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  1. Flakz

    PvP vs PvE, which is played more?

    I've gone both ways :P. mostly left pve due to the pillars blocking everything tho (was before the servercap had become a problem)
  2. Flakz

    can tek forcefield protect from radiation?

    Back when ab came out some dev answered a question saying they were supposed to protect u from it. Never tested it myself tho, so that might've never happened
  3. Flakz

    can tek forcefield protect from radiation?

    It does protect u and structures from surface fire?
  4. Flakz

    Destroy Plant X base

    if they only have plants, depending on the amount u can just munch them on a gig or smthing? if not rockets are always fun
  5. Flakz

    Leveling Basilosaurus

    i'd just go full hp on it tbh. but not an expert on em
  6. I'd rather have them set a realistic release date than a rushed one. specially with a dlc that looks like it has so much new content. It looks sick WC. cant wait to play it
  7. Fighting full strength monkey and brood at the same time might be stretching it a little tho?
  8. Flakz

    Every small tribe server is capped

    Did u even see what GP wrote? It's a test run. give it time before crying for more servers
  9. As Saltire said we'll prop hear something in 8 days time
  10. Flakz

    Aberration pvp

    Lots of places to hide. easy for mat gathering. good map for guerilla warfare. Can do sneaky platform bases around the top of the map that people rarely notice. (does kinda require that first rock drake to work well tho)
  11. Flakz

    Where is the ARK: Extinction Hype?

    Honestly the less we know, the more fun it's going to be to explore it once it's out. Loved the way SE released. all just BOOM and then panic and hype came all over the community
  12. Flakz

    My opinion on Aberration TEK teleporters

    I'd love to have teleporters on ab, but as Vaculity said it'd make the map too easy. since you alrdy have transmitters i'd find it easier to just slotcap a tribemate and have him transfer transport the items to base (from farming base or whtvr) Takes no time at all if u just fit it together with the transfer timer
  13. Flakz


    the (relatively) new "fresh" servers might be worth it for u to check out. there are people on them who alrdy has some good stuff but there are still so many beach bobs which u'd be able to contest against while learning pvp