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  1. He's basically saying that they lied about giving us the server files. @Jen are we going to get any updates at all on this? I mean I know the ftp download and upload times can vary but there is no way it takes all that much longer than putting a community crunch together(at least if two or 3 people are doing it). It was in Jats Day Zero post that the server files WILL be available later that week, and well, it's almost two weeks later now. I guess we'll never know. =/
  2. @Jat it says in this post that was created on the 28th of August that the server files WILL be available later this week. Well it's now almost 2 weeks later. Are you guys going give us any update at all?
  3. Exactly. Devs got time to do menial stuff like this but put things that people actually care and want on the backburner. Going on 3 weeks and still no update on the deleted server files and when we can download them. @Jat @Jen anything at all?
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