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  1. As long as no devs from snail games are involved ill play atlas ..Snail games is a bad bad company and should be shutdown
  2. its still very much broken so dont worry too much it will come when it comes i think they made a thread about it
  3. in australia you can get full refunds on ark becuase the game is broken full of bugs every dlc is broken on release just put in complaint list everything you know wrong with it what they refuse to fix and show them how much you dislike it and request a refund even steam has to adbide by consumer law in AU or face massive fines.
  4. be happy they are spending time fixing things you could end up like us pc players who get shafted
  5. well having a army of dinos is hard to hide solo with these pods maybe i can hide boss rexs cause im a solo hermet its very hard and no one is kind unless you offering to take me on some boss runs
  6. they should make it so anyoen can craft them in there cause some solo people dont get tek and no one on small tribes will take me on a boss run to get my engrams
  7. you can craft them in city terminals too if im not mistaken
  8. there is no pve hardcore anymore they hate the game mode so many want it but they still dont give it
  9. sorry miss read you still imagine how many server they could allocate if they just deleted all legacy servers
  10. ummm no lets just delete all legacy and make new servers for us all
  11. mine has stoped downloading at 14.2GB and is updating but then it stops and i have to resume or wait for nextupdate ....reallly annoying anyone can help offer solution
  12. also the cave in lower sanc has allos rexs yutis and more check nooblets vid
  13. and i think some enemy drop element
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