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  1. depending on the kind of microtransactions. If it would be cosmetics and the like then no it wouldnt drive anyone away, but if it'd be dinos/gear then yah it'd be a poopshow
  2. You could always grap a fishing rod and go fish coels. that can drop prime fish
  3. I like the connection between your username and your post that's dedication!
  4. I'd rather have them set a realistic release date than a rushed one. specially with a dlc that looks like it has so much new content. It looks sick WC. cant wait to play it
  5. it's a close call to this being the same as nothing at all...
  6. Just realised i misread it. Thought IT was to the 23rd and not from [emoji39]
  7. *Not to mention our current Evolution Event is still running until Wednesday the 21st at 3 PM EST!* Does that mean it's 3x or smthing till Wednesday? TLC looks absolutely amazing! Cant wait to see the new argies
  8. First gotta say. these fixes and tweaks are AWESOME! and the dino TLC comming along is gonna make all the good old dinos so much more interesting. keep up the good work
  9. Any idea of when we can expect to find the new dinos on the center?
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