either as WC would would run into issues from the player base on that server..... sooner or later. Only way something remotely like this that would work is if they had full time GM's that could answer "in game calls" on the spot to resolve issues much like Ever Crack has. It would be an unbiased person rather than a player from or on that server that someone could tell "he's playing favorites" or "misusing power". I RELLY doubt WC will do that and I think they would be compleatly stupid if they do! Rather than complaining about the Noobs building on spawns or on your front door, take them to a buildable space and help them.... that is what we (me and my alliance) does and you might find that they are more than willing to accept your help and advice as being a long time player, especially when they see that lvl 100 attached to your name and the high lvl Dino your on.