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  1. might need to keep em in cryo till the fish return
  2. I'm not trying to say it's easy to completely fix meshing, I'm trying to say it would be easy to do things to the game that would make meshing much less prominent. Like removing chairs from pvp, no sleeping bags near enemy foundations, patching map holes etc. Little things like that would go a very, very long way. And I'm not saying nobody should speak up, I'm saying that the players need to stop arguing between themselves and argue with the devs about what is clearly the main issue in the game atm. I can't understand why people defend wildcard when there are simple fixes like the ones I stated that would greatly improve the state of the game
  3. Lol @ all the people defending wildcard right now. Must be pve players or you've been lucky enough not to get meshed. The second any of you get meshed you'll be on the forums whining that they need to fix it. Crazy how people are alright with meshing being so prominent in the game when there are so many simple fixes. People think it's justified HOD got banned for making a video on meshing, but turn a blind eye to the fact dozens of people mesh every day without any sort repercussion. The issue is more than just the fact HOD got banned. For some reason, people rather just ignore the issues than work towards a fix. Whether you support what happened to HOD or not, you need to see the bigger picture. Calling people names on the internet isn't going to get anyone anywhere. Keep arguing like little kids while the game spirals into an ever-worsening state though. Seems like that's all anyone can do anymore.
  4. Yall really just gonna let your game die. Fix the bugs.
  5. No need to be rude mate, I don't believe it said that when I made the post, and if you would've read somebody already replied to my comment.
  6. Mate Boosted range increased by 2x Mating Speed and Mating Recovery increased by 3x Baby Maturing and Egg Incubation speed has been increased by 3x Baby Food Consumption has been decreased by 1/3 Will this be on officials?
  7. Great! Happy ps4 will be able to get to enjoy such a great game... Hopefully this release doesn't slowdown updates or bugfixes on the other devices though...
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