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  1. No need to be rude mate, I don't believe it said that when I made the post, and if you would've read somebody already replied to my comment.
  2. Mate Boosted range increased by 2x Mating Speed and Mating Recovery increased by 3x Baby Maturing and Egg Incubation speed has been increased by 3x Baby Food Consumption has been decreased by 1/3 Will this be on officials?
  3. You say you found a game breaking bug, but won't state what it is. Grade A!
  4. If you want help with anything, you will need to give more info than that.
  5. Well probably be improved, hopefully, but this is how ark is right now.
  6. Time to find a new server to call home
  7. Hah, if you think your server will be wiped because of this you need to play on PC or xbox and see how bad it is there. Very little servers have obelisks open. As for spawns blocked, I believe that is against the rules, so if you make a proper ticket they might assist you.
  8. This is a bug problem. Can barely do the cave as is on official let alone with the invisible squids
  9. They don't replace tames anymore. But this does need to be fixed
  10. If they own only 2 servers they aren't anywhere near the biggest
  11. As a beta tribe allied with an alpha, I can agree to a wipe, and most of the alpha and the people in my tribe agree, some of them have 100+ days and they think it would be nice. Its just boring not being able to group or actually PvP anymore. Why should every server be controlled by one group of people forever? I personally like starting fresh on ark... You just feel more accomplished getting things like your first Rex or quetzal... Once you are as big as most people are, there's just no point of playing, nothing to work towards.
  12. They did this to combat the ankylo glitch farming and unfair pvp. If any structure is touching the quets head or body it glitch out. Try making sure not to lower foundations too much or have anything touch the quets
  13. Have had this problem. Usually fixes next server restart, or sometimes when everyone in both sides re-joins the server. Very big problem if an Allie wants to raid you
  14. 1: To fix this quick, open menu or pause 2: Only happens to me when I die, rejoining server fixes this. 3: No fix for the disconnecting, but when you rejoin are are greater by the respawn screen, wait 10-20 seconds and then spawn. You will always spawn back in your original body. 4: Mine always land fine... Don't know what you mean 5: Very annoying indeed 6: It is a thatch structure, damage is divided by 6, no gun damage is annoying though. 7: Agrees, but in a moment of death anything would do anything to try to survive 8: I agree with this completely. So annoying. 9: Never dealt with keypads or wall torches but can imagine this is annoying. 10: They did this to combat the glitch farming method with the quets. (Didn't work) 11: Hit detection is buggy in this game... Probably just lag and client issues