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  1. +1 for the rollback, lost 4 spinos that would almost have completed my stats merge, 2 theris that would have allowed me to prepare boss army on valentine days, 1 rex with hp mutation...
  2. That's not true anymore. I'm using it. Stream remote is pretty decent.
  3. I did boss fights for the first time last week on official prim +. I had rexes with around 15k hp and 900 melee with mostly 124 def saddles (been grinding swamp cave and used a mindwipe to get all points in crafting skills before I made the saddles. Plus Yuty with 18k hp and 4.2k stam and Pig with almost 30k food both with approx 100 def saddles. The fights against Gamma Brood and Mega were jokes. Just got the rexes to attack then all done in 2 minutes maximum. I ended up getting too confident... I tried to fight gamma dragon in the same configuration and everything went down for me (b
  4. I hope we'll get some chibiis back on official prim +... Cause the ones we spent time collecting are now all gone...
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