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  1. Flakz

    Underwater base - viable?

    cant use plant x underwater? a few tek turrets could be a nice addition i think. if they're planning on building deep ocean the bassis would be taking tons of damage just on getting down there first. some decent squids would destroy them after that lol. I've done exactly what you're planning on the reg servers before, and litteraly no cross server raiders would look through the deep center ocean unless they'd somehow been told that u had a setup there. we had ours (with all our watertames) stay completely untouched for like a month after the rest of the server got wiped. just make sure to get enough elem n all down there to last for a long time in case your land setup gets mashed.
  2. Flakz

    The Scar Dismount Glitch

    it's an offical server :& thanks for the idea tho
  3. Flakz

    The Scar Dismount Glitch

    We've also been experiencing this problem on my server recently. just like the bug from the good old legacy days :&
  4. Flakz

    Extinction Expectations?

    Depends on wether they wanna continue ark 1 or start working on ark 2 imo
  5. Flakz

    Extinction Expectations?

    Thatch hut, best hut. The good old times
  6. Flakz

    Oil pumps on all maps

    If you have a squid, mosa plesi etc, u can farm basilosauruses for oil. there are litteraly tons of them in the oceans up north of lava, and they each drop a fair amount of oil.
  7. Flakz

    A game before the ARK Survival Evolved

    ark telltale? 😂
  8. Flakz

    Megalodon Update

    I love playing in the water and using the watertames, but i wish that megalodons would be given some kind of buff. same with plesies. atm they have no use besides being somewhat fast transport. dunno what would make them stronger yet still balanced but they need some kind of TLC.
  9. Flakz

    Megalanias. Why not?

    u can transfer dimorphodons to ab? that's fkd up lol
  10. Flakz

    Next tek dino?

    Hoping for it to be a waterdino.
  11. Flakz

    The Meta

    If only that was a thing lol
  12. Flakz

    PvP vs PvE, which is played more?

    I've gone both ways :P. mostly left pve due to the pillars blocking everything tho (was before the servercap had become a problem)
  13. Flakz

    can tek forcefield protect from radiation?

    Back when ab came out some dev answered a question saying they were supposed to protect u from it. Never tested it myself tho, so that might've never happened
  14. Flakz

    can tek forcefield protect from radiation?

    It does protect u and structures from surface fire?
  15. Flakz

    Destroy Plant X base

    if they only have plants, depending on the amount u can just munch them on a gig or smthing? if not rockets are always fun