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  1. Yeah, seems that way. They announced it so long ago, it should be first priority IMO. They know how to get my hopes up, they're just really killing me with this one.
  2. Guys, c'mon, I'm practically begging for an announcement on Primal Survival.
  3. Hey guys, now that the game is released will you be working on primal survival?
  4. Thank you Lewiatan for being polite. I don't have a twitter so I didn't know this information.
  5. I don't see anyone whining, and I barely see comments about it. Some of their staff are rude to gamers, we don't need other gamers following suit. Some people choose not to have twitter, so you're right; they do need to get their act together.
  6. The wiki page for primal survival said it would be released this month. I knew it wasn't going to happen but I was really hoping it would. Is there a way I can get info updates on it? It's really the only part of the game that I'm interested in right now. I'm not interested in playing halo.
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