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  1. why is abboration released unfinished?

    oil isnt so bad tho. easy access to tons of trilobites and dung beetles
  2. Metal Spawns?

    True but it's just wayyyy easier to find at the overlook
  3. Metal Spawns?

    metal is found in the big blue area called the overlook. all the metal nodes has a new look tho. they are all blue and glowy
  4. Aberration? Just a quick question

    tbh it's still easily worth it. by far the best map made yet.
  5. Rock drake question

    A karkinos ate my 145 ravager when it was 90% done taming... I'm gonna clear the map of those crabs at some point :-P
  6. How does one obtain a rock drake?

    The nameless are swarming the blue glowing area called the overlook. go there without a bulbdog and u'll be swarmed in no time
  7. Rare Resource Spawns

    They drop constantly during earthquakes
  8. Rock drake question

    dont judge i havent eaten anything but shrooms for 2 days now
  9. Rock drake question

    Well. if u wanna to their nesting grounds from fertile lake u'd have to go through "the overlook" (the big weirdly blue area) and then further down to to a place that looks all pink from up top. that area is full of radiation and carnivores tho, so come prepared. from the pink area there is a orange ish trench in which the rock drake eggs spawn
  10. Metal Spawns?

    largest amount of metal i've ever seen on any map was in the overlook. all the rocks have a different look tho. there they are all blue and glowing.
  11. Is Aberration Worth It?

    As the devs stated before it was released it is prop their best creation to date. it's amazing with all the new items, creatures and not to mention the constant dying that happens even to experienced players.
  12. Imprint Changes - IN GAME NOW

    To be honest. even if u cant get the dinos to 100% this is still way more humane than the old system. personally i like the change
  13. Ark Aberration Delayed! 3 hours

    it's here bois

    I like this idea. Would def make ascension better
  15. Alrdy got permanent 2x :-P