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  1. depending on the kind of microtransactions. If it would be cosmetics and the like then no it wouldnt drive anyone away, but if it'd be dinos/gear then yah it'd be a poopshow
  2. Flakz

    The poor scorpions

    Have an upvote! i've been wanting baby spiders for a while
  3. Respect for breeding jerboas love those lil things
  4. Lol. Back in legacy my server got rolled back almost 2 weeks..... so much wasted time.
  5. Worth trying. might be like the purple water charging tek suits
  6. Really? ? guess u do learn something new every day
  7. well. considering that on ab you can bring creatues that has ab counterparts, i'd guess that u can bring rock drakes, reapers and wyverns to extinction, since they got their corrupted counterparts. just like how you can take dimorphs to ab because of seekers beeing considered their counterpart
  8. You could always grap a fishing rod and go fish coels. that can drop prime fish
  9. Oh yah i forgot that they're super strong against corrupted. it's like 3x damage or something? *thinks* i should get myself one
  10. i've done blue orbital supply drops as a 2 man group with the other guy on a velonasaur and me running arround with a sword. Drop had about 2/3 hp left after the fight. hardest thing the blue ones spawn are raptors and the painfully anoying pteras. should be able to solo it with a high lvl tamed velonasaur tho. mby with a rex or something to tank just to be safe. The element nodes are about the same difficulty. same kinds of dinos but way more. i doubt u'd be able to solo yellow/red orb drops unless u have a hella strong giga or something. we got swarmed alrdy at 2nd wave on the yellow drops. tons of corrupted spinos right from the start
  11. I like the connection between your username and your post that's dedication!
  12. I'd rather have them set a realistic release date than a rushed one. specially with a dlc that looks like it has so much new content. It looks sick WC. cant wait to play it
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