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  1. help with new commands does anyone have a list of the new command that was added with this game or server settings also is there any server settings to add items to the hexagon store
  2. so me and my girlfriend ended up finding out what it is you can't use the launch option sm4 I forgot that was even in there because it's been forever ago so I forgot I have it I don't even need it
  3. mini-HLNA is not glowing so I'm having a little bit issue of the little robot not glowing all my friends can see a glowing and have even sent pictures to me that it is glowing but it's still just stays pitch-black in the area around it I even tried copying my friends settings just to see if I was accidentally missing a setting that wasn't making it glow but it's still not glowing I have verified my ark three times even deleting my settings folder is anyone else having this issue or mite no a solution that might fix it
  4. attacking causing lag valguero so there is a problem on my server it is hosted by a company I have trust and used for years the hardware is not lacking but more than a few people have reported on my server a giant amount of lag and pings when attacking something in the cave or in the radiation area is anyone else having this issue
  5. you type bad and you should feel bad, xD!!!

  6. can someone please post a code that has to die no spawning so i can see how to do that I'm trying to get Giga and indominus is to spawn in the same spot but i can get my head around this
  7. can someone help me build a good configure that we'll switch Titanosaur ponds with Giganotosaurus spawns ty for any help
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